April 1905

14 April 1905 • Friday

Alice, Geo. Oliver & I went in to the City LeGrand having gone the day before. We all attended LeGrands farewell held in the 8th ward meeting house in the evening

15 April 1905 • Saturday

Assisted LeGrand to get ready to leave for his Mission. and we all with Aunt Seney by invitation of Bro. J. G. McDonald went through his candy factory.

16 April 1905 • Sunday

Geo & I attended afternoon services in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. And in the even[p. 174]ing Alice & I with Geo. & LeGrand attended the meeting in the 8th ward. Both Geo & LeGrand spoke While in the City we staid at Aunt Seney’s.

17 April 1905 • Monday

LeGrand & I went to Depot & Saw Geo off for home. Joel having come in the day previous making it necessary that one of us go home. LeGrand & I then attended to the business necessary before leaving and we saw him off on the D&RG 3:15 PM train which left the Depot at 3:50 P.M.

18 April 1905 • Tuesday

Alice & Baby also Joel & I returned home by train & found folks well. Considerable rain of late

20 April 1905 • Thursday1

Attended to the usual business.

21 April 1905 • Friday2

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22 April 1905–22 May 1905

Monday May 22/05.

Not having written in my journal since Apr. 21st I now write some of the happening from memory.

Yesterday Sund. May 21 I went to St Johns’ ward where I attended Priesthood meeting in fore noon and Ward Conference in afternoon. Bp. J G Ahlstrom was honorably released and John T Russell sustained as Bishop.

Sunday May 14 Bro C A Orme & I went to Mercur where we attended School at 10 o’clock, Religion Class at 2 P.M. & Ward Sacramental meeting at 8 P.M. Spoke at all these meetings and between times administered Patriarchal blessings to Bp Bryans Son Cloyd and to one Young lady Sister Christensen. Returned home Monday. Our little girl Nina Broke out with the measles this day and for three days was quite sick. I administered to her several times. [p. 175]

Sunday May 7th Fast Day I attended School at Tooele also meeting & Circle.

Sat. 6th Attended High Council meeting and Stake Priesthood meeting at Grantsville

Sund. Apr. 30 Prest Gowans went to Grantsville to hold Ward Conference Bp. was absent & his Counselors not prepared so Conference was post poned until next quarter.

Weather has been cool with frequent showers so that there has been no dirth. or Drouth. Crop prospects are good. Business a little dull.

Sunday May 21st at about 1’oclock P.M. a Son was born to Geo. & Edith My first GrandSon and third grand child.

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