May 1900

1 May 1900 • Tuesday

Light showers during the day.

Home I made trench across lawn & had Lindholm put in 15 ft of pipe & Sheet wash from which to Sprinkle lawn. Repaired hose &c.

2 May 1900 • Wednesday

Pleasant weather, some clouds but no storm. I planted potatoes, filled in trench across lawn. Made Application through H.S.G. to O.S.L. Ry for Ministerial pass. Bro F M Lyman called to see about buying some lumber.

3 May 1900 • Thursday

I went to bench farm to roll wheat but ground being too wet I brought roller home, took drill to the [p. 4] Bowen field and harrowed remainder of the day. Geo. & Joel finished plowing the upper or south 40A and Commenced the leveling. Attended Graduating class exercises evening.

<Nerva was among the graduates.>1

4 May 1900 • Friday

Weather windy & clowdy

Home I drilled lucern seed all day

5 May 1900 • Saturday

Weather threatening

Home Bro Gowans & I went to Grantsville & attended Stake Priesthood meeting & high Council meeting trial of [initials redacted] & [first and last names redacted] case. Bp’s Court decision sustained. I set apart young man Matthews to be Sec. & Treas. & aid in Stake Sunday schools.

6 May 1900 • Sunday

Weather pleasant.

Home I attended school and meeting & Circle. Confirmed & plessed [blessed] Mary Ann Dunn she having been baptized the day previous for her health.

7 May 1900 • Monday

Drilled 8 acres of lucern.

8 May 1900 • Tuesday

Surveyed land west of Town.

9 May 1900 • Wednesday

Watered the lot first of season. &c. Wrote to Nerva K.

10 May 1900 • Thursday

I sold $50 worth of lumber & Shingles worked at Larson farm Took up Stackyard posts & hung up the wire &c. The boys plowed leveled & rolled ground. Turned out Sailer & Caught up Pete & Commenced pasturing lucern pasture. Drove cows home a foot. Our baby seems feverish & ailing. Others all well. Weather windy.

11 May 1900 • Friday

Weather Stormy

Home I made ready and with Alice & the four youngest children went to Salt Lake via. Ry. Called on My Niece Lenora Smith Nelson & went to Farmington on evening O. S. Line Ry train. The occasion of our going was to See My Bro Fred before he should start on his mission to the Northern States. We met at Aunt Nervas her family, Grandma, Aunt Seney & her Joy. Staid at Nervas at night.

<Sister Nerva’s Birth day.>2

12 May 1900 • Saturday

Weather clowdy.

Farmington Had a good visit with the folks. [p. 5] In the afternoon Fred & Carlie & their oldest boy Freddy & the baby & Alice Ann came down from the north & staid at Nervas. Alice & I with our little girls staid at Aunt Maria Clark’s.

13 May 1900 • Sunday

Weather fair.

Farmington I attended Sunday school & by invitation spoke a short time to the School. Alice & I went up to Nervas after School & there met Aunt Alice Watt and Phoebe Longstroth Harris. Later in the day Aunt Lou & Dr Stephen & Russel came and we all had a good visit together. Alice & I slept at Maria Clark’s.

14 May 1900 • Monday

Weather fair.

Farmington I assisted Mother with her accounts. Asenath & Fred went to City & returned at night. Staid at Maria Clarks at night.

15 May 1900 • Tuesday

Weather fair.

Farmington Alice & I visited with Sister Wealthy Clark in forenoon. Went up to Nerva’s in afternoon. Assisted Mother in her accounts and made a statement of same a copy for each of Mother’s children. Had Mother with concurrence of her children (Stephen not present) indorse all notes, Stocks certificates &c to prevent the necessity for administrating on same after her death. I was by Mother made custodian of all her papers & records of value.

Towards evening I administered to my brother Fred & his wife Carrie Patriarchal blessings also to Bro Lemuel Rogers of Fielding who was going on a mission also to Northern States. [p. 6]

16 May 1900 • Wednesday

Weather clowdy, light rain.

Farmington I went to City with Fred and Carrie. Accompanied Fred to Prest.’s Office where he got his ticket to Chicago, also to Temple annex where he with Lemuel Rogers & others were instructed and set apart. Instructions given by Apostle Lund, Jos. W. McMurrin & J. G. Kimball. Fred was set apart by Seymour B Young J W McMurrin assisting. I assisted the two last named brethren in administering to a little boy for his hearing he having become almost deaf as a result of Scarlet fever. We returned to salt Lake in evening after attending to business in City. I went up to Doctor Heber’s with him to See his father’s painting and got him to make inquiry of its author Bro Hayword Harwood as to what he would paint a duplicate for to put in the Salt Lake Temple. Mother being desirous to have it done.

