January 1899

1 January 1899 • Sunday

Tooele Weather clowdy and at night the wind blew hard and the snow drifted both in valley and on the mountain. Sarah felt some better but broke out with blotches like hives in the morning and suffered with the itching all day & night.

Lucena had been troubled with earache during the night and this A.M. was very sick at stomach, vomiting & perging off & on all day & night with high fever. I administered to them in the morning & in the evening Prest. Gowans & I administered to them and during the night I administered to Sarah again. Prest. Gowans & I went up to Sam’l S. Lee’s by his request and administered to his little girl Roxy who was afflicted about as ours are. I learned to-day that Edmund Horman had lost a child from Scarlet fever. Had our children prayed for in Prayr Circle. We fasted except some of the smaller children & had our prayrs but did not attend school or meeting on account of our sickness which is considered contageous.

2 January 1899 • Monday

Tooele. Wind blew hard all night. Sarah & Lucena had a bad night <last.> Others usually well. During the day Sarah was somewhat improved but Lucena was very sick. [p. 275] I consulted Dr. Stephen & Dr. Jas. through the Phone & called in Dr. Phipps. Treated Lucena with mustard baths, sponging off and cold water injections and gave teas & throat medicine &c. Continued bad all day & night. Dr Phipp came again.

3 January 1899 • Tuesday

Wind continued to blow.

Tooele Lucena passed a bad night suffered all night except about an hour. Her urinary organs are affected. Continued our treatment of her & reported to the Doctors. Her case became alarming.

4 January 1899 • Wednesday

Lucena passed miserable night last night and a bad day this day. We continued our treatment of her with but sleight variation and some of the rash appeared. With all our treatment was associated our faith & prayrs and repeated administrations which finally prevailed and during this Wed night Lucena got some rest & indications otherwise favorable. Improved during the day.

5 January 1899 • Thursday

Lucena passed a good night last and this A.M. the temperature is very much reduced & She is considerably improved. Our prayrs have prevailed May the Lord be praised. Sarah getting on nicely. others well. My whole time is spent in caring for the children and studying. [p. 276]

6 January 1899 • Friday

Tooele Weather clowdy.

Our children are improving. Orson Bates died last night and Geo Atkin was buried to-day. I received a letter & proposition from Thos. J. Parker of Ophir creek (legale) in relation to employing Wm Dunn Aunt Sarah’s husband. I answered it & sent his letter and another I wrote on to Wm Dunn at Georgetown.

7 January 1899 • Saturday

Tooele Weather clowdy, some snow fell.

I made ready and left for Salt Lake on the 4:25 train to attend the Legislature hired a room at Whitehouse No 3 Room at $12.00 per month where I put up. Our little girls are very much improved. Met and was introduced to Segmiller and Greenwood. Attended to some business up town Paid Tithing office for Bp. Atkin $150.00 Read the Trib & News and retired about 11 P.M.

8 January 1899 • Sunday

Weather clowdy.

Tooele I attended 14th Ward School and meeting in Tabernacle. took dinner at Galleghers & Supper with McBrid[e]s on 2nd south between main & State. McBride & Gordon called on me at my room I read the paper. Wrote card home & sent papers home. [p. 277]

9 January 1899 • Monday

Room 3 of Whitehouse.

S. L. City I attended Rep. Caucus at 10:30 A.M. and the opening of Legislature at 12 m. Met Representatives C. A. Welch from Morgan and R. G. Miller from Carbon Emery Stake both of whom were class mates of mine at the university whom I had not met for about 17 years. Bro. Welch & I concluded to room together so took Room 10 White House. Bro. Miller & Bp. Callister of Filmore took next room No. 9.

10 January 1899 • Tuesday

S L City I attended the Legislature and on my arrival at Whitehouse at 6 P.M. found McBride had been calling for me from Tooele. Talked with him. & learned that Sarah & Lucena whom I thought to be improving nicely when I left home both had gathering in the ear and were suffering great pain and Alverda the baby had taken sick the evening I left home and was very sick. I was wanted home. Promised to go out in the morning. I then went to supper and from there to Rep. Caucus & from there on 10 P.M. Car to Sugar House where I consulted the Doctor & returned to Whitehouse after 11 P.M.

