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November 1892

6 November 1892 • Sunday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I attended afternoon & evening meeting.

7 November 1892 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant. I attended a Republican rally in afternoon and torch light meeting in evening & spoke in open air.

8 November 1892 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather cool.

Election. Acted as Judge of school election Was elected School Trustee.

9 November 1892 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I plowed in South field sage ground.

10 November 1892 • Thursday

Grand is ailing

Tooele Weather pleasant

I plowed in forenoon and in the afternoon had James Hammond plowing while I attended Bro. I J Caldwells funeral Dedicated the grave at Cemetery.

Attended Y.M.M.I Ass. in evening. [p. 74]

11 November 1892 • Friday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

Legrand is around to-day but Joel & I are ailing. I received ck of $325.00 from A. F. D. paid taxes, attended to business for school house &c.

26 November 1892 • Saturday

Tooele Weather cold, about three inches of dry snow on the ground.

Having neglected my Journal for two weeks I take this oppertunity to write it up as I can call to mind.

Sunday, Nov. 13th 1892. Tooele Weather dry and cold. I took Jumbo & Cart and with Georgie, went over to Clover. Met Prest. Gowans there and we held meeting. Bp. St Jeor had gone to the Manti Temple After the meeting Prest Gowans before the dismissal offered the dedicatory prayr. The people of that place having just finished the addition to their School & meeting house. We had a cold trip coming home.

During the week I was engaged in plowing sage ground in South field and between times Sold a load of hay to E. l. King, hauled hay into stable. Attended several meetings of Committees, trustees &c.

Sunday, Nov. 20th 1892. I took Alice with me and went down to E.T. where I attended meeting and returned home. Prest Gowans was in Salt Lake City. Wednesday Nov. 23 the wind blew [p. 75] hard and cold and on Thursday it snowed all the forenoon, about four inches of snow fell. Alice, Stella & I attended the party in the evening. The weather is cold. Wed. evening 23d School Trustees meeting. To-day Nov. 26th 1892.

Tooele. Weather cold. I attended a trustees & contractors consultation at the Store in fore-noon and in the afternoon I plowed in South field. Spent the evening at home writing up my Journal, reading &c.

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27 November 1892 • Sunday

Error in Weather Report

Tooele Weather, hard south wind commenced to blow last evening and blew all day. The above is an error in that it is a correct report for the following day. Sunday the weather was clowdy and cold. Commenced to blow from the south about 4.30 P.M. and grew harder until before bed time when it was blowing hard & it continued to blow hard all night.

Bro. Gowans & I went over to Lake View and attended School and meeting. I spoke for 40 minutes & Prest Gowans 45 min. A good spirit prevailed. I spent the evening at home reading to the children and other-wise amusing them.

28 November 1892 • Monday

Tooele Weather, Wind blew hard all night and all day. I did the regular chores and had James Hammond plowing for me all day & I attended County Court and had [p. 76] more than five thousand dollars worth of County warrants cancelled. Attended to other business in relation to the Treasurer ship. Attended to some business for School District. Settled with Parry for basement work of New School house.

Spent the evening at home. Folks are all well.

29 November 1892 • Tuesday

Tooele The wind blew hard all last night and all day to-day.

I had James Hammond plowing for me and I went up to the divide of City & Kelsey ditches and cleaned out the sluice so the water would come down the Kelsey ditch. I went up to see how the plowing was progressing, went down to Mrs Williams’ to see her sewing machine, put a spring in our machine and thus put it in repair. In the afternoon I attended Miss Alice Clarks & Bro. A. J. Stookeys Schools. Spent the evening writing, reading &c. Made up my Monthly Ranch Report.

30 November 1892 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather windy all day.

I repaired halters, put up clothsline posts. Marked out land in South field. Attended Miss Marshall’s School. Spent the evening at home.

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