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January 1884

1 January 1884 • Tuesday

Spent the day at home, Nerva and Frank took dinner with us.

2 January 1884 • Wednesday

Went over to B. F. K’s., down to Clarks and chored about home. Had Henry Miller and Henry Clark here in the evening.

3 January 1884 • Thursday

Took Alice down to Clarks and went after her in the evening with the sleigh. Attended fast meeting and took Alice Ann over to Nerva’s in a sleigh. Went teaching in the afternoon.

4 January 1884 • Friday

Went teaching with Henry Miller. Spent the evening at the Nerva’s.

5 January 1884 • Saturday

Went teaching with T. J. Steed & Henry Miller, attended Teachers meeting in the evening.

6 January 1884 • Sunday

Attended Y Peoples Conference in Bountiful, spent the evening at Wilcoxes.

7 January 1884 • Monday

Went to the mill and spent the remainder of the day at home. Attended Y. M. Mutual in the evening.

8 January 1884 • Tuesday

Spent the day at home wrote to Wm Hess. Spent evening at home.

9 January 1884 • Wednesday

Repaired North shed making a stable Spent the evening at home reading Thrift.

10 January 1884 • Thursday

Fixing up the stable. Spent the evening at Alice’s father’s.

11 January 1884 • Friday

Took Alice and baby up to Aunt’s [p. 51]

12 January 1884 • Saturday

Worked on the stable, and put the carpet down in the Kitchen.

13 January 1884 • Sunday

Went to South Bountiful to preach, spent the evening at home.

14 January 1884 • Monday

Tended the baby while Alice washed, and attended the Y. M. M. I. Association read Thrift.

15 January 1884 • Tuesday

Hauled manure 3 loads, took the folks over to Nerva’s and back, Frank and Nerva spent the evening here.

16 January 1884 • Wednesday

Went up to Aunt Alices after Mother in the buggy, and went to the theatre at night.

17 January 18841 • Thursday

Took shoes off mules, put glass in the window &c., wrote to W.B.R.

18 January 1884 • Friday

Had Nannie shoed, hauled one load of manure and went down to Julia Steeds after Alice and baby. went visiting Oscar Mayfield as a teacher.

19 January 1884 • Saturday

Hauled five loads of manure and attended Teachers Quo. in the even.

20 January 1884 • Sunday

Attended ward meeting and a lecture in the evening by B. H. Roberts

The Devine Mission of Joseph Smith.

[6 lines blank] [p. 52]

Divinity of the Mission of Joseph Smith

Itims from B. H. Robert’s Lecture.

1st Apostacy of the Primative Church Isaih 24th C. 

2nd Not from the Mosaic law but from the Ever Lasting Gospel. 

3d. The law of Moses was added because of transgression but was not to be a permanant law. Rev 3d & Heb. 4th. & 1st Cor. 12th C.

4th Proofs of the apostacy. No. Prophets, Evang. Apostles, seventies, Signs do not follow the believer, they do not believe the first principles of the Gospel Rev. 14th.

5th The foundation Christ would build his Church upon2 Daniel 2nd Rev. 14th

Christ said the ignorant should be used to confound the wise. His twelve apostles were poor and unlearned.

This organization is the same as that of old, ie, the Primative Church

This Church was established in the exact time that it was to be according to Scripture.

He got his authority as did Aaron.

Another testamony of his divine authority is the testamony one receives in obeying the Gospel. Testamony of those who saw the plates.

After the testamony of the Elders comes the testamony of earthquakes &c. Doct. & Cov. Sec. 84.

The wars in fulfillment of Joseph’s prophecy.

The Marterdom of Joseph was that he might seal his testamony with his blood, otherwise it would probably not have been the case.

21 January 1884 • Monday

Hauled one load of manure [p. 53] bought two sacks of oats of Jno. Earl, made a wagon reach, put on the hay rack and loaded a load of hay for Town. Attended a lecture given by B. H. Roberts, Subject

The Youth of IsraelItims

When we die, the spirit leaves the body. It existed before the body, It existed in the body and will exist after the body. It has parts and has a certain stature and when it enters a body that body grows till it becomes of the stature of the spirit; but the parts of which this stature <or spirit rather> is made is of a finer nature than that of the body See New Compendium Jems from Jos. Smith.

" " " " "3 also says that we were in the spirit world when Jesus was appointed as our Savior and we sanctioned it.

When Jesus asked Job wher[e] he was when the worlds were created The reply shows that we existed before we took bodies See Job

Tracing back genealogies we find that Adam was the son of God and we being the sons of Adam must be the Sons of God.

Jesus Created worlds See Heb 2nd

God is continually creating worlds.

The Stars which we see many of them are suns, the centres of Solar Systims.

The Lord Showed Abraham that certain [p. 54] spirits were reserved for certain purposes and as this is the last and greatest dispensation why not some of the more noble spirits be reserved to come forth in this dispensation?

Let us work for there is no excelency without.

Seek for the Holy Ghost and that will expand the mind and bring to our knowledge hidden things, bring to our recollections things that you have forgotton.

In the Southern states land is worth from 50¢ to $2 00/100 per acre and yet about 2/3ds of the people are renters, live in other people’s houses.; while in Utah 93 percent live in their own houses and farm their own farms and furnish themselves employment. In S. States they have been living there for over two hundred years and their school Houses are without windows log houses without chinking and they cannot keep school in the winter because of the cold while it is never cold enough to freeze ice on a bucket of water.

In North W. States the people are about 1/2 renters. How is Utah so far behind in Schools.

“No man can say that Jesus is the Christ except by the Holy Ghost — hence if we would know Christ, we must obtain the Holy Ghost. 1st Cor. 12 [p. 55]

“Some of you know not, God. I say this to your Shame” 1st Cor. 15th. It is our privilege to know him if we would seek him. If we do not do this it is to our shame. Keep the commands of God so far as you know and you shall receive the testimony and the knowledge. When the Devel was tempting the Savior telling him to turn the stones in to bread Jesus said we live not by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God.

Blessings of the Priesthood Doct. & Cov. Sec 107.

The Priesthood brings with it great responsibilities. Aaron was stripped of the robes of the Priesthood for some——

There is no need of a child being baptised until he learns what he is going to be baptized for.

It is necessary that we go farther than to obey the 1st principles. We should add to our faith virtue, to our virtue brotherly kindness, charity &c.

Word of Wisdom.

Tabaccoe oil is as poisonous as Strychnine. Tobacco juice will kill a dog hence we are in danger when we chew tobacco.

Smoking brings on Consumption.

Liquor does not unite with the blood one part of the brain governs the muscular faculties and when liquor enters it cannot do its duty an[d] the muscles become relax. [p. 56]

22 January 1884 • Tuesday

Took a load of Mother’s hay to Town for. tithing.

23 January 1884 • Wednesday

Got some coal from the depot, went over to Frank’s, and loaded a load of hay for Town, bought 552 lbs. oats. Wm. Streeper came to see me about the <coal> agency. Spent the evening at Mariah’s.

24 January 1884 • Thursday

Took a load of my hay for tithing.

25 January 1884 • Friday

Went down to see T. B. Clark and over to B. F. K.’s, prepared to start to Cache.

26 January 1884 • Saturday

Started for Cache after my colts. Stayed over night at Hubbords in Willard.

27 January 18844 • Sunday

Rode from Willard to Mendon.

28 January 1884 • Monday

Hitched my bay colt and proved her to be mine. visited Aunts Ann & Sothie

29 January 1884 • Tuesday

Made two Halters and read the papers.

30 January 1884 • Wednesday

Left Mendon for home, stayed in Brigham over night. slept in a barn.

31 January 1884 • Thursday

Rode from Brigham home left my colts on the range in Richard Smith’s charge.

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