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July 1888

1 July 1888 • Sunday

Attended Sunday school and meeting. Spent the remainder of the day at home.

2 July 1888 • Monday

Dug around trees & trimed them, had band of hares brought in and bred Lucy to Vick. Caught the 4 yr. old brown horse and tied in stable, had the cattle watered at the well.

31 July 1888 • Tuesday

Did the regular chores, taught brown colt to lead, worked the brown horse and Mr Huff rode him.

4 July 1888 • Wednesday

Attended Patriotic meeting in Tooele meeting house, Went to bowery on public square, staid a short time, went home mad[e] Ice cream and [p. 137] took a short cart ride in evening.

5 July 1888 • Thursday

Tooele Attended Fast meeting & heard there a lady speak a prayr in the Nephite language interpreted by Sister Delamare. Wrote for a recommend to join this Ward. Wrote to several parties, repaired bridge in south street. Worked a colt in afternoon & had company in the evening, made Lemonade & ice cream.

6 July 1888 • Friday

Trimmed poplars on east ditches and repaired the watering places. Did the regular chores &c.

7 July 1888 • Saturday

Tooele Trimed trees, repaired rake, tied up grape vines, went to the Basin pasture &c.

8 July 1888 • Sunday

Tooele Attended two meetings and spoke in the afternoon meeting 1st time while in tooele. G Remington & wife took supper with us.

9 July 1888 • Monday

Loaded hay and sent to Stockton by Homer Huff, who had a tip over. I had colt shoed, went out and helped reload hay, brought horses in from pasture &c

10 July 1888 • Tuesday

Repaired hay rack, had wagon and [p. 138] rack weighted, hauled rubbish into old well &c.

11 July 1888 • Wednesday

Tooele Loaded hay and took to Stockton, saw, Carter, Delemar &McLaws about pasturage money and fence. &c.

12 July 1888 • Thursday

Made ditches to trees in corners south east of sheds. Went and saw water master about getting water and H Marshall about baling hay &c.

13 July2 1888 • Friday

Wrote five letters & 1 card, made ditch for watering arranged the Barrington sluice for irrigating &c.

143 July 1888 • Saturday

Irrigated trees, hitched gray colt & gray mare. went to see about getting hands to help with hay.

154 July 1888 • Sunday

Attended meeting and spent the rest of day at home.

16 July 1888 • Monday

Got thrown from a colt, started the mower cutting 2nd crop of lucern, took horses to pasture, &c.

17 July 1888 • Tuesday

Met train at terminus, unloaded engine for drive well, moved it and traps to cite of well. Took pump rod [p. 139] up to Tooele & had it lengthened and took it back in evening.

18 July 1888 • Wednesday


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