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November 1898

1 November 1898 • Tuesday

Ophir. Spent the forenoon here visited the Mercur water works source & other places of interest. After Dinner drove down to St Johns where we put up with Mr Ed. Arthur & held Rep meeting in evening. Mr. Baker talked 35 & I 65 minutes. Good Audience Returned home after meeting.

2 November 1898 • Wednesday

Worked at sundry jobs during the day and at night went to Grantsville & attended Rep. meeting. Arthur Brown was the Speaker Came home after meeting.

3 November 1898 • Thursday

Attended to Sund. business & in the evening Attended Rep. meeting at Tooele Arthur Brown the Speaker.

4 November 1898 • Friday

Went to Mercur & attended Rep. meeting. Geo. Southerland speaker.

5 November 1898 • Saturday

At Mercur. Went to Sunshine L L Baker & Mr. Watt accompanied me. Held Rep Meeting where I talked about 1 hr. They banqueted us after meeting at Mr Salts home. We returned to Mercur in the night. Staid at Hyrum Lees.

6 November 1898 • Sunday

At Mercur. Returned home in forenoon & Attended meeting & Circle & blessed Silas Ormes Baby Lawrence & Eliff Johnsons baby Edith Hellen. Copied Philip Kirks blessing for him the original being lost.

Retired early. [p. 265]

7 November 1898 • Monday

Weather pleasant.

Tooele I accompanied the boys to the field after breakfast, repaired the roller to Level & Started the boys to work. Attended Dem. Meeting at 11 A.M. <W H King speaker> Vitroled 10 bu. wheat in morning. At Dem meeting it was announced that they would hold a Dem. meeting in evening. I asked them to divide the time with us but they would not. We held a successful Rep. meeting in Droubay’s hall & free dance afterwards. I spoke 50 minutes.

8 November 1898 • Tuesday

Election Day.

I worked about the polles all day & spent most of the evening there. My election to the Legislature is almost assured. I stand 864 to J. C. Delamare’s 848 and the Deep Creek Precinct only to hear from.

9 November 1898 • Wednesday

I attended High Priests meeting & Spoke & offered the Benediction. Spent some time reading election news &c. David Benion took supper with us & fed his team here. Dan Parry called on me after I had gone to bed.

10 November 1898 • Thursday

I went to the field and plowed with 4 horses & gang & George plowed with 3. In the evening I read the news & wrote [p. 266] up my journal & recorded blessings.

11 November 1898 • Friday

Cold day

I plowed all day on the bench. Ground frosty. Read the papers in the evening.

12 November 1898 • Saturday

I plowed on the bench in forenoon and in the afternoon drilled about 5 acres of wheat on the bench. Ground frosty in the A.M.

13 November 1898 • Sunday

I recorded blessings in the forenoon and in the afternoon & evening attended the meetings. Attended Circle meeting.

14 November 1898 • Monday

Attended meeting of Commissioners & saw the official count of election votes I was elected to the Legislature by a majority of 16 votes over my Dem. opponent J. C. Delamar

15 November 1898 • Tuesday

Plowed at field on bench

16 November 1898 • Wednesday

" " " " "1 & drilled wheat

17 November 1898 • Thursday

Drilled wheat all day & Geo plowed It rained lightly most of the day

18 November 1898 • Friday

Plowed & planted wheat 18 A in on bench. In the evening wrote up journal & prepared a brief Biographical sketch of my life & send to Herald with my photo.

19 November 1898 • Saturday

Geo. & I took team & went to the Canyon and got a load of dry wood.

20 November 1898 • Sunday

about 4 in. snow fell last night. I took my team & Nerva, Phares Dunyon, John Gundberg [Lundberg], Effy Dunn & B. L. Bowen & went to Grantsville [p. 267] where we attended the Mutual Conference. B. F Grant present. Attended school & answered questions in the Theological Class, Opened the Afternoon meeting by prayr and attended the evening meeting. Came home after evening meeting. Between school & Meeting I administered blessings to Rudolph Rytting & Grace Lucele Millword.

21 November 1898 • Monday

Weather wintry & cold.

I worked in doors all day. Received my Certificate of election to the Legislature. Received letter from Stephen with ten names of males (Dead) for whom he had had work done in the temple Recorded that work. Made list of seven couples to be sealed who are endowed. Wrote letters to Stephen, Nerva, Alfred Bell, Prest C. L. Anderson & others. Studied dead record & made some discoveries of importance. Alice & I called on Mrs Whitney in the early evening & later attended lecture by B. F. Grant His lifes experience including his conversion to the Gospel.

22 November 1898 • Tuesday

Got Drill, gang plow & chill plow from Bench field & put them away for winter, brought straw from field

23 November 1898 • Wednesday

Attended to some business down town. Hauled manure &c.

24 November 1898 • Thursday

Thanksgivings Day. Had a nice dinner at home. The boys & I doctored Browney for poleevil [poll evil]. Paid [p. 268] some of my debts with money from C L Andersson

25 November 1898 • Friday

Attended to business down town in forenoon In afternoon husked Corn &c.

26 November 1898 • Saturday

Hauled manure & did sund. other jobs. Hauled a couple of loads of straw from the field & took a load of fodder & the horses over to the field 6 head.

27 November 1898 • Sunday

Attended School Meeting.

28 November 1898 • Monday

Took team & carriage Alice & baby, Geo & Legrand to City. Drove direct to Dr. Stephens. Geo & I went up town to S.L. Convention also Got barbered.

29 November 1898 • Tuesday

I went up Town on 8 a.m. Car & went to Temple & arranged there to have five females baptized Then Alice met me at 9½ A.M & we were busy trading until until about 7 P.M. Staid at Stephens. Spent $140.00

30 November 1898 • Wednesday

Sugar House.

Alice & I went to temple where we were endowed for a couple & sealed for 8 couples. Leg. tended the baby. George Drove up town & loaded the things and met us when we came out of the Temple. We left S.L.C. for home about 3 P.M. Roads muddy & in a storm Arrived about 9:30 P.M.

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