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February 1884

1 February 1884 • Friday1

Settled tithing. chored about during the day and attended the Young Ladies’ Concert in the evening.

2 February 1884 • Saturday

Took Alice & children to S. L. City. [p. 57]

3 February 1884 • Sunday

Was ordained a Seventy by Seymour B. Young in the Farmington Vestry after being sustained by the vote of the people of the Ward.

Wrote a piece for the Young Mens’ Moniter

4 February 1884 • Monday

Chored about home, put a notice up on Steve’s lot for sale. Attended Y. M. Association in the evening and High Council in the which T. J. Brandon was cut off the Church.

5 February 1884 • Tuesday

Stormed. Staid at home and studdied Attended Bp’s. Court in the Vestry. T. Workman and I were called as teachers to try to settle the matter which was existing between Bro Terman and A. S. Rose which was done satisfactorally Court adjourned.

6 February 1884 • Wednesday

East wind staid at home studying Arithmetic. Visited at Jacob Millers in the evening.

7 February 1884 • Thursday

Attended Fast meeting, went to the mill and to depot. Attended <56th Quo. of> Seventies meeting in the evening. Was accepted as a member of the 56th Quorum of Seventies on the recommend of Bp. Secrist.

8 February 1884 • Friday

Started on the range, went as far as Secrist’s and turned back. Worked examples in Algebra and arithmetic.

9 February 1884 • Saturday

Read the Contributor, went to the mill and got a grist [p. 58]

10 February 1884 • Sunday

Attended Sunday-school, Ward meeting, and Elder’s Quoram.

11 February 1884 • Monday

Read the Contributor’s and attended Y M. M. in the Rock School-house.

12 February 1884 • Tuesday

Fred started on the range for my colts. I built a shed for the calves and filled up tholes in the stable. was sick at night.

13 February 1884 • Wednesday

Took Alice over to Nervas and then down to J. E. Robinson’s in a sleigh. Also took Sarah and Riar Robinson down, helped Morris Iles load hay Sold him two loads for a 2 yr. old heifer. Spent the evening and took supper at J. E. Robinsons.

14 February 1884 • Thursday

Went on the range in the sleigh after Fred and the colts. braught back the Bell colt. attended seventies meeting in the evening and took Nerva and Frank home in the sleigh after meeting.

15 February 1884 • Friday

Took Alice and Nannie over to Nerva’s, hauled Laura 1400 lbs. coal and 3,000 lbs for us. Spent the evening at home.

16 February 1884 • Saturday

Took the folks out sleighing chored about and attended Teachers Quorum meeting in the evening.

17 February 1884 • Sunday

Attended Sunday school and meeting and read Persecution of the Saints.

18 February 1884 • Monday

Read Persecution of the Saints [p. 59] and arithmetic. attended Y.M. Association. Went down to E. B. Clarks after meeting to see Myron & Wife whose who had lost their little girl.

19 February 1884 • Tuesday

Was at Ed. Clarks part of the day and down to Robinsons an hour or two.

20 February 1884 • Wednesday

Attended The funeral of Myron’s little girl and went down to Stayners to get my geneology.

21 February 1884 • Thursday

Wrote up my geneology. Went to see Jacob Miller about Geneologg [Genealogy] Went with W. V. Haight to visit some of the Seventies. Attended Seventies Meeting in the evening.

22 February 1884 • Friday

Attended S. J. Robinson’s. School

23 February 1884 • Saturday

Did my choring about in the fornoon and went to the depot for Joel & Seney in the after noon. Took Alice, Alice Ann, and Nannie and afterward took them over to Nerva’s. Parched corn in the evening.

24 February 1884 • Sunday

Went with T. Leonard as missionaries to Centreville Spent the afternoon and evening at home reading Scottish Chieves [Chiefs].

25 February 1884 • Monday

<Gave Mary T Richards note for $50 00/100 for use of her meadow> Took Joel and Seney also Alice ann to the depot. Worked on the ditch culvert and bridge in the afternoon self. Fred & team hauling <10 lbs.> sand

Attended Y.M.M.I. Assotiation in the evening. [p. 60]

26 February 1884 • Tuesday

Stormed all day blowing from east. Read Robinson Cruso & Scottish Chiefs. Steve came from N. Y. went to the depot with him after his things and visited with him at Stayners.

27 February 1884 • Wednesday

Hauled manure till 3 o’clock P.M. and went to the depot twice to meet Alice Ann. Took Mother, Steve & Nerva over to, Nerva’s and took " " "2 Fred down in the field in a wagon Had a teacher’s investigation in the evening difficulty between T. B. Clark and W O. Mayfield. Frank, Nerva, Steve & Lou spent the evening here.

28 February 1884 • Thursday

Spent the day till about 4 o’clock visiting as a Ward teacher with H. W. Miller. Reconfirmed Louise Earl Walker and assisted O. L. Robinson to reconfirm Franklin Walker members of the Church of Jesus Christ in The Thos. Smith pasture. Attended Seventies meeting in the evening. Read two chapters in Scot. Chief’s. Fredricks mare jumped on the picket gate an[d] had to be killed.

29 February 1884 • Friday

Took Mother and Steve to the depot for S. L. C. bound. Hauled sand and attended Priesthood meeting, and spent the evening at home.

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