11–16 January 1899 • Wednesday–Monday

I arose early and walked to depot and went home on D & r train. Found both Sarahs & Lucenas ears had broken & run. Lucena cried almost con[p. 278]tinuously with pain in the ear and Sarah commenced to have rheumatism which gave her great pain. Alverda's temperature was very high and in giving her a cold water injection to reduce the fever She showed signs of heart failure. Her fingers turned black. I administered to her and sent for Doctor Phips He did all he could for her and with me consulted with Drs Jos. & Stephen through the phone. The Doctor was very faithful in his attentions to her. We got Lydia DeLaMare to come and stay with us and she too was faithful in her attentions but still the baby grew worse. Her throat swelling both outside and in and her temperature ranging high from 105 down to 102 as we were able to reduce it by sponging, cold water injections, and finally cold packs. Lydia DeLaMare came to our help Thu. 12th and Friday Jan 13th at 4 A.M. I telephoned for Dr Stephen to come out by morning train as Dr Phips thought Alverda could not live more than 8 or 10 hours unless a radical change was effected. Dr Stephen called me to the telephone at 8 A.M. Saying he could not come out. Later in the day he said he would come by team. He arrived at 11 P.M. Friday night. That night Mamie commenced to be sick with same disease. Dr Stephen [p. 279] staid with us until 7 A.M. & started home. I frequently administered to them and had help from Prest. Gowans and others. Thus we continued working and praying assisted by doctors and she growing worse. On monday the baby grew worse and Drs Jos & Stephen recommended the lancing of the tonsils and we submitted to it and the baby died two hours later. All this time the others required attention and we were constantly at work night and day. This monday night after the baby died Ruby came down with the fever.

<Alverda Died at 8:10 P.M. Mond. Jan 16, 1899.>1

17 January 1899 • Tuesday

Continued working with the Sick & preparing to bury the dead.

18 January 1899 • Wednesday

We buried our little darling holding a brief service at the Cemetery. Prest. Gowans & C. R. McBride spoke Bp. Atkin dedicated the grave.

Sarah still has the rheumatism and a running ear and is generally debilitated. Lucena has running ear but otherwise much improved. Mamie & Ruby seem to be getting on pretty well.

19 January 1899 • Thursday

I prepared to go to Salt Lake and went in on the 4:25 train. took shingle & trim at Squires barber shop and proceeded to my home room at Whitehouse. Lydia DeLaMare went home sick that afternoon. The children [p. 280] seem to be improving

20 January 1899 • Friday

S L. C.

Whitehouse I attended the Legislature and cast my first vote for James F. Hammond. Wrote letters. Telephoned home at 6:30 P.M.

21 January 1899 • Saturday2

WhiteHouse I attended the Legislature and a concert given by the officers of the 24th Infantry and 24th regimental band at Executive office Co. building. at 2 P.M. Called on the Doctor in the evening at his office. Telephoned home at 6:30 P.M. G. M. Cannon called on me also Roscoe Grover. Wrote up Journal from 11th to date. by memory.

22 January 1899 • Sunday

Whitehouse S.L.C. Chas. A Welch accompanied me via O.S. Line Ry to Nephi where we arrived at 11 A.M. visited & dined with Mother and Asenath and returned on 3:25 P.M. train. Found the folks pretty well and had a nice visit but far too short. On my return I wrote letters wrote in my journal &c. Wrote to Mother, Alice, Nerva, Prest. Gowans & Saml Johnson.

23 January 1899 • Monday

Children better.

WhiteHouse I attended the Legislature and in the evening attended Rep. Caucus meeting and bought bananas, candy &c. & packed my satchel to send home. Wrote home & received letters from Mama & Sarah. [p. 281]

24 January 1899 • Tuesday

I took satchel to Station and sent it home by Louisa Rimington.

I attended the legislature and in the evening I witnessed exebition of Fire Co. Wrote letters & received letters from home children improving.

25 January 1899 • Wednesday

Attended to my legislative work and in the evening went up to Farmington and staid all night at Sister Minerva’s

26 January 1899 • Thursday

Farmington Went to Salt Lake on morning train and attended the legislature, wrote letters &c.

27 January 1899 • Friday

Continued my legislative work.

28–29 January 1899 • Saturday–Sunday

Continued my legislative work and in the evening went north to collinston where I was met by my brother Fred and taken by sleigh to Fielding. Found Fred’s family sick with severe colds a regular hospittal. Staid all night at Freds and after breakfast went over to Alice Anns and took dinner with her and she accompanied me back to Freds where we spent the afternoon and Fred took me to the station at 5:30 & I returned to S.L.C. arriving at 650 750

30 January 1899 • Monday

Continued legislative work and at 5:20 P.M. Elder Charles A. Welch & I went up [p. 282] to Farmington where We attended a meeting held at my sister Minerva’s home and both of us took part in administering to the sick and in speaking. Patriachs Clark & Millard blessed the family excepting the baby. Staid all night at Nerva’s.

31 January 1899 • Tuesday3

Farmington Bro Welch and I administered to Irene Knowlton and after breakfast returned to Salt Lake and attended the legislature and to legislative work. Balloting for U.S. Senator has continued since the 16th but as yet no election.

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