Discourses of George F. Richards

Over the course of his ministry, George F. Richards delivered hundreds of discourses in various settings, including ward meetings and stake and mission conferences. As an apostle he spoke eighty-six times in general conference, with his first talk taking place in October 1906 and his last in April 1950.

The table below links to each of George F. Richards’s discourses in general conference. The summaries listed are taken from the summaries and headings of the published discourses as found in the original general conference reports. Audio recordings are also available for most of the sermons beginning in April 1938.

7 Oct. 1906The Gospel a perfect plan of salvation, when its precepts are obeyed. — A perfect condition made possible in this life by obedience to Gospel laws. — Evil-doing denounced.
5 Apr. 1907Great extent of information concerning purposes of God. — Testimony obtained by obedience. — The Church encourages acquisition of intelligence. — Intelligent obedience only is desired. — Integrity of the Saints.
5 Oct. 1907Progress and glorious destiny of the Church. — Earnestness and zeal of the Saints and missionaries. — Divine assurance that the Church will continue. — The Saints should rejoice, and feel encouraged.
5 Apr. 1908No perfect building can be erected from a variety of plans. — One perfect plan of salvation devised by the Great Architect. — “Mormonism” includes God's plan of salvation, the greatest thing in the world. — “Mormonism” is built upon the immovable rock of revelation.
4 Oct. 1908Divine inspiration manifest in discovery of this land, and establishment of its government. — Saints should live up to the light and knowledge they have received. — Good works the only sure evidence of faith. — Church members blessed with wise, faithful, and diligent teachers.
5 Oct. 1908Temporal and spiritual welfare enhanced, by observing Word of Wisdom. — Love to do God's will should be the incentive to obedience. — The Savior's great example of loving obedience. — Splendid record in some wards and stakes.
4 Apr. 1909God's Kingdom on earth to unite with the Heavenly Kingdom. — Conditions essential to admission into the Kingdom. — Faithful Saints sustained by the Holy Spirit. — Evil is overcome by resistance.
5 Apr. 1909The law of tithing a temporary substitute for consecration. — Faithful observance of this lower law absolutely essential. — Attitude of those who do not pay full tithing. — Good reasons for regular and prompt payment.
4 Oct. 1909Unity among all the Presiding Quorums. — Prophecies fulfilled. — Responsibility resting upon the Saints. — Elders laboring under Divine appointment. — Work at home: conversions among the Gentiles. — Duty of the Priesthood Quorums. — Work enough for all.
4 Apr. 1910Responsibility of parents for conduct of children. — Evil effects of reading pernicious literature. — Importance of Church School education and influence. — Benefits of practical training in Religion Classes.
7 Oct. 1910The immense attendance at Conference evinces devotion to religion. — President Smith's example of faithfulness. Failure to live by law not evidence against its divinity. — To acquire true knowledge there must be no prejudice.
7 Apr. 1911Episcopal Bishop D. S. Tuttle's tribute to the “Mormons.” — Personal testimony concerning integrity of Church authorities. — The Church should not be judged by actions of some wayward members.
7 Oct. 1911Sacrifice made willingly for the Gospel's sake. — Hymns sung in L.D.S. meetings should express true sentiments. — Musical ability a God-given talent to be used.
6 Apr. 1912Profound reverence for Jesus Christ and His mission — Resemblances in the life of the Savior and Joseph Smith — Unimpeachable evidences of the truthfulness of Joseph Smith's claims.
6 Apr. 1913Obedience a heavenly and eternal principle. — Essentials to salvation. — The Redeemer a perfect exemplar of obedience. — Duties to be learned, and diligently fulfilled.
5 Oct. 1913Free agency of man a Divine law — The latter-day Gospel, the old Gospel restored — The Priesthood also restored — “Mormonism” the greatest organization on earth.
5 Apr. 1914The Gospel again revealed, the same in all ages — The Bible a “measuring stick” — The fruits of “Mormonism” prove its divinity — The Gospel manifests the mercy and justice of God — New revelation confirmed by the old Scriptures — The glorious principle of salvation for the dead.
4 Oct. 1914Unity of the Saints in prayer for peace — Inspiring effect of knowledge that we are God's children — The mission of Jesus, our Elder Brother — Encouragement to subject ourselves to Gospel laws — Faith increased by studying Scriptures — Advantages of obedience to every principle of truth.
5 Oct. 1914Peace and happiness result of keeping God's laws — Church leaders made sorrowful when members sin.
4 Apr. 1915Faith of Saints manifest by very large attendance at Conference — Vital importance of religion — Compliance with Gospel ordinances repugnant to the worldly — All the truth of all religions embraced in “Mormonism” — God's mercy and justice evidenced in plan of salvation for the dead.
