June 1890

1 June 1890 • Sunday

Took Bro. Gowans in cart to E. T. visited and administered to Sister Fellows. Called on Bro. Lee at the Mill.

Windy and hot Lots of Dust.

2 June 1890 • Monday

Henry Robinson & wife & Esther Robinson started home Received moneys for the Tooele City Water Co to the amount of about [p. 278] Nine hundred dollars. Hoed in garden &c Had a call from Bro. Lyman & Bro. Todd.

3 June 1890 • Tuesday

Tooele Rained during the night. Hailed in the morning. I finished hoing lucern ditches and Potatoes. Did some writing for the Tooele Water Co. Received monies on second assessment for the company. Received of Mr Dalton $15000 which redeemed his Note for the above amount, Received six dollars interest on the above amount. Promised to let the School Trustees $100000 for one year at 10% per annum.

4 June 1890 • Wednesday

Used the City water five hours, furrowed out the potatoes, cultivated garden and grape vines. Hauled in a load of hay and in the evening attended a meeting of the Board of directors of the Tooele City Water Company.

5 June 1890 • Thursday

Took old guards off mower and put new ones on and made other repairs. Attended Fast Meeting & blessed John K. Orme’s baby Sarah Ethel. Looked over the field to see how near ready the lucern is for cutting and in the evening attended another meeting of the Water Company Board. A letter from Mother. Her health not very good. Ours not the best. Weather fine [p. 279]

6 June 1890 • Friday

Tooele. Weather fine.

I wrote P.O. Cards to Stephens wife and to Mother stating that Alice and the children expected to go to Farmington tomorrow & asking Louise to have Stevey meet them at Depot. Went and saw Alexander Herron a member of the Committee on Construction for the Tooele City Water Company about going up the Canyon to see about certain work necessary to be done to secure our pipes where they lie on the surface crossing ravines also to decide on the best method of uniting the several springs from which we are to draw our water for the pipes that the water flowing from them may be measured &c.— I went and saw Apostle Francis M. Lyman who is President of the Board of Directors of the Tooele City Water Company and let him have $1422.50 to deposit in the Deseret National Bank of S.L.C. for the above named Company I being Treasurer. I remained with him a short time while he showed me his safe, books &c and read to me from his Journal. [p. 280] I also did some writing, account keeping &c. Alice and her sister Marian visited with Sister Vance. I accompanied Hugh S. Gowans & Alex. Herron up the canyon as a construction committee for the Tooele City Water Co. to see what work is necessary at the springs and to receive the upper tank. Went and saw the Water Master about changing the stream to south ditch. Brought Alice and Marian home from Vances.

7 June 1890 • Saturday

Tooele Weather fine.

I attended to the chores in the morning and then read the News until breakfast was ready. After breakfast and prayr, I went to the stores and bought shoes for the children and bought tickets for Alice, Estella, Marian & her Lucy. Assisted them off by hiring P. A. Droubay’[s] team & conveyance to take them to the switch three miles distant at 1-15 P.M. while I attended Stake Priesthood meeting held in the meeting house at Tooele. There were but about fifteen persons present all from Tooele except Pp. [Bp.] Shields of Pine Canyon. The only matters of importance brought before [p. 281] the meeting was the reading off of the names of the Home missionaries who were requested to make visits Sunday June 22nd and the matter of Little Children their capabilities of sin, repentance and baptism &c and the responsibilities resting upon the parents On my return home from meeting finding the folks all gone I went to the post office. Ate my dinner which consisted of cream & bread & gooseberries. Entertained the Sewing machine Agent for a short time who tried to have me buy the Improved Singer for $5500 Cash. I shaved myself, wrote a letter to A. F. Doremus, and wrote in my Journal.

8 June 1890 • Sunday

Tooele Weather fine

After reposing in bed from 9 P.M. to 7.30 A.M. I arose refreshed, Made a fire and attended to my work of the morning indoors and out. After breakfasting I took a bath and then with horse and cart and Bro. H S Gowans as passenger went to Lake View Attended Sunday School where I talked to the School freely for a few moments. Went home with Pishop [Bishop] John Shields [p. 282] to dinner. After dinner, we went over to Bro. Archi Shields until meeting time. Attended meeting where I spoke quite freely for half or 3/4 of an hour. Bro. Gowans followed in a fine strain of thought. Bro. Gowans Bp. Shields and I went over and administered to Sister Adamson the mother of David & Walter, Bro Gowans anointing and I confirming or sealing the anointing. Her affliction was hard cough and cold which nearly prostrated her. On arriving home I cared for horse and got and ate my supper which consisted of bread and milk (rich)

We had a good reception at Lake View and a very enjoyable time.

