September 1888

1 September 1888 • Saturday

Met Dr. Jos. at Garfield went in lake. got fever thermomiter & medicine. Went to see Dr. Dods waited on children. &c.

2 September 1888 • Sunday

Joel & George commenced with sore throat and indications of Scarlet fever.

3 September 1888 • Monday

Nerva & George very sick. Legrand & Joel not so sick. Talked with Dr. Jos. through telephone. Ordered a new Thermomiter Alice having broken the one we had.

4 September 1888 • Tuesday

Children about same as yesterday. Thermomiter came broken, returned it & ordered another Visited County Court and got tax reduced. Miss Delamar Staid with us a few days.

5 September 1888 • Wednesday

Sick children about same as day previous. Engaged men to haul hay. Had hay raked & put up. Made arrangements for poles from Pine Cañon. &c. Wrote letters to Doremus, Dr. Jos. & Mother. [p. 144]

6 September 1888 • Thursday

Tooele Had hay hauled into stack. Children still quite sick.

7 September 1888 • Friday

Georgie & Nerva still bad fever ranging from 103 to 105, Legrand & Joel improving. Telephoned Dr Jos. to send medicine to Garfield. Drove to Garfield & returned in four hours.

15 September 1888 • Saturday

Estella had the fever but now improving nicely. Legrand & Joel getting on nicely. Georgie & Nerva still bad with swollen necks and high fever. Had Nervas neck lanced by Dr Dods.

16 September 1888 • Sunday

Nerva commenced to improve, Georgie’s neck not yet ready to lance, his fever still high.

17 September 1888 • Monday

Georgie still bad but Nerva improving. Wrote to Dr. Jos., Mother, Seney & Fred. Received a letter from Fred & card from Seney. Georgie had a very restless night

18 September 1888 • Tuesday

Tooele Georgie’s neck very painful. Nerva improving. Rained hard, wrote letters &c.

19 September 1888 • Wednesday

Tooele Georgie's neck burst after which I opened it with lance. He had relief. Repaired [p. 145] manger &c. Telephoned Dr. Jos. Received letters from Dr Joseph, Seney, Nerva & Mother. Wrote two cards.

20 September 1888 • Thursday

Tooele Armitstead & partner came up from well where they were driving for water on their way to Provo to attend funeral of his brother-in-law Staid here all night. Children gradually improving.

21 September 1888 • Friday

Children still improving. Registered $30.00 to Fred at Collinston. Took Armitstead to station 3 miles distant, Took folks riding. Had women here picking plums, wrote A. F. D.

22 September 1888 • Saturday

Tooele Greased bridal, made straps for spurs, Rode black colt, which jumped hard but did not get me off. Children getting better.

23 September 1888 • Sunday

Tooele Remained at home all day with children

24 September 1888 • Monday

Tooele Rode in Middle Cañon all day after horses. found all that are running in Middle Cañon 11 in number.

25 September 1888 • Tuesday

Rode after horses, found all we have running in Settlement Cañon, ten in number. [p. 146]

26 September 1888 • Wednesday

Tooele Drove down to Terminus & collected $2.70. Met Arimitstead, went & saw Thomas Horman about working. Sold him a mare & colt for $75.00 to be paid for in work at $1.00 per day of 10 hours each. Made bin for oats, took children for a ride, &c. &c.

27 September 1888 • Thursday

Commenced cutting 3d crop lucern. Sharpened two machine knives, repaired two halters, picked peaches, dug potatoes &c.

28 September 1888 • Friday

Tooele Had the Threshers, had 189 bushels oats all tolled. Had mower & sythe going all day. Repaired fence at stack yard &c.

29 September 1888 • Saturday

Tooele Finished mowing lucern, raked up about the stacks, stacked up corn fodder, sold a set of harness, to T. Spray, Ground machine knives and put away, ground broad ax and repaired Grindstone.

30 September 1888 • Sunday

Did regular chores, watched black cattle on pasture. Re lanced or lanced in another place, Nerva’s neck.