6 Apr. 1915Faithful continuance in righteous living essential to salvation — Obedience to the law of tithing enjoined — Need for missionary work among the Saints at home.
3 Oct. 1915Individual responsibility an essential characteristic in welfare of the Church — Aggregate of “little things” immensely valuable — Prayer one of the most important of “little things” — All Church duties, though humble, are important.
7 Apr. 1916Meaning of immortality — Eternal life is salvation and glorification of the soul — Man's futile substitute for God's plan — Disbelief in Christ's atonement hinders salvation — The principles and ordinances of the Gospel must be obeyed.
9 Apr. 1916Convincing character of testimony borne by the Saints — Man should follow Nature's example of obedience to law.
3 Oct. 1919The situation in the British Mission. — The Great War. — The Utah and Idaho soldiers in England. — Burying ground of American soldiers. — The hand of God in the victory for the Allies. — Gospel door to the nations will be opened as result of the war. — The League of Nations, God’s way to peace.
5 Oct. 1919The League of Nations — The gospel of Jesus Christ
(This is an editorial summary; no summary or headings exist in the original conference report.)
6 Apr. 1920Our anniversary celebration impressive and glorious. — Significance of Joseph’s Great Vision. — The accomplishments of Joseph an evidence of the divinity of his calling.
9 Oct. 1920God’s purpose in creation — Love, sacrifice, and service — Let us be both hearers and doers of the word — How we may assist the Lord in His purpose — What constitutes the straight and narrow way? — Get somebody else
10 Oct. 1920Endorsement of the previous speakers — The purpose of instruction — In commendation of the Saints
3 Apr. 1921Evidences of the faithfulness of the Saints. — Caring for the fatherless, and keeping ourselves unspotted from the world. — Serious consequences of the sin of neglect. — Our duty to feed the spirit as well as the body. — Now is our opportunity to bless both the living and the dead.
9 Oct. 1921The nobility of our ancestry and birth. — The purpose of our being. — Jesus Christ our great captain. — Willingness of the Saints to work. — The wonderful achievements made.
7 Apr. 1922We carry our religion into our daily work — Why the Saints are successful pioneers — Our religion a positive religion — Need of profiting by the experience of others — The message of the Latter-Day Saints
7 Oct. 1922Disregard for law the cause of the downfall of nations — Need of living righteous lives — Close relationship between man and the earth, the Church and the nation — A duty in selecting loyal officers and sustaining them — We believe in honoring and sustaining the law
8 Apr. 1923The Latter-Day Saints are well taught — By works and not by faith only are we justified — Too much dead faith in the Church — Need of doing the things we know
6 Oct. 1923A phase of the angel Moroni’s message. — Scripture bearing on the subject. — The interpretation. — Responsibility upon the person, the Church and the world. — The spirit of Elijah. — Importance of temple work. — An opportunity to work at home.
4 Apr. 1924Conditions made known by statistics — Large number of unmarried in the Church — Why is this condition? — Forbidding to marry, a doctrine of devils — Exemplars to the world — Two kinds of marriages—authority — Marriage for eternity — Temple and civil marriages in the Church contrasted — People of one religious faith should marry — We want our people to marry
3 Oct. 1924The gospel of Christ originated in heaven — The restoration of the gospel — Our responsibility to preach the gospel — Many lack courage to join the Church — Qualifications for becoming a member of the Church — The speaker’s testimony
5 Apr. 1925In harmony with the spirit of the conference — Love of God the first great commandment — Love of fellowmen the second great commandment — The example of Paul — Impressed with the great numbers of the Saints — Temple work the past year—its importance — An evidence of the faith and devotion of the Saints — As to matters financial
4 Oct. 1925The Saints have the courage of their convictions — The danger of losing salvation — The standard of worthiness — An individual testimony — Our accepted principles eternal
6 Apr. 1926Prayer is of great benefit — The Spirit of God, the soul of the Church — The Spirit comes to those who are willing — Praise the Lord in prayer for opportunity and blessings — Other ways than prayer to manifest appreciation — Testimony
4 Oct. 1926Eternal life and celestial glory — How to get faith, the moving cause of action — An appeal pertaining to faith and religion — Concerning Joseph Smith the Prophet — Thankful for the heritage that has come to us — Joseph Smith’s works proclaim him a prophet of God
