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July 1901

1 July 1901 • Monday

Hauled five loads of hay 4 loads of 6 tons 30 lbs. to Jas Henson.

2 July 1901 • Tuesday

Windy so we could not haul hay.

Got header out & brought from field & did other work home

3 July 1901 • Wednesday

Hauled four large loads hay to Jas Henson @ $7.50 per ton.

4 July 1901 • Thursday

Rested & Celebrated.

5 July 1901 • Friday

I attended funeral services of Hilda Rowberry & in evening administered Patriarchal Blessing to Sister Thomas Martin.

With the help of my boys Hauled with three teams Six loads of hay & finished topping my stack & put chain wires & blocks on & took down Derrick rope, put up new block on end of Derrick.

6 July 1901 • Saturday

George went to Salt Lake on his wheel. Left here at 5:35 A.M. & returned between 4 & 5 P. M. Legrand, Joel & I Finished the hay hauling. Hauled two loads of more than three tons to J. T. Dick making 64 loads of hay raised this season or About 85 tons. Fixed up blocks to Header boxes, made rack, put boxes on wagons & put them in repair for heading grain. Sold lumber &c.

7 July 1901 • Sunday

Attended School & meeting & Circle. Fasted & gave 50¢ cash offerings & bore testamony in School Blessed Walter Stewart’s baby Doyle Jr Wrote to Mother, visited the Sick: Bro. Craner, &c.

8 July 1901 • Monday

Fixed up header & after dinner went to West field & commenced heading grain. Legrand remained down there.

9 July 1901 • Tuesday

Had a fair days run. Some bother.

10 July 1901 • Wednesday

Met train & got extras & in putting them on broke Casting which delayed us a day & [p. 74] Finally got H Lee to make one.

<Weather Winday & occasionally a shower.>1

<administered to Bro Craner>2

11 July 1901 • Thursday

Did no heading in forenoon waiting on extra for header. Continued the heading of grain in Afternoon.

12 July 1901 • Friday

Continued heading.

13 July 1901 • Saturday

Finished at West farm & moved to East farm & made a start heading.

14 July 1901 • Sunday

I was excused by Prest. Gowans from going to Vernon & Attended School, meeting Circle & with Jos. C Orme visited H B Haynes & J Dorman & brought them to a reconciliation. Called on Bro Craner (sick) in the evening.

15 July 1901 • Monday

Worked all day at N. E. field harvesting. Came up Town at dinner time & telephoned to S.L.C. for chain links.

16 July 1901 • Tuesday

Worked at Field heading all day

17 July 1901 • Wednesday

" " " "3 finished cutting my grain & moved over to J. W. Tates farm & made a start. Geo & I staid all night.

18 July 1901 • Thursday

Continued grain cutting at J. W. Tates field Cut about 40 A.

19 July 1901 • Friday

Continued grain Cutting & in the evening I came home, bathed &c prepared for conference next day.

20 July 1901 • Saturday

I accompanied Prest. Gowans to Grantsville My Carriage. Attended Conference meetings & returned in evening with M. B. Nelson Saw Bro. J. E A Lindberg About Presiding over the Stake Mutual. Called on Bro McBride &c.

21 July 1901 • Sunday

Returned to Con. at Grantsville with P. Nelson & attended School & Meeting. At the First meeting of Con. I made opening remarks. J. G Kimball was present & spoke at each meeting. We administered to Jas. Ratcliff. Sustained J. E A. Lindberg to be the Prest. of Mutuals in Stake with Matthew Speirs & Willard G. Atkin as Counselors or assistants. Staid at C L A’s. [p. 75]

22 July 1901 • Monday

Weather hot.

Home We Cut grain at Bro Tates & I came home in evening.

23 July 1901 • Tuesday

Finished Cutting grain from for J. W. T. & Cut 24 A for F. J. Barber.

24 July 1901 • Wednesday

Superintended the draw for the Bycicle at Sanfords. Attended morning meeting and acted as Chaplain. Attended amusements at playground &c. Wrote letters & did other writing

25 July 1901 • Thursday

Went down to F J Barbers farm in Afternoon to finish cutting wheat but had to return & fix up another Knife as a smoothe Knife would not cut clean. In forenoon I attended to the irrigating

26 July 1901 • Friday

With the Lee boys & Barber went hunting rabbits in morning we got 30. I got 9 Went to Garfield with the folks in the afternoon & had good supper & good bath. Returned home leaving the beech at 8:35 & Arriving at 11.05 P.M.

27 July 1901 • Saturday

Got header Knife bar repaired & went down & finished Cutting F. J. Barber’s wheat & took machine & boxes over to field.

28 July 1901 • Sunday

Attended School & meeting. P G Droubay, C. R. McBride & I occupied the time. After meeting Legrand Richards & Geo L. Tate having been sustained to be ordained teachers I assisted in their ordination Myself ordaining my son Legrand. Assisted in consecrating oil. No Circle for want of numbers. Wrote to Sister nerva, to Jas. Nelson & did other writing. Donated $2.50 to assist in obtaining treatment for F M. Lyman Jr. Administered Patriarchal blessing to Bp. Thos. Atkin.

29 July 1901 • Monday

Legrand, Joel & I went over to My Larson farm Took header boxes of[f] wagons & took wagons to Shop for repairs. Had tires set. Brought [p. 76] Header over home & did work on it preparatory to going over to J. W. Tates farm to fin. cutting his grain. Geo. Came from Town on his wheel. Brought word of the birth of Sister Nerva’s baby boy & that she intended naming him Geo. Franklin.

30 July 1901 • Tuesday

Geo & I went over to J. W. Ts farm with header & double team & cut 26½ A & returned.

31 July 1901 • Wednesday

Mended Sacks, cleaned out granary &c preparatory to threshing. Cleaned up & went down to Jno. Englands. Looked over our accounts & paid him 20.00 on acct. Looked at my account with J. W Tate In evening I attended Lawn party & helped with the ice cream &c.

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