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May 1888

5 May 1888 • Saturday

Tooele Having neglected to write in my Diary since Apr. 28 I am now not able to mention all that transpired to date.

To-day B F Knowlton came over with B F A. F. Ds horses 13 head.

6 May 1888 • Sunday

Took B. F. K. around in cart to see the place Took horses down to Basin pasture. Read the Book of Mormon in Afternoon also synopsis of Jno Nicholsons’ remarks at S.L.C. [p. 130]

7 May 1888 • Monday

Tooele Had nine men at work, Laid out work, wrote letters talked on trades &c.

8 May–17 May 1888

Tooele Having neglected to write in my Journal since the 7th, I will have to be satisfied with mere mention of some of the events transpired since 7th.

On May 8th having gotten through with my busiest work I paid off and let go or quit work, Adam Heggie, James St Clair, John Icegreen and Jno. Mercer also Georgie Edler. Retained Edmund Horman, Thomas Horman & Moroni Tanner. They continuing work to date. To-day Peter Nelson commenced work to pay 10.00 he owes. Sold to-day one 2 yr old filley for $50.00 Drove Animals from pasture to Stockton lake to water to-day.

18 May 1888 • Friday

Tooele Repaired tools & harnesses. &c.

19 May 1888 • Saturday

Repaired hay-racks, looked up the corners of land south of street, helped Thos. water animals, Shingled Georgie & Legrand.

20 May 1888 • Sunday

Tooele Attended Ward meeting after which we had Geo. Remington & wife & Jas. Dunn and family to supper

21 May 1888 • Monday

Blacksmithed most the day Rep. harness &c. [p. 131]

22 May 1888 • Tuesday

Tooele Took Vick down to Basin. Put fastenings on gates &c.

23 May 1888 • Wednesday

Threaded 6 doz. 3/8 in. nuts, made staples for gate, repaired valve bucket &c. Took Alice riding in evening.

24 May 1888 • Thursday

Took all the folks up Tooele Canyon on excursion. B. F. K. brought six head of horses.

25 May 1888 • Friday

Worked in the shop most of the day threading bolts & repairing tools.

26 May 1888 • Saturday

Went down to pasture with Old Vick in cart took Georgie with me.

27 May 1888 • Sunday

Attended meeting & read the paper also the account of the Manti Conference and Dedication of Manti Temple.

28 May 1888 • Monday

Tooele Threaded bolts, repaired baler, finished gate and bar way west of sheds Went and engaged two hands to help me in haying.

29 May 1888 • Tuesday

Tooele Had horses up in correll. Commenced cutting hay Repaired two knives; sharpened knives &c. [p. 132]

30 May 1888 • Wednesday

Tooele City Sharpened knives, repaired knife &c.

31 May 1888 • Thursday

Tooele Put Hayracks on wagons, made reach, Went to Stockton started at 7 P.M. & returned at 9 P.M. Started up canyon to see about the water with Watermaster @ 9.45 P.M. Turned the water at Parker’s at 10.45 P.M. & at Hanks’ 11-15 P.M. Returned home at 12 P.M.

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