4 Apr. 1927The work and the glory of the Lord — The gospel to be taught — Testimonies have strengthened faith — Further concerning testimony — The Lord has raised up witnesses to testify — Their testimonies will stand against the world — Monument to the Three Witnesses and their testimony — Book of Mormon testifies of the witnesses — The testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith
9 Oct. 1927Salvation an important question — Why so many creeds? — Repentance necessary — Our mission to make plain the way of salvation — Testimony
6 Apr. 1928Practical value of scouting — God to raise up a man whose name was Joseph — Evidence of truth of the gospel — Witnesses to testify — Testimony of Book of Mormon witnesses — Testimonies that Joseph Smith was a true prophet — Prophet’s story must be true — A falling away before a restoration — Keys of the priesthood restored — Foreseeing of restoration proof of falling away — John’s vision completely fulfilled — Not all accomplished at once — Heber J. Grant a prophet of God
6 Oct. 1928The need of revelation — “A marvelous work and a wonder” — Appreciative of light and knowledge — Chosen before birth for special mission — Serve the Lord
7 Apr. 1929The conference pamphlet — The importance of tithe-paying — Gems of information — “A marvelous work and a wonder” — Appreciation of blessings — Diligence and faithfulness urged
4 Oct. 1929The works of God — Tempted of Satan — Man to have free agency — Satan’s designs and purposes — A warning to the Latter-Day Saints — A sure and safe lead — Triumph of God’s work assured
7 Apr. 1930Meaning of immortality — The plan of salvation — Early persecutions — Sacrifices required in the gospel — Preaching the gospel for a century — Experience same as in former days — Meaning of salvation — The Prophet Joseph’s inspired words
4 Oct. 1930Gratitude for blessings of Lord — Testimony regarding this work — Not accepted in their own day — The faith of our fathers — Our obligation — Pertaining to our kindred dead — Serving a two-fold purpose — According to our knowledge — Our responsibility to teach others
4 Apr. 1931Men of God — Seeking salvation — A strong argument — War in heaven — The will of the Father — Other reasons for observing Word of Wisdom
4 Oct. 1931Moroni’s exhortation — The revealed word of God — Men of God — The office of the Holy Ghost — A marvelous manifestation — Our responsibility — Immortal beings — Contrary to sectarian belief — Gospel truths revealed anew — Marriage for eternity — Other requirements
8 Apr. 1932Integrity of stake workers — Need for improvement — Satisfaction in being right — Discharging our responsibility — Sacrifice brings blessings — Local Saints as missionaries
8 Oct. 1932One way of relieving distress — Through failure to observe counsel — From a small beginning — Fasting and offerings closely associated — Fasting and offerings established —If strictly observed — An obligation upon all — In regard to tithing — Doers of the word
7 Apr. 1933Pre-existence not understood — A spiritual creation — War in heaven — Our relationship to God — The pre-existence of Christ — First-born and Creator of heaven and earth — Love of God and fellow men — One individual from beginning to end — Before the world was — The author of salvation — The plan of salvation — God at the helm
8 Oct. 1933For the accomplishment of God’s work — Work not retarded — The work of God — For the salvation of man — Our responsibility — A second obligation — Meeting the emergency — Work for the dead — A gospel of service
6 Oct. 1934Inspired appointments — Thankful for restored health — The gospel—what it is — Must be taught the law — Must be born again — The only true mode of baptism — By one having authority — Conditions prescribed — “Judged according to men in the flesh” — A vicarious work — Saving our dead
7 Apr. 1935Rejoices in blessings of the conference — Under the curse — Has love for the Latter-Day Saints — Have not forgotten God — Expresses love for mankind — Must hear the gospel — In behalf of the dead — Love of God and fellow men
4 Oct. 1935Evidences of faithfulness and devotion — The Lord’s purpose — Our Captain’s platform of principles — The will of the Lord — God’s mouthpiece unto us — Consistent and conscientious action
6 Apr. 1936“Doers of the word, not hearers only” — An example of loyalty and faithfulness — Our indebtedness to the Lord — Working for the Lord — We are here for a specific purpose — For the salvation of men — A fulness of joy — Happiness through obedience to God’s word
3 Oct. 1936Appreciation for blessings — Certainty came with vision of Father and Son — The gospel not always accepted — Belief in God as a personal being — Need for new revelation — Fulness of gospel revealed — First principles of the gospel — Going on to perfection
6 Apr. 1937Bears testimony — Living for our faith — A life of intense suffering — Christ’s mental anguish — He died for redemption of all — To avoid the judgments
