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March 1884

1 March 1884 • Saturday

Worked pole tax and attended Teacher’s meeting in the evening.

2 March 1884 • Sunday

Attended Sunday school and took dinner and supper and spent the afternoon at Stayner’s. Spent the evening at home reading Scottish Chief’s. Colts Came home. [p. 61]

3 March 1884 • Monday

Worked pole tax for 1885.

4 March 1884 • Tuesday

Visited with Steve and read Scottish Chiefs.

5 March 1884 • Wednesday

Took Alice to the stores and to Clark’s. Took Steve down the lane in the afternoon and brought Alice home. Coppied Steve’s chart of the horse’s mouth. Attended County <school meeting>

6 March 1884 • Thursday

Went over to Nerva’s and down to Stayners to visit with Steve. had a call from O. L. Robinson Attended the wedding of Legrand D. Robinson and Alice Smith.

7 March 1884 • Friday

Went to the depot to meet Mother Took Alice over to Nervas, chored about home.

8 March 1884 • Saturday

Worked on the stable paving the stalls. and putting cane stalks on top.

9 March 1884 • Sunday

Attended conference in Bountiful. Spent the evening at home.

10 March 1884 • Monday

Paved the stalls in stable, attended Y M. M. Association,

11 March 1884 • Tuesday

Hauled manure on the lot in the fornoon and visited with Stive in the afternoon, went over to Nerva’s. Spent the evening reading Scot. Chiefs

12 March 1884 • Wednesday

Hauled 7 loads manure 6 on lot and one on meadow

13 March 1884 • Thursday

put up clase lines, Went to mill with grist and hauled 4 loads of sand into the street. Attended Seventies meeting. [p. 62]

14 March 1884 • Friday

Hauled manure on to the lot. read Scottish Chiefs in the evening.

15 March 1884 • Saturday

Read Hauled manure on to the lot in the for-noon cleaning up the corell. Went with Steve up to Calvin’s and to see Everell.

16 March 1884 • Sunday

Attended Sunday School and ward meeting and visited at Arnold Millers in the evening.

17 March 1884 • Monday

Went down to Stayners to see Steve. Went to post office to see Kennard and get the date of my being set apart to act as a Ward teacher, which was June 27—1880. Attended Y. M. Association in the evening, took the March 18 folks out for a ride in the ambulence.

18 March 1884 • Tuesday

Worked the water ditch for the Compton bench. Spent the evening at home writing and reading. Made a bargain with Everal that he was to have the use of Steve’s lots this season for $20.00/100 paid in advance and he is to repair the fence and have no pasturing off the lots.

19 March 1884 • Wednesday

Stormy all day. Stayed at home and read Scot. Chiefs finishing the book. wrote a letter to my father.

20 March 1884 • Thursday

Snowed all day. Stayed home and studied. Attended Seventies meeting in the evening.

21 March 1884 • Friday

Cleaned up the stables and [p. 63] studied arithmetic; read the Martyrdom of Joseph Smith, by President John Taylor, in the evening.

22 March 1884 • Saturday

Read Thomas S. Cains’ Kane’s speech (The Mormons) delivered in before the historical society of Pennsylvania Mar. 26/[1]850.

23 March 1884 • Sunday

Attended Sunday School and was to have gone to South Bountiful but received word from Leonard that there would be a seventies meeting there and it would not be necessary for us to go.

24 March 1884 • Monday

Took Alice over to Nervas in the morning. Newel Whitney came. We all went over to Nerva’s in the afternoon and stayed the evening, it being Alice Ann’s 35th birth day, we celebrated it at Nerva’s.

25 March 1884 • Tuesday

Took Steve down to Nerva’s in a wagon and also to William’s farm, put in a pain of glass and read Mormon Battallion.

26 March 1884 • Wednesday

Plowed on Compton bench. Stormed part of the day. went down to Millards and to Thos. Steed’s. visited at Ugene Robinson’s in the evening.

27 March 1884 • Thursday

Rec’d letter from Campbell. Plowed on Compton bench, took Mother over to nervas.

28 March 1884 • Friday

Visited with my father, took him, Mother and Alice Ann [p. 64] over to Nerva’s. Attended stake Priesthood meeting where I was released from the home mission and others set apart. Spent the evening at home writing and reading. The following is a copy of the letter written to Robert Campbell in answer to his letter of inquiry.

I pen the following in answer to your letter of the 26th instant.

I am twenty-three years of age, was born and raised in Farmington Davis Co. I have a wife and one child, have never been on a foreign mission. Financially, I am in poor circumstances at present, being in debt more than four-hundred dollars and paying interest on a part of the same.

I have no ready means and all the property I have is a set of harness, wagon, (both been in use more than five years) six head of horses, a cow and two calves and not quite two acres of land worth from seventy five to one-hundred dollars.

While I feel that I am poor, I do not wish to let that stand between me and my duties as a latter-day saint. That which I have is upon the altar and subject to the direction of those in authority, as is also my time and life if necessary.

Your Obedient Servant—

George F. Richards. [p. 65]

29 March 1884 • Saturday

Hauled manure part of the day and <it> stormed part of the day.

30 March 1884 • Sunday

Attended Young people Conference in Centreville.

31 March 1884 • Monday

Went up to Jno. Priece’s and down to T. B. Clarks, hauled one load of manure in the for-noon in the afternoon hauled one of manur[e] and plowed on the bench <attended Y M. Mutual last meeting of the season.>

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