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March 1888

1 March 1888 • Thursday

Tooele Hauled all the barrels up to cidar cellar [p. 120] gathered up lumber, poles posts & scraps with team & wagon, hauled rock & peach tree out of Apricot orchard.

2 March 1888 • Friday

Tooele Had Elkington & Frazier at work hauling manure in the forenoon and filling well in afternoon, I plowed dirt for filling well repaired large gates at west front and bar way in east yard. Took wire off middle fence and wound it on spool.

3 March 1888 • Saturday

Repaired wagon tung, was sick in fornoon Snowed hard in afternoon.

4 March 1888 • Sunday

Tooele Took Alice & children over to Grantsville to visit with Nerva, returned same day.

5 March 1888 • Monday

Cleaned up around the yards & sorted over the rubbish &.

6 March 1888 • Tuesday

Went to Stockton making collections Saw Gillespie about dues.

7 March 1888 • Wednesday

Went over to Pine canyon to see Mr. Leaver & make collection. Rep. Shed & manger. Rec’d letter & check from Bracken for $2100. Went to see Jos. Dunn. Bought gum boots for $3.35.

8 March 1888 • Thursday

Tooele Letter from A. F. D. Geo. Little was here talking trade for sorrel mare. Cleaned up about the stack yard. &c. [p. 121]

9 March 1888 • Friday

Tooele 6 in snow in morning. Did chores, cleaned snow off stack of hay, made paths, put tung in wagon Talked with A. F. D. through telephone.

10 March 1888 • Saturday

Tooele Card From Nerva. Hauled trash from lot south of house & put in old well. cleaned up granary, sacked up oats & hauled up to stable. &c.

11 March 1888 • Sunday

Wrote letters to Seney & Seventies Quorum. read News & Book Mormon. Did the regular chores. Wrote letter to A. F. D. & card to Nerva in the evening.

12 March 1888 • Monday

Tooele Straightened up in the work shop and about it and did the regular chores. Went to see Jas. Hensen, Elkington & Frazier.

13 March 1888 • Tuesday

Tooele Went to Grantsville & got Pine Leaf & Nerva & children came over with me and staid here a couple of days before going to Farming[ton] to live Raked up rubbish in yards. &c.

14 March 1888 • Wednesday

Tooele Showed the folks about the place. Vented brand on bay horse & turned him over to Elkington & Frazer they having finished their work for him. $4000 @ $150 per day of 10 hrs. each. Repaired gates &c.

15 March 1888 • Thursday

Tooele Took Nerva [p. 122] & children to Depot, Saw Frazer about coming to work also Wm. Nelson. Made a new gate broken down by Mrs Phister’s cow.

16 March 1888 • Friday

Tooele Had Frazer at work hauling brush, sage & dirt, finished filling in well. Bolted 2 in lum. on east stable door and made a slamming peg for it. Fastened peg to Vicks window by chain wire. Took tung out of & put shaves in the buckbord, made holder for whip on buckboard. Raked up on the south of work shop & in the yard east.

17 March 1888 • Saturday

Tooele City Met A. F. D. at the terminus in Basin pasture with horse & buggy. Took Pine Leaf down and brought Doll back. Looked the place over with A. F. D.

18 March 1888 • Sunday

Drove around the place, went & saw Hensen & Dunn. Hired Dunn to do our watering and rented 7 acres of land to him. rained during the day.

19 March 1888 • Monday

Snow on the ground visited with A. F. D. and took him to Station Saw Frazer & Wm. Nelson about coming to work. Sent $22.85 To W. R. $5.00 to buy lucern seed and 1725 to pay Deuyville Co-op. Wrote Fred in evening. [p. 123]

20 March 1888 • Tuesday

Tooele Made 10 foot pole & stakes to mark the place for trees drove stakes on front side walk and up driveway to barn. Had the side walk grubbed & cleared and poles & posts hauled in from south side near front street, plowed ditch on Front side walk &c.

21 March 1888 • Wednesday

Burnt sage in Front street, plowed east of sheds Sowed Lucern seed &c. Had Frazer & Nelson at work also Jas. Dunn by piece work.

22 March 1888 • Thursday

Had Nelson, Frazer & Tanner at work by the day and Dunn & son for by contract.

Sowed lucern seed east of sheds & N.E. Corner of Apricot orchard and had it harrowed in. Took down some fence & bolted on 2 poles Drove some stakes for trees. Repaired harrow.

23 March 1888 • Friday

Tooele Had Tanner at work harrowing. I sowed Lucern seed in front west of Apricot orchard and grass in Apricot orchard & had it harrowed in,

24 March 1888 • Saturday

Tooele Stormed nearly all day. Did some writing & reading, sold hay and waited on Dun mare & vick

25 March 1888 • Sunday

Snowed all day Staid in & read, did the regular chores. [p. 124]

26 March 1888 • Monday

Tooele City Saw Mr Dunn about signing contracts, Saw Gallaher about coming to work. repaired desk put up sign or notice of hay for sale. &c.

27 March 1888 • Tuesday

Cleaned out from under sheds, put salt in all the yards, Wrote A. F. D. Saw Nelson about coming to work. waited on McCuistion with a mare &c.

28 March 1888 • Wednesday

Tooele Staked off land for trees, measured land plowed by Geo. Little. Went to see Frazer Tanner & Gallaher about coming to work. Received letters from A. F. D. & Bracken. Waited on McCuistion & Dunn with mares. Wrote to all the owners of animals in pasture notifying them to take animals out when snow is gone.

29 March 1888 • Thursday

Tooele City Had two men baling hay & 4 men at work by the day digging holes for trees, plowing, harrowing, digging up old orchard to replant with poplars. I marked off & staked for trees weighed, tagged & piled baled hay. Laid out work for men.

30 March 1888 • Friday

Staked off for trees, Had 4 men digging holes for trees, one harrowing lucern. I laid off the east boundry for posts. Sowed lucern seed in N.E. corner of our land. [p. 125]

31 March 1888 • Saturday

Tooele City Drove stakes for about 300 trees. Saw Mr. Jas. Dunn and had him sign a contract for irrigating. Talked twice with A. F. D. through the telephone Drove horses off lucern east of enclosure.

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