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October 1891

1 October 1891 • Thursday

Tooele Weather Stormy. 7 in of snow. When I got up in the morning the trees were weighed down with snow and many [p. 180] were broken. I shook the young Poplars and relieved them of their snow. I made out my September Statement and Ranch Report. Wrote to A.F. Doremus and had a call from President Gowans on business to Cash Water Co. Warrants I being Treasurer of the Company. John Mercer & Homer Huff called to see me on business requesting me to act as an Arbitrator for him in a case of difficulty existing between their Mother and D. T. Hedges Methodist Minister. In the evening I had another call from Mercer and Huff and wrote up my Journal from the 28th Ultimo. Wrote letters &c. At evening the weather was cloudy but not storming.

I attended Fast and Meeting and Spoke and was mouth in Consecrating the Oil.1


Tear down the wall of Fortifycation against evil and the Captor will take you unawares. The strongest fortifycations are Humility, prayr and the faithful discharge of every duty.

2 October 1891 • Friday

Tooele Weather stormy.

I issued bills to parties owing the Ranch. [p. 181] I attended to some business at the Court House Paid my County and City Taxes called in Priesthood meeting late and was mouth in offering the benediction. Sold a load of hay to William Gillespie and loaned him our team and wagon to deliver it. Hauled hay into stable for Vick and picked grapes to take to Salt Lake to Abram. Received from the County for three months Salery as Treasurer $75.00 and for examining Teachers $20.00. I also received from F K. Lougy intrest on his note of $100.00 $5.00 making my receipts of this day even one hundred dollars. In the evening I wrote in my Journal and read the paper and Juvenile

3 October 1891 • Saturday

Tooele Weather pleasant but cool in the morning. There was frost in the ground to a depth of one half or 3/4 inch depth. I picked and boxed up about a bushel of grapes to take to Salt Lake to Abram. I repaired fence, did some shopping, Attended to some business at the Court House. [p. 182] I plowed in South field among the Sages in the afternoon and then hitched on the buggy and went and engaged Frank Horman to do the chors and work on the Ranch while I go to Salt Lake City to Attend the Conference and the Fair. Called at Geo. Craners and got a can of honey. In the evening I cleaned shoes, tended baby, Shaved, bathed and wrote in my Journal. Sold baled hay to Jos. Kirk

Our children all have a cough which I believe to be a species of whooping cough. Nerva has high fever, aches and Cold which symptoms are much the same as Typhoid. I administered to her in the afternoon and again in the evening after She had been bathed and rubbed with oil.

4 October 1891 • Sunday

Tooele Weather fine.

I went in to Salt Lake City on the Special 8:18 A.M. train and from the Depot went directly to the Conference in Large Tabernacle. Henry Doremus met at Depot and got a box of Grapes I [p. 183] Took in. I attended two meetings during the day and Priesthood meeting during the evening. Staid all night at Abrams. Met Mother, Seney & Nerva in Town.

5 October 1891 • Monday

Salt Lake Tooele Weather fine

I attended two Conference meetings and in the evening I attended the Theatre with Seney, Fred, May Dunn, Joel F & others. Saw Aunt Alice and others named. Sat to have my photo with Prest’s Gowans and Anderson.

6 October 1891 • Tuesday

Salt Lake Weather continues fine.

I attended two conference meetings, telephoned to Alice at Tooele and did some trading Took Mother down to Steves & Willards in Sugar House Ward where we staid all night sleeping at Willards.

7 October 1891 • Wednesday

Salt Lake Weather fine.

I took breakfast at Steves and went up Town and attended a meeting of the Presidents of Stakes, Bishops & their Councelers. in the 18th Ward Chappel. Went to the fair at 2 P.M. with Mother Fred and Seney. [p. 184] visited with Sarah and Polly in the evening and slept at Sarahs.

8 October 1891 • Thursday

Salt Lake Weather fine

I left Sarahs before the folks were up for home. Alice met me at Tooele Switch. Had a pleasant ride Prest Gowans & Apostle Lyman and many other friends were aboard. Paid Frank Horman $6.50 for working in my absence. I loaned Peter A. Droubay for Mother $500.00 and took water Stock as security. Attended to Some business for the County. Did some writing &c.

9 October 1891 • Friday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I hitched up the team on the buggy after breakfast and with Alice & children in went and saw Geo. A. Remington and engaged him to make the remainder of our apples into vinegar. I also saw Ekenstam about digging up the trees in Donaldson lots. I attended to some business at Court house and did some plowing. Wrote letters &c. [p. 185]

10 October 1891 • Saturday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I plowed in South field, hauled hay from north yards’ mangers and Vick’s manger into South yards to cattle. I attended the Teachers institute at Tooele in the afternoon. Called in Court House and at Store. In the evening I revised and corrected Statistical Report for the schools, wrote to Abram &c.

11 October 1891 • Sunday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I did the regular chores in the morning, shaved bathed and went to Sunday School. Offered the opening prayr and taught A. J. Stookey’s class of young Ladies in Book of Mormon Partook of the Sacrament and was introducted to one Bro. Johnson from Mexico a Son-in-Law of James Bevans. After School I ate some grapes from the frozen vines and then wrote in my Journal for Friday and until the present. I attended afternoon meeting where the Sacrament was passed, Robert Skelton offered the opening prayr. The speakers were Orson Bates, C R McBride and Prest. H. S. [p. 186] Gowans. I offered the Benediction. Talked with Thomas DeLaMar on my way home about loaning him $500.00 Sunday evening meetings commence with this evening the Young Men & Ladies Presiding. I remained at home Estella went to meeting.

12 October 1891 • Monday

Tooele Weather continues fine.

I commenced plowing in South field in the morning and continued until about 9:30 A.M. when by request of the Huffs that I act as Arbitrator in the Hedges, Huff trouble, I hired Oren Skelton to take my place at the plow while I attended to that Trouble matter. I met Mr. James Stewart at the Court House at 10 A.M. where we made a fire, provided writing materials and made out an agreement and had D T Hedges & wife and Mrs. Huff & son Willard sign agreeing to abide by the decision of the Arbitrators. Henry Marshall having been chosen by us as the third Arbitrator and approved by both contending parties was sent for and brought. An adjournment [p. 187] was taken until 1 P.M. when the Arbitrators and Mr. Hedges and Mrs. Huff & Son Willard met and continued in session until dark when the evidence being all in the contending parties were excused and an adjournment was taken for one hour when the Arbitrators met at the Court house and worked harmoniously considering the evidence adduced and when adjourned at 12 Midnight an understanding had been reached and it was allotted to me to make out the Decision or Award in Duplicate next day to be considered next evening when the Arbitrators were to meet again to complete the business. Henry Marshall took dinner with me.

13 October 1891 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather continues fine.

I picked apples in the forenoon Alice helping me. In the afternoon I had Thomas Horman plowing while I worked on Arbitration papers for which I paid him $1.00 In the evening I presented the papers to [p. 188] the other Arbitrators and were approved with one clause added They were signed and turned over to Henry Marshall sor [for?] delivery with bill of expense of Arbitrating to collect.

14 October 1891 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather fine.

I went with Estella down to Dr. Davisis to have her teeth pulled but when there could not persuade her to have them out. I signed contract with D.F Hedges for the use of the M.E. Church Chappel in which to teach school for the present school year. I loaned Moroni Tanner $25.00 for until Feb 1st 1892 and Mrs. Bost $10.00 indefinitiely. Sent $50.00 Ck by mail to the Sugar Co. for 5 shares of stock. Picked apples and pitted up 25 bu in all for winter. Picked grapes to press. Alice helped me in picking apples and grapes.

In the evening I wrote in my Journal from Sunday noon until now. The children have colds and cough which we believe to be Whooping cough. We are doctering them for Whooping cough. Others well.

We all are prosperous and happy. [p. 189]

15 October 1891 • Thursday

Tooele Weather fine. Shower in eve I pressed grapes in the morning, hauled old materials from bridge across the Barrington ditch in South Street and piled them in yard and commenced plowing East and West in South field Plowed about an acre. Put a new point on the plow to start with in the morning. In the evening I wrote and read from the News. Wrote a letter to Mother at Nephi.

16 October 1891 • Friday

Tooele Weather fine.

I plowed in South field all day. Had James St Clair pulling sages. I was waited upon by Mayor S. F. Lee & Counsellors Broad and Caldwell from the City Council. I gave them my certificate as Treasurer of the Water Co that the City Stock assessments in Said company are paid up in full. wrote in Book a/c and in Journal and read from the News and read to the Children from the Story of the Bible [p. 190]

17 October 1891 • Saturday

Tooele Weather fine.

I wrote letters to Godbe & Pitt about barrels and to Grant Bros., Paul & Mulloy and Mark McHemmings about pasturage. I wrote to the State Bank of Utah enclosing Dividend check of $15.00 as Savings Deposit and my check of $5.00 as Savings for my boy Georgie he having earned one half of it riding the horse on the hay fork. I plowed in South field and attended to some business at the Court House and went up the cañon horseback to look for evergreen trees. Brought two young trees home and set them out In the evening I wrote in my Journal, wrote to Abram, bathed &c.

18 October 1891 • Sunday

Tooele Weather fine.

I attended to the chores, Shaved, breakfasted and went to School at Tooele. The Sunday school Superintendency Johnson & Robinson were present and after the usual exercises, addressed the School Home Missionaries Joshua R Clark and Bro. Hunter were also present. I by request of Ass. Supt. Gee who had the School in charge, taught Alonzo J Stookey’s class of young Ladies [p. 191] in the Book of Mormon and offered the Benediction. I greased the buggy and hitched up the team and drove over to Prest. Gowans’ and got him; (Saw Nephi Errickson at Gowans’) and drove down to Batesville where we preached to the people. I spoke freely by the aid of the Spirit for 50 minutes. Returned home and after having a nice cooked supper and doing the chores, Attended the evening meeting presided over by the High Priests and by request occupied a portion of the time.

19 October 1891 • Monday

Tooele Weather delightful.

I had Thomas Horman helping me and we went up Middle Cañon with team and got fifty odd evergreens from one to eight feet in hight and after taking dinner we got the Kelsey water down and set out 26 evergreens Did the usual chores and after supper taking Georgie with me went to attend a meeting of the Lesser Priesthood but owing to the Bishop and his Counselors being Absent and but few of the Lesser Priesthood present meeting was [p. 192] postponed. In the evening I made entries in books, wrote up my Journal for two days and considered letters received this day from Abram, Mother and Nerva. Abram’s letter was in reference to continuing on the place for 8 month after the expiration of the Contract or until Oct. 1st 1892. Mother wrote from Farmington where she is visiting Nerva.

Sentiments. Wrote a reply to Abram’s letter.

When we feel least like praying, we have most need to pray. When we feel least like going to meeting, we have most need to attend. We should never let the actions of others deprive us of blessings. Example. If there is any advantage to be gained in attending meeting, no feelings existing between me and my neighbor should prevent me from receiving those advantages. Under those circumstances I need most those blessings that I may be able to humble myself sufficient to make reconciliation. If God can cheer up the bowed down, when bowed down in spirit from any cause we have most need to seek Him in prayr. [p. 193]

20 October 1891 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather fine.

Thomas Horman and I set out evergreens in the forenoon and in the after-noon we went up the cañon with team and got fifty more trees. In the morning, I made Alice a set of quilting frames. At noon I wrote to Mother at Salt Lake directed it in care of Dr. Joseph. In the evening I wrote J C. DeLaMar wrote in Journal and read the news.

21 October 1891 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather fine.

In the forenoon I had Thomas Horman helping me and we set out 50 trees evergreens. In the afternoon We went horseback up in the mountains to see a mine claim of Thos. Hormans and brought home samples arriving home at late evening.

22 October 1891 • Thursday

Tooele Weather continues fine.

Thos. Horman and I went by team and buggy into Salt Lake City and had ore assayed and found it to run about $24.00 per ton mostly Silver. 19.64 oz per ton Silver & 9 4/10 % Lead. [p. 194] While in Salt Lake I assigned over to my wife my life Assurance Policy. Deposited in a box which I rented of Zion’s Savings Bank in their Vault a number of my most valuable papers. No. of Box 18

I bought at Cunningham’s a sack of Utah made sugar @ $5.96 Got pictures of Prests. Gowans, Anderson & Richards taken in grout Oct. 6th 1891.

Returned home arriving at 10 P.M. A letter came from Abram in reference to purchase of Cities interest in the Tooele City Water Co. 65⅓ Shares. Authorizing me to do the business of purchasing of City for him.

Had Geo. Remington mowing 3d crop Lucerne.

23 October 1891 • Friday

Tooele Weather fine.

I attended to the usual morning’s work and did some writing. Attended to some business relating to the purchase of Water Co. Stock from the Tooele City by A. F. Doremus. Attended to some business at Court House and stores made some purchases at stores. Posted up [p. 195] notices on my lots for rent and in the evening attended a meeting of the City Council and attended to business there relative to sale of stock in Water Co. owned by City. Offered a Resolution formulated by A F Doremus authorizing the Mayor to sell said stock which resolution was adopted by the Council. Wrote in my Journal and wrote to Mother informing her of a chance to loan $800. for three years to James Bowden with interest at the rate of one per cent per month payable half yearly. Wrote to Steve to not purchase horse for me.

24 October 1891 • Saturday

Tooele Weather fine.

I did some choring about in forenoon and in the afternoon I went to the Depot and got 2988 lbs. coal and got from the Tithing Office Some vegetables for winter. In the evening I attended Ward Teachers Meeting and spoke there. bathed &c. [p. 196]

25 October 1891 • Sunday

Tooele Weather fine.

I shaved and attended Quarterly Conference at Tooele two meetings. Brought home to dinner Bp. Wrathall, Orson Bates, Sam’l Sr. & Jr. Wooley. After the Second meeting Prest. Gowans and Anderson came up with me and got photoes and Bro. Anderson staid to supper.

26 October 1891 • Monday

Tooele Weather fine.

I attended Stake Conference two meetings. Spoke in the forenoon. Between meetings met with the High Council and Bishops and transacted some business and after the Conference was over assisted in setting Apart Benj. L Bowen as Stake Supt. of the Young Mens Mutuals and Alvin Walters as his 2nd assistant. Went over to Prest. Gowan’s and from there He and I went down to Gollahers and administered to a little girl of Sister Bryans who got hurt by Sitting down on the end of a chair round and from there we went to Park’s and administered to Jno. Orme’s baby which [p. 197] was scalded on the neck and chest its father being on a mission. We also administered to Bro. Bank’s daughter a young Lady who was just recovering from Typhoid Pneumonia. Also consecrated a bottle of oil for them. In the evening I read from the Story of the Bible to the children and after they had gone to bed I wrote to my Bro. Fred and in my Journal and directed envelopes to Fred, Alice Ann, Nerva & Seney to whom I intend to mail each a photo of The Tooele Stake Presidency. Retired at 9:50 P.M.

27 October 1891 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather fine.

I raked and put up hay. Sold a load of hay to Thomas Horman Had three men pulling sages I received a letter from Mother with $800. to loan out for her. Sent check to Zions Bank Called at Court House and store. Wrote and read in the evening. [p. 198]

28 October 1891 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather fine.

I sold to Frank Horman two tons of hay in the field and helped load them. Attended to some business at the Court House & Store I showed McBride around our hay stacks with view to selling too him. In the evening I attended a Trustee’s meeting at Peter Cligg’s. Called at the Store before meeting for J. W. Tate. Thos. Adams & Mary McKellar were married in the evening by Prest. Gowans.

29 October 1891 • Thursday

Tooele Weather windy and threatening storm. I helped Horman Bros. load hay for St. Clair. Sold Thos. Horman a load of hay. Let Horman Bros. have Life Assurance papers. Turned Cattle in field. Loaned $800. to James Bowden for three years for Mother. Her money. In the evening I attended the mutual and after the meeting Assisted in Setting Apart the Counselors to the Association President and was mouth in Setting apart Bro Wm. Cassety as 1st Counselor to Henry Harris. Gave 1.00 to assist Bro & Sis Harris here from Colorado. [p. 199]

30 October 1891 • Friday

Tooele Weather fine but cool.

I pitched on a load of hay for Thos. Horman. Plowed part of the day. Tried to reach Abram by telephone. In the evening I wrote to Zions Bank, to Abram and to Mother. Wrote in Journal and in day books. Read from the paper.

31 October 1891 • Saturday

Tooele Weather fine.

I plowed in South field and had two men pulling Sages. In the evening I read from the Juvenile. Did some writing.

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