1 Oct. 1937Testimony — Gospel the power of God unto salvation — Responsibility toward others
3 Apr. 1938A faithful people — Purpose of life — The gospel the law for all mankind — Our religion a positive one
8 Oct. 1938Fruits are evidence of the work of the Lord — Testimony as to divinity of latter-day work — Leaders of Church have carried on the work — Christ’s part in the rebellion in heaven — The Word of Wisdom given as the will of God
7 Apr. 1939Plans made in councils of heaven — Punishment of those not valiant — Consequences of rejecting the gospel — The hope of reward — Object lessons from the past
8 Oct. 1939Testimony of the truth of the latter-day work — Safety in keeping the commandments of God — Purpose of life on earth — The Spirit of God unfolds meaning of the scriptures — The work for the dead important — Redemption through Jesus Christ — Love shown by service
5 Apr. 1940An appeal to the indifferent — The Savior’s mission — The Word of Wisdom — Tithes and offerings — Chosen ones — A higher law introduced — The meaning of a hymn — Joy in doing right
5 Oct. 1940Faithful Latter-Day Saints commended — Internal and external evidences of the gospel — The companionship of the Holy Ghost — Men known by their fruits — The prophet Isaiah quoted — The prophecy fulfilled — Organizations perfected — Development of Church under present administration — Duty of membership of the Church
6 Apr. 1941A manifestation of interest — Joy in the ministry — Revelation brought true knowledge of God — One Father of the spirits of men — The greatest gift — Sacrifice rewarded
3 Oct. 1941A war fought for a principle — Temple marriage a great blessing — Blessings to be sought through worthiness — Neglect of opportunities brings regret
4 Apr. 1942The gift of the Holy Ghost — Baptism for the dead — Turning the hearts of the fathers to the children — Employing others to assist with temple work
(This is an editorial summary; no summary or headings exist in the original conference report.)
3 Oct. 1942“Born of the water and of the Spirit” — The privileges of the Melchizedek Priesthood
(This is an editorial summary; no summary or headings exist in the original conference report.)
5 Apr. 1943Sacred Covenants — The Council in Heaven — Effects of War Upon the Church — Suggestion for Carrying on Missionary Work — Local Missionary Labors During World War I — Conversions in Stakes — The Purposes of the Lord to Be Accomplished
2 Oct. 1943The Importance of the Priesthood in the Church — Obligation Resting Upon the Priesthood — Opportunities Neglected — Covenants Entered Into Are Sacred — Seeking After the Negligent
6 Apr. 1944Service the Manifestation of Love — Missionary Work of Great Importance — Our Responsibility to Serve — A Strong Testimony
7 Oct. 1944True Friendliness — The Requirements of the Gospel — Testimony of the Truth Comes Through Revelation — The Power of the Holy Ghost — The Need for A Teacher — A Sincere Testimony
8 Apr. 1945Covenants Entered Into By Church Members — Considering, the Consequences of Our Actions — Our Duty to Our Dead — A Testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel
5 Oct. 1945Expressions of Gratitude — Tithing a Test of Faithfulness — The Word of the Lord — A Just Law — Quotations from Many Sources — Latter-day Teachings as to Tithing
6 Apr. 1946Anniversary of Organization of Church — Persecution, a Heritage of the Saints — Two Major Powers in Operation — Born of Water and of the Spirit — Holy Ghost Operates for Salvation of Man — Effectiveness of the Atonement — “Go On Unto Perfection”
6 Oct. 1946The Great Commandment — God So Loved the World — Love Would Solve Present Day Problems — Meaning of Love Revealed Through Dream — Obligation to Love Our Enemies — Faithfulness Commended
4 Apr. 1947Many Opportunities for Work in the Church — Bearing False Witness Comes From the Evil One — Satan’s Plan To Hinder God’s Work — The Way To Happiness — Bearing False Witness a Grave Offense — A Plea For Those Who Err
4 Oct. 1947Gospel Answers Important Questions — Obedience Brings Order and Beauty — The Influence of Religion — Punishment of the Wicked — Gospel Preached to Spirits in Prison — Second Coming of the Savior — Testimony
4 Apr. 1948A Gospel of Sacrifice — The Law of the Tithe — An Accounting of Stewardship — Our Indebtedness to God — Accomplishments of Church — Obedience Brings Blessings — A Worthy Cause
1 Oct. 1948Evidences of God’s Existence — Joseph Smith’s First Vision — Truth Concerning God Revealed — Evil Power of Satan — Joseph Smith Chosen for His Work — Need of New Revelation — Personality of God
2 Oct. 1949Love of God — Work of Christ Traced — Physical Appearance of Christ — Parallel in Lives of Savior and Joseph Smith — Personal Testimony
6 Apr. 1950Man’s Salvation — Adult Members of Aaronic Priesthood — Importance of Priesthood — Eternal Marriage — Rules in Temple Work — Loss Through Neglect — Loss Through Unworthiness — Missionary Work