November 1902

7 November 1902 • Friday

Attended to general business

8 November 1902 • Saturday

Went to Salt Lake by train Attended to business at Utah Lumber Co. also at C W & M Co and with George & Legrand went to Z.C.M.I. where we bought clothing &c on order of H J Robinson after which I went down to Sugar House and staid at Dr. Stephens Mother who has been there sick for about two weeks is gradually improving.

9 November 1902 • Sunday

At Sugar House. Spent the whole day with mother visiting.

10 November 1902 • Monday

Returned home by train. [p. 110]

11 November 1902 • Tuesday

I attended to general business Lum. & Imp. Attended Mutual in evening and lectured.

12 November 1902 • Wednesday

General work Lindsay’s theatre in evening.

13 November 1902 • Thursday

Attended to general work of the place

14 November 1902 • Friday

" " " " " "1

15 November 1902 • Saturday

" " " " " " 2 In evening I made settlement with J. W. Tate.

16 November 1902 • Sunday

I took my team and carriage and Prest. G. accompanied me to Grantsville where We attended and spoke at both School & meeting. I had exceptional liberty and spoke for 37 to 40 minutes. Returned home and attended evening meeting at Tooele.

17 November 1902 • Monday

Took Alice <Nina> & baby in buggy and all the little girls 4 walked with School and went down to greet the incoming train The first to carry passengers & freight over the wide guage [gauge] between Salt Lake & Terminus. We all rode over to Terminus & return on train. I attended to some business and assisted Jos. O Dunn in administering to his wife. Joel hauling lumber.

<Car of lumber Came out on first train.>3

18 November 1902 • Tuesday

Attended to General work. Traded Studebaker for Bain 3” wagon with Mr. Jackson. Joel & Sid Isgreen unloading car of lumber.

Nerva and Ruby ailing I administered to them before going to bed. Both rested well and better in the Morning. Wind blew hard all night.

19 November 1902 • Wednesday

Commenced snowing about 8 A.M. and continued all day. We unloaded lumber and Jo[e]l & Sid hauled a four horse load from Station. I wrote letters, posted accounts, wrote up Journal &c.

Preparations being made for Nerva’s marriage with Geo. L. Tate.

25 November 1902 • Tuesday4

Our daughter Alice Minerva and her intended husband accompanied by his mother Myself & wife, Sarah & baby went in to City on O.S.L. Ry. Wide guage [gauge] Our first trip on wide guage between Salt Lake & Tooele The first train having run [p. 111] from Salt Lake to Terminus Monday Nov. 7 <1902> By invitation we all went down to Dr Stephens & spent the evening. Mother & Sister Alice Ann were there. Alice Nerva & I with Sarah & baby Staid at Dr Stephens over night.

26 November 1902 • Wednesday

Weather pleasant.

Sugar House We went up to temple arriving there about 8 A.M. Met Geo. L & Sister Tate. I employed two men & one woman in temple work. and having one woman endowed of the three couples Alice & I were sealed for the three Couples. Nerva was married by Jno. Winder. We got out of temple about 3:30 P.M. Did some trading and went back to Dr Stephens where we were served with a nice supper turkey &c.

27 November 1902 • Thursday

Thanksgivings day. We all returned home and in evening after 5 P.M. had a nice reception. Those of our folks who came out were J H Robinson & wife, George & Pearl Robinson Alice Richards and Rhoda Knowlton besides our boys Geo & Legrand A most enjoyable time was had by all so far as known. The newly wedded couple received many nice & some valuable presents. I gave them a 15 lb. feather bead [bed] best feathers.

28 November 1902 • Friday

Straightened up, took borrowed dishes tables, chairs &c home. Some of the folks returned home.

29 November 1902 • Saturday

Our Quarterly conference convened at Tooele. J H Smith of Apostles & Rulen S. Wells were present. Had good meetings. Had a number of people here to meals & several to sleep.

30 November 1902 • Sunday

Conference continued. I spoke in School. Offered closing prayr of Conference.

In evening I took my team & Bro J. H. S. and went over to Lake View where we [p. 112] attended to the dedicating of their New Meeting house after Dedicatory prayr by Elder Smith I spoke about 30 minutes followed by Bro Smith. Returned home after meeting Bro. Wells attended evening meeting here.