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May 1896

1 May 1896 • Friday

Tooele Weather pleasant until towards evening when It commenced to Storm. I attended to Ranch irrigation. Sold hay, had Jos. Tate harrowing in South field to a finish & brought harrow in & stowed away, I bought another harness of John England for $36.00 & a Jersey Cow of Joseph Tate [p. 63] for $20.00 Paid Jas Kirk 285 for hauling lumber for Privy out from City & paid Ekenstam 6.00 for building it Paid H. Marshall 6.00 for work done in lots.

Abram & Polly arrived at ranch at 7:30 P.M. Had the horses brought in from pasture & castrated a colt.

2 May 1896 • Saturday

Tooele Weather pleasant. I turned over ranch & effects to Abram & took him, Polly & Newel out to Basin pasture & around the field with my team & buggy. Made final Ranch statement, Issued bills &c. Abram Authorized me to Collect accounts. George accompanied Newel to take the horses up canyon. Abram & Polly called on us in the evening & Bro E. J. Pearsen of Vernon called & staid all night. Not being able to get off for Mercur I furnished Prest Gowans a team & Bro. Gillespie accompanied him Sunday a.m. 6:30

Mr Shafer called from Grantsville and left bills for stables carriage sheds & machine sheds. Got trees from Nills <$20.70> Administered to Georg Bro Pehrsen. [p. 64]

3 May 1896 • Sunday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I turned over book accounts to Abram & attended afternoon meeting and spoke freely for 25 minutes. Presided at Circle & accompanied Bp Atkin & Bro Craner down to Bro Dicks & administered to both. Bp. & Bro Craner anonited [anointed] & I by request sealed the anointing I attended evening meeting. Jas. Wood Jr. made his first appearance in public since his return from a mission to England & spoke a short time.

4 May 1896 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant but cloudy I went to S.L. City with team & running gear Made purchase of lumber, shingles & nails of Utah Lumber Co. for the amount of $96.35 & Paid Romney for former bill of $13.70 Load my team, my wagon & put my horses in stable at lumber yard & went down to Stephens where I staid all night.

5 May 1896 • Tuesday

Sugar House Weather Stormy looking. Rained steady from 1 to 5 P.M. Stephen Jr. Took me up town with horse & buggy so that I left town at 6:30 A.M. [p. 65] Was out in all the storm heavily loaded & reached home at 6:45 P.M.

6 May 1896 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather stormy snowed. I worked on lot preparing for irrigating Attended Water Co. Board meeting, Went up to Follick’s mill & down to millton mill & bought 1500 feet of scantling at 1 latter place for $17.00 per M. Alice accompanied me. Went down to Bp. Atkins & engaged his son to work for me in settlement of account owing me. Got John Gillispie to go in my stead with McBride & Shields as Ry Committee to learn for what right of way way he had. Did my evening writing & retired at 10:10. Lucena had an accident & bit her lip badly.

7 May 1896 • Thursday

Carpenters commenced on

Tooele Weather unsettled, some rain. I hauled two loads of lumber up from saw mill at Millton & unloaded same. Alice & I called on Newel & wife in the late evening.

8 May 1896 • Friday

Tooele Weather stormy. Rained hard in the morning. I hauled brush out into street, took posts & wire over to the field and [p. 66] brought hay back. Started for S.L. City with team for lumber at 11:30 A.M. & arrived there at 5 P.M. Attended to some business and loaded my lumber & shingles. Left my team at lumber yard and went over to Abram’s where I staid all night. Rained during the night.

9 May 1896 • Saturday

At Abrams.

SL City Raining when I got up at 4:30 A.M. I made my team ready & left the City at 5:30 A.M. in a rain storm. It continued to rain & snow until about 7:30. I took dinner & fed my team at Spencers 2 hrs. Continued my home ward trip. My Son Geo. met me 8 miles from home with Jos. Tate’s team & helped me home. Arrived at 6:40 P.M. Carpenters had gone home to Grantsville Having no shelter for my animals they staid out in the Storm all night.

10 May 1896 • Sunday

Tooele Raining & snowing until about noon. The ground must be thoroughly wet. favorable for dry farms. I have 65 A lucern & 85 A. grain exposed to all this wet and blessing. 20 A of the lucern & 65 acres of wheat out on shares.

I attended School at Tooele & offered the opening prayr. After school gave blessing to Lewis [p. 67] John Bowen. My Son Geo. scribe. Wrote up my Journal from 6th to date. Wrote to Mother Attended Sacramental meeting & Prayr Circle & was mouth in consecrating the oil. Stormed again in the afternoon.

11 May 1896 • Monday

Tooele Weather Stormy.

I brought some hay from field and did other work at 12:40 started to S.L. City with 4 horses arrived there at 5:40 P.M. & loaded up & staid at Abram’s over night.

12 May 1896 • Tuesday

S L City Got up at 4:40 A.M. & it was raining then & continued to rain for several hours. I got started home with load of lumber & four horse team at 6 A.M. Took dinner at Spencers. Bought a cow & calf of David Powell for $30.00 & hauled the Calf & lead the Cow home. Had six men at work on my stable wagon sheds & yard.

13 May 1896 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather stormy towards evening. I took Posts over to field & set Frank Atkin at work fincing [fencing], took black mare to shop & got shoed, hauled a load of hay from Abram’s ranch. Did some fencing at field moved lumber & put carriages [p. 68] in shed for first time. worked steady from 5 4:40 9 P.M.

14 May 1896 • Thursday

<May 14th is My Wife’s birth Day>1

Tooele Weather pleasant here 3 in of snow fell at S L City.

Legrand & I went to Salt Lake with team & wagon to buy implements. Bought Gang plow, hand plow, harrow &c. Put up team at Tithing yard & staid at night at Stephens

15 May 1896 • Friday

S.L. City Weather clowdy.

I finished my business in S.L.C. & left for home at 12:30 arrived home at 8 P.M. Found all well at home.

16 May 1896 • Saturday

Tooele Weathe[r] pleasant.

I finished fencing over to field. Castrated my yearling horse. Did some work at my stables & put locks on doors in house in the evening.

17 May 1896 • Sunday

Tooele Weather cold.

I shaved, bathed, attended meeting & by request offerred a motion in regard to collecting for Faunt, Dedicated