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September 1889

16 September 1889 • Monday

Tooele Having neglected my journal since the 28th ultimate, I now take the oppertunity of writing up what I can remember since that date. Nerva & children are still with us. On the 7th instant having received of M. J. Richards a deed for his place the day previous I started north with $800 in pocket to pay him. I went to Garfield beech in a cart and from there by train to Farming[ton], Staid all day night with Mother and went on next morning to Collinston. No one being at Collinston to meet me, I walked down to Buesenbark’s a distance of about 3/4 of a mile where I got my two mares [p. 219] Bell & Madam and rode Bell & led Madam across the ford to Fred’s place where we hitched a horse in his cart and went up to Stevensons where we found Myron & Wilford Richards & their families. I paid Myron $800. cash, gave him my note payable in Nov. next $100. and a bill of sale of my brown mare & colt for his 80 acres homestead and 40 acres R.R. land. Looked over the R.R. land and next day returned to Salt Lake where I staid all night at Doremuses. Went up to Steve’s in the morning of Tuesday and later in the day we drove down to J. Pearts and there agreed on which 40 acres of R.R. land I should have from M. J. R. and I bought of him a 40 acres joining it on the south for $100, Returned home Tuesday evening by train to Garfield and from there by horse & cart a distance of 14 miles. Found every one O.K. on my return. Traded to Edmund Horman a pair of horses for lumber to the amt. of $100.96 the balance to the amount of $120. (Value of the horses) in labor at 150 per day. Commenced cutting lucern Sept 14, Attended to the irrigating &c. Sunday 15th attended Sunday school [p. 220] and meeting, J. A. Vance & family were here in the evening.

To-day (Sept 16) Picked apples for Casety & train men. Wrote letters to Mother, A. F. D. & B.C.M. & M. Association making them an offer for 106 acres of land. Wrote up my Journal to date.

17 September 1889 • Tuesday

Raked hay, mowed among trees with sythe, sold Pocock 1000 feet of lumber, Repaired horse rake & grindstone. Sold hay to Frazer. The weather continues dry.

18 September 1889 • Wednesday

Gathered up hay cut with sythe in forenoon and took Alice & sister Nerva to Garfield where they boarded the cars and went to Salt Lake. Took the children along.

19 September 1889 • Thursday

Finished gathering up & hauling in the hay and picked apples off lower limbs to put up for winter before turning the animals in the field. Took the children for a ride in the evening. Cloudy weather today.

20 September 1889 • Friday

Stormed most of the day (rain) Wrote letters & sent out bills, Attended to the regular chores, Telephoned Alice in S.L.C. [p. 221]

21 September 1889 • Saturday

Tooele City Took the Kelsey water at 515 A.M. and used it all day; made three trips out onto the east line to attend to the water; picked apples and turned animals in field (work horses)

22 September 1889 • Sunday

used the water all day, drove cattle out of the field and put up the fence, Turned the cattle in the field the first time this season. Wrote to F. W. Richards.

23 September 1889 • Monday

Rained & hailed in the forenoon, cool & cloudy in the after noon. Drove Vick in the cart down to Garfield. Mrs Frank Walters & little girl rode down & Alice & Sarah E. Robinson & family rode back.

24 September 1889 • Tuesday

Took the City Water at 4.30 A.M. & used until 6.30 A.M. Stretched & put up wire on South field fence.

25 September 1889 • Wednesday

Finished putting wire on south field fence and attended to the watering

26 September 1889 • Thursday

Attended to the irrigating and repaired ditches, Saw Mrs Phister about putting [p. 222] up fence, saw Lyman & Herron on the water question, took up on the Vowles note $100. to send to Jacob Peart by S. E. R.

27 September 1889 • Friday

Worked in the forenoon on the Phister fence Took Sarah E. Robinson to the Tooele Switch on her way home. Visited as a Ward Teacher in the afternoon.

28 September 1889 • Saturday

Finished the Phister fence & put wire on the fence back of Scotts lot. A letter from Fred.

29 September 1889 • Sunday

Attended School & meeting and wrote A.F.D.

30 September 1889 • Monday

Made out monthly report, cut up wood for Mother Smith. &c—

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