I wrote to Alice a few itims to be continued tomorrow. Did the evening chores and attended the evening meeting presided over by the High Priests. Retired to bed at 10 P.M.

9 June 1890 • Monday

Tooele Weather fine in the morning but blustery during the day threatening rain.

I arose at 5-30 A.M. hitched up horse and cart and started out to get a [p. 283] man to cut lucern for me. After calling at C. Pocock’s south of town, H. Marshalls and Barber’s I succeeded in getting Frank Shields to help me. He had worked but an hour or two when his brother John came & relieved him that he, Frank, might go to Salt Lake in answer to a telephone message. After getting the mowing machine started I attended to the regular chores, ate breakfast and entertained Bro. Jno. A. Vance for a few minutes he having called in for some milk. I finished a letter to my wife at Farmington and wrote one to A. F. Doremus Went to the Post Office and to mother Smith’s for straw berries. Took Elias Morris in cart with old Vick up to see the large reservoir at head of Main Street to show him the place and hear his suggestions as to the living of the same. H S Gowans & Alexander Herron were along. We also went up and examined sand and gravel banks in A. F. D’s enclosure. E. M. pronounced it suitable for concreting for lining the reservoir. I secured the services of P A Droubay to take E. Morris & wife to Garfield to meet the [p. 284] train. With old Vick, I cultivated the garden. Loaned A. J. Mc.Cuistion as one of the school trustees $151-10 to be made up to $1000-00 on July 5th as a loan at ten per cent per annum for a period of one year. Made several entries in my books, wrote my Journal for the day and attended a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Tooele City Water Co. in the evening. Retired at 11 P.M.

10 June 1890 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather fine in morning, some wind during the day.

Arose from my bed at 4 A.M. Read from the Juvenile the two stories. Up from Tribulation & Ebauches &c the latter to completion. Attended to my outside and inside work Breakfast over, I commenced work cleaning the Barrington ditch. Met with the Construction Committee at A. Herrons shop from 9 to 11 A.M. Was out with P. A. Droubay as a committee to set men to work on the Reservoir— from 1 P.M. until 3 P.M. worked on the Barrington Ditch until 5-45 P.M. Attended a meeting of the Board of directors of the new Company [p. 285] at six P.M. at Tailor Shop until 8 P.M. Arranged with Jack Stewart to assist me during haying with team for $3.50 Gave milk to Miss Sarah Gee & Miss Fanny Ferral. Ate my supper of bread and milk wrote in Journal & posted some accounts. Received letters from Alice & Georgie at Farmington and from A. F. D. Wrote letters to Aseneth and A. F. D. in the evening retired at 11-10 PM.

11 June 1890 • Wednesday

Tooele. Weather fine except. for a few hours the wind blew.

Arose at 4 A.M. and used City water until 10 A.M. Cleaned out the grape patch between house & sheds. Raked hay and cocked it up. Wrote letters to Mother and Sister Alice Ann. Had a man cutting lucern this week steady. Mat. McKindrick brought sorrel horse up from Basin pasture.

12 June 1890 • Thursday

Tooele Weather fine.

Received a letter from Fred & answered it. Went out with horse and cart before breakfast to hire hands to work in hay and on clearing about reservoir. Raked and cocked up hay and worked in the grape vines cleaning [p. 286] them of weeds. George Coleman came to see about hiring some money. We conversed upon the principle of Geo. Q Cannon skipping his bonds to escape the Penitentiary. He having been suspended for making the assertion that Geo. Q was the biggest Hypocrite in the Country, I tried to convince him that he was in error and would better make amends. I told him his arguements were, in my opinion as foreign to the spirit and genius of the Gospel as are the arguements of the Sectarians in their claim that baptism is not essential to Salvation.

I attended in the evening a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Tooele City Water Company.

13 June 1890 • Friday

Tooele Weather fine, a little hazy. Went out before breakfast with horse and cart to hire men and direct the work on reservoir. I had Jno. A Vance, Joseph Hensen & Gervin Smith hauling hay and John Shields mowing. This is the 5th day mowing and the 1st day hauling. I raked hay in east field also raked some for Joseph Hensen in Mrs. Phister’s field. Joseph Henson took dinner with me Folks gone [p. 287]

14 June 1890 • Saturday

Tooele Weather fine.

Went with the Surveyor to receive ditch made by P. A. Droubay also took the measurement of Large Reservoir Sent Alex. Herrons boy to meet Alice and family at station. They arrived safely and well. I raked and cocked up hay for myself and for Joseph Hensen while he hauled hay for me. Went out with horse & cart to try and hire hands to help in the hay. Took Alice along. The putting in of the pipes has caused the wages of common laborers to rise from $1.50 to 200 and in some instances $225 & 2.50 per day

15 June 1890 • Sunday

Tooele Weather fine in the morning with an occasional shower of rain in the afternoon. Error. The above is the weather report for Monday June 16th. On Sunday the weather was fine.

I took Alice and the baby, Sarah, with me in the cart to Grantsville. Arrived there at 10-30 o’clock A.M. Hitched the horse in front of the meeting house and we went into the Sunday school was called to the stand by Supt. Thomas Williams where were seated President [p. 288] H. S. Gowans, Counselor Charles Anderson, Sister Howard from Salt Lake City and several others. After the rendering of the programme, the School was addressed by Sister Howard and was closed by Bishop Atkin offering the benediction. By invitation of Charles Anderson, My wife & I went home with him and took dinner. Bro. Gowans was there also. At 2 P.M. We attended the Relief society conference continued from Saturday. Sister Hunter presided over the meeting. After the opening exercises Sister Hunter addressed the Conference followed by myself for 20 minutes and afterward by Prest. Gowans for five or ten minutes. Benediction by Coun. C. Anderson. Drove home in one hour and twenty minutes. Did the regular chores and attended the sunday evening meeting presided over by the Seventies. By request I addressed the meeting for 35 minutes. Henry Beauchamp who is soon to go on a mission to New Zealand, also Bro. Geo. Speirs spoke.

16 June 1890 • Monday

Tooele Weather as reported for Sunday. Had one man mowing and two hauling hay. I helped unload the hay. [p. 289] I set two men and teams to hauling gravel and sand for the Reservoir lining. I took down the west fence for them to pass in and out. Wend [Went] and saw Alex. Herron about several matters pertaining the the Water Company. Ordered extras for hay rake. Paid my admittance fee of $10.00 to enter the Association Christened the Northwestern Savings, Loans & Building Associety. Commenced putting in a bridge across the City Stream into triangular corner, Wrote in my Journal for Sunday and Monday.

17 June 1890 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather windy all day so we could not haul hay. I bargained off a ton of hay to Vowles for $700. Went up to Reservoir to set Morris’ men right. I finished making bridge across City stream, dug up and planted by the side of City ditch some Poplars. Attended a meeting of the Water Board. Issued check to David James for two thousand dollars.

18 June 1890 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather fine.

Used the City water from 4-25 AM to 10 A.M., made furrows to grape vines, [p. 290] Repaired horse rake and raked hay 5½ hours. Repaired the fence in front of the Barrington lot. Had ice cream in the evening.

19 June 1890 • Thursday

Tooele Weather fine in forenoon but windy in the afternoon. I had one man cutting lucern with mower and three hands hauling hay. I raked and cocked up hay and helped unload hay, I doing the stacking. After six o’clock P.M. I pruned young Poplar trees one and one half hours. Our baby, Sarah, not well teething others all well. Did some writing in the evening.

20 June 1890 • Friday

Tooele Weather fine.

I raked hay; pruned young Poplars and willow cuttings. Repaired machine knife and looked after the hay hauling. Hired Moroni Tanner to haul hay. Received of Sol. Isgreen and John Gillespie their assessments. also George Speirs & Samuel Park’s ass’ments

21 June 1890 • Saturday

Tooele City Weather fine.

Raked and cocked up hay. Collected from Vowles for hay and paid for harness, rake seat, fork &c. I listened [p. 291] to Thomas Lee for about one hour while he related his experience casting out Devils &c. Shaved bathed and read from the Contributor.

22 June 1890 • Sunday

Tooele City. Weather fine.

Bro. Charles Anderson by draw of cuts made by Bro Gowans was to accompany him to Vernon thus relieving me. I attended the Sunday school here in Tooele and offered the Benediction. I attended the meeting in the afternoon and offered the Benediction there. The time was occupied by the Home missionaries from Grantsville Roid Hale & John Stromberg. Sister Bowen having resigned her position as president of the Primary Association Sister Nelson was sustained in that position with Sister Caldwell as first and Sister Stewart as second counselers. After meeting I assisted in setting the Sisters apart and was mouth in setting apart Sister Nelson. Attended Prayr Circle and was mouth at the Altar. Read the Contributors between meetings. I attended the evening which was addressed by Bros. Philip Kirk and Robert Shields lately returned from the Southern states mission. [p. 292]

23 June 1890 • Monday

Tooele Weather fine.

Had five hands working in the hay. I raked and cocked up hay. Examined the Harpoon fork and fixtures. Tried at all the stores to get a rope 3/4 in. by 175 feet long but could not, so had to send to Salt Lake City for it. I took Alice in cart and went to see Chas. Pocock to— get him to work for me. He was off ‘shearing sheep. We called at the large reservoir to see how the men were progressing with the work of lining it. I read from the Contributor and Juvenile at noon and in the evening. I also wrote a letter to A. F. Doremus reporting the progress of work on Water Works and with the haying.

24 June 1890 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather windy. Had to discontinue hay hauling in the afternoon. I raked and cocked up hay. I also attended a Board meeting from 9. AM to 11 A.M. at Alex. Herrons Taylor shop. Read the News

25 June 1890 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather during the night windy & hot. Pleasant during the day. I arose at 4.10 A.M. [p. 293] and took the City water. Used it until 10 A.M. Raked hay and put up the stacking fork in time to unload three loads of hay with it. I had Six hands at work and they hauled 14 loads all put in the stack but one. Rode out before 7 A.M. to find men. Stopped the mower and put the team on wagon to haul hay. Sister Edith Clegg gave birth to a child on Saturday the 21st She took a relapse and has “Child Bed Fever”. I met at 1-15 P.M. in prayr Circle having been called especially for her health. To pray for her. The results were not so favorable as we could expect. or as was hoped for. We are all tolerably well excepting the colds which most of us have. Received and disbursed means for the Tooele City Water Co. of which I am Treasurer. Sent by F.M. Lyman to Salt Lake for Deposit $2093.35

26 June 1890 • Thursday

Tooele City Weather fine.

We continued our haying using the Harpoon fork and two teams hauling.

Sister Edith Clegg being very sick I [p. 294] was called in and assisted Bp Atkin and Bro Geo. Atkin in administering to her. Geo Atkin Anointing and I confirming the anointing.

27 June 1890 • Friday

Tooele City. Weather fine.

Continued the haying with seven hands, one team and Harpoon fork. Finished the mowing with machine. Had one man using the Sythe. I was called by Peter Clegg to go down to the telephone station and telephone for Dr Joseph S Richards to come out to see his wife. I advised that since Dr Dodds had the case in charge, he would better get his consent so that there would be no conflict. This he did and I requested Dr Joseph through the Telephone to come out which he did on the bathing train. John Gordon met him and brought him up from the beech.

He was taken back to the beech at Garfield in the evening but being late he returned to Tooele and put up with us. Lanced the Baby’s teeth. Bro. & Sis. Vance, Miss Fanny Ferrel & Miss Louise Gee were here in the evening. The folks after Supper made Ice Cream while I was at Cleggs. I assisted Bp & Geo. Atkin in administering to Sis. Clegg. [p. 295]

28 June 1890 • Saturday

Tooele City Weather fine.

I went with Dr. Joe to see Sister Edith Clegg. Had the baby’s teeth lanced. I shaved and accompanied Alice to the store and while there I bought me a summer Suit and two new shirts. I paid off a number of men in checks upon presentation of an order from the Secretary of the Tooele City Water Co. I raked hay and at 5-30 P.M. attended a meeting of the Board of Directors at which President Francis M. Lyman presided. After Meeting the Board of Directors visited the grounds owned by Alex. Frazer upon which our reservoir is located to determine what grounds we wish to purchase of Alex— Frazer. I arranged with President Gowans to go with him to Clover Creek on the morrow with his team and buggy. I received a letter from Fred. All well. Bathed before retiring to bed.

29 June 1890 • Sunday

Tooele City Weather fine.

I went with Bro. H.S. Gowans to Clover Started from here at 8.30 and arrived there at 10-30 Returned home at 7 P.M. While at Clover I addressed the Sunday [p. 296] school & meeting. Took dinner with Bp. St. Jeor. Administered to Sister Clegg on my return.

30 June 1890 • Monday

Tooele City Weather fine.

This being the date when the third instalment of the Capital stock of the Water Co. is due, a number of persons called upon me. Among them Apostle Lyman. By request I went down to Peter Cleggs and assisted in administering to Sister Clegg. I anointed & Bro Lyman confirmed. Administered to her again in the evening. Bp. Atkin Assisting. I attended a board meeting of the Water Co. I also put up hay. John A. Vance & wife moved.

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