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April 1900

1 April 1900 • Sunday

Attended school and offered the opening prayr. Apostle Lyman present. Attended afternoon meeting & blessed Peter Shield’s baby Alice. Assisted in blessing several others & in confirmations. Administered to Bro. Craner. Jos. Dunn Anointed & I sealed the Anointing. Retired early.

2 April 1900 • Monday

Finished rolling 40 acres planted to Lucern & commenced cultivating Lucern pasture with team and Cultivator. Weather windy and clowdy. No storm for several weeks and is much needed. voted for Jas. Hammond as Rep. to Congress. W. H. King elected

3 April 1900 • Tuesday

worked at field all day cultivating lucern. Geo & Joel plowed.

4 April 1900 • Wednesday

Finished cultivation of lucern ground in small pasture and harrowed same.

5 April 1900 • Thursday

Rolled lucern ground in small pasture and commenced rolling fall wheat ground on bench. [p. [385]]