July 1903

5 July 1903 • Sunday

Ward fast day. I remained home and attended the School & meetings. Bore testamony in school & meetings

11 July 1903 • Saturday

Prest Gowans & I with my team his buggy went to Vernon & on up to Benlomand and staid over night with the Bishop

12 July 1903 • Sunday

Drove down from Ben Lomand to Vernon where we attended school and meeting and afterward came home in evening.

19 July 1903 • Sunday

Prest G. & I went to Clover my team He staid at school St Johns to Make Sister Burridge’s will out and I went up to Clover school. Prest G. joined me at meeting in afternoon good meeting. I took dinner with A. J. Stookey. returned home after meeting

26 July 1903 • Sunday

Remained home this sunday & attended School & meeting here Prest G. went to Salt Lake to attend funeral service of Sister Peter Reid.