17 May 1900 • Thursday

Weather fine.

Farmington I administered a Patriarchal blessing unto My nephew F. W. R. Jr. I accompanied Fred to City & Saw him off on the D. & R.G. Ry train which should have left depot at 8:05 but was more than a half hour late. Asenath went down with us and we were met at depot by Roscoe Grover & driven around by Sister Sarah’s & then to Depot. Stephen & his son Gill met us at D. & R.G. depot & saw Fred off. Letter from home. I went with Asenath to Sarahs and spent the evening and went to Farmington on the train arriving in Farmington at 11:15 P.M. Staid at Maria Clark’s Alice being there. Joseph clark on the Bear River ranch.

Our baby was sick at night. [p. 7]

18 May 1900 • Friday

Weather fine.

Farmington Alice & I spent the day and night at Nerva’s. I visited my Bro. Ezra for about two hours. Administered to my mother in the evening Our baby has cold but is better than in the preceeding night.

19 May 1900 • Saturday

Weather pleasant.

Farmington Alice & I & little girls went to city on morning train. Alice & little girls attended Mothers congress meetings.

I attended to Some business, Bought truck wagon &c Went down to Sugar house in afternoon & visited with Willard & Stephens family. Alice came down in evening & brought with her Mary Craner Dunn whom she had met at depot & brought down to See the doctor. We Staid at Stephens at night.

20 May 1900 • Sunday

Weather pleasant.

Sugar House Visited folks all day & did not get up town. Dr Stephen took me with horse & cart down as far as Calders race course where we witnessed some racing.

21 May 1900 • Monday

Weather fine

Sugar Came home on morning train. Geo. Met us & we brought up trucks & header extras with us from Station Legrand & Joel plowing. The rest of us went down to west field to See the grain & Geo & I went to the east fields

22 May 1900 • Tuesday

Weather pleasant but dry.

Home I bid on 25,000 Shingles for City Building & got to furnish half the amount at $2.60 per M. Jos Martin & I being a tie.

I hauled about 85 bu of wheat to mill & sent receipt of 65 bu to J. K A. Bevan bal payment for seed borrowed. Got borrowed lumber [p. 8] from School house where they had used it in party to raise funds for Scofield widows & orphans fund. Did some writing of letters Finished the drilling of lucern & the rolling of lucern & brought the drill home late at night. Rained a little at night.

23 May 1900 • Wednesday

Weather threatening

Home I irrigated the lot and plowed with small plow &c working in lot all day. Cut back the privet hedge.

24 May 1900 • Thursday

Weather hot & dry

Home I planted Corn at field and doctored Sailor horse for swollen shoulder.

In evening I wrote up my Journal from May 11th to date.

25 May 1900 • Friday

Weather windy.

Home I took mower & rake out to farm and cut & put up lucern on about 2 A. land. Legrand assisted me & Geo. planted corn & Joel leveled & plowed.

26 May 1900 • Saturday

Weather warm & dry, south wind.

Home Boys worked at farm & I got five horses shoed &c. Delivered to City Hall 12½ M Shingles @ $2.60 Planted corn after 4 P.M.

27 May 1900 • Sunday

Windy all day, Calm at night.

Home I took the pony team, Alice Mamie & baby accompanied me & we went to St. John Staid at Sister Burridges where we met Prest. Gowans & wife & were treated right royally. Attended meeting & I occupied 45 min. on prayr & repentance Prest. Gowans spoke 25 min. We went & administered to Grandma Aurther 83 93 yrs of age & sick. Arrived home soon after 7 P.M.

28 May 1900 • Monday

Weather windy.

Home I leveled & planted corn

29 May 1900 • Tuesday

ditto3 sold lumber & finished corn planting about 20 A. Hauled load of hay from field, took basket off rack. [p. 9] In the evening I attended Wm. Glassman’s lecture on expansion.

30 May 1900 • Wednesday

Hot weather.

Home I attended to the irrigating and took the folks up to Cemetery. Attended there the Decoration Services. None of the Speakers announced for the occasion (J C DeLaMare, H. S. G. & Rev. Campbell) being present I by request made an impromptu Speech.

31 May 1900 • Thursday

Weather warm.

Home I worked in the lot in forenoon, weeded & hilled up the privet plants and in the afternoon went to City by train. Geo. took me to Station & went on to Grantsville where he left ck of $24.50 for Prest Anderson as interest & bought a blooded pig of And Benson for $2.50 I saw Dr Stephen at his office and he drove me down to Sister Sarahs where I met Mother and asenath. Staid there all night.

<Talked Gospel to Mr Ray all the way on train to City. He was an attentive listener.>4

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