October 1901

1 October 1901 • Tuesday

Joseph Lee & I went up in canyon prospecting. I brought down black cow & twin calves.

2 October 1901 • Wednesday

Pulled weeds, sold lumber &c. Was real sick at night.

3 October 1901 • Thursday

Far from being well but pulled weeds & irrigated in garden, sold lumber &c. Made ready to Go to City to Conference. It rained some during the day.

4 October 1901 • Friday

Attended Conference in S.L.C. Alice & I went in by train also baby. Staid at Sarah Es at night.

5 October 1901 • Saturday

Attended Conference meetings & theatre at night.

6 October 1901 • Sunday

Attended do do1 & Organ recital & in evening we with Geo. went to Farmington & Staid at Nervas & visited with Mother, Nerva Alice Ann & others.

7 October 1901 • Monday

Returned from Farmington & Attended Special Priesthood meeting where many valuable things were spoken to us; A minute of which I have Kept in memoranda. Took supper with George at his boarding place Mrs Richardsons. Went down to Dr. Stephens & staid all night.

While at Conference met lots of old friends & Relatives.

8 October 1901 • Tuesday

Came home on morning train. Fixed up my accounts. wrote several business letters, sold lumber &c.

9 October 1901 • Wednesday

Hauled Lumber from Station

10 October 1901 • Thursday

Unloaded lumber & Sold Lumber to Sund. persons.

Got straw from cleggs for carpet & beds <in A F Ds field> Used Disk2

11 October 1901 • Friday

Legrand & I went after load of stumps, on the way back learned of the death of Prest. Snow which occurred Thu afternoon Went to See Prest. Gowans to learn if there would be a special with a view to attending funeral services.3

12 October 1901 • Saturday

I & Bro Ridges Went to Canyon hunting animals.4

13 October 1901 • Sunday

Attended school & Memorial services & Spoke about 40 minutes at latter. Attended Circle &c. [p. 84]

14 October 1901 • Monday

I went to Canyon again for Gipsy & cattle & got none of them.

15 October 1901 • Tuesday

Sold lumber to Sund. persons, made up my accounts, wrote several business letters, attended to business with sundry persons & in evening attended mutual. Wrote up my Journal since 8th

16–18 October 1901

Worked in garden, weeded lawn & Strawberry bed on north of house &c Sold lumber & attended to Sundry other business.

19 October 1901 • Saturday

Raked off lawn & hauled off rubbish, attended Special High Council Meeting at Tooele at which the New Presidency of the Church were indorsed and the Council pledged themselves to keep the Sabbath, Attend Stake Priesthood meetings, pay their tithing & refrain from Blasphemy. Exception Araet Hale must have weak tea & Archibal Bevan must open his store on sundays to sell drugs, confectionary, ice cream &c. I think the latter should refrain from the Sale of Ice cream &c on Sunday or resign his position as an alternate member of the High Council.

20 October 1901 • Sunday

Attended School & meeting and studied the bible between times and listened to music in evening by Bro Ridges & Miss Squires.

21 October 1901 • Monday

Weeded in garden & sold lumber to Sund. Persons, Went down to West field to see how work is progressing there Sage pulling by Alfred Hanks & Sons for an attachment. Called on Bp Atkin in relation to buying the Fiddler lot for a tithing lot & discouraged the idea &c. Took Mama & little girls up to Cemetery & cleaned off lots.

Wrote up journal from 15th in evening. Wrote several business letters &c.

22 October 1901 • Tuesday

Attended to usual work & Attended Mutual Meeting in evening.

27–30 October 1901

Wed. 30th One week behind with journal. From memory [p. 85] I write some of the events of past week.

I attended School & Meeting here. 27

Did some leveling down west Mond. 28 <Attended YMM & lectured.>5

Tues 29 Went to Canyon hunting Gipsy mare.

Wed 30 Sold attachment, plow & went to J. W. Tate. & leveled down at West field; got two shoes put on Paddy horse & got iron shoes made for leveler. Attended two Y.M.M.I. officers meeting during past week.

31 October 1901 • Thursday

I put shoes on leveler & leveled land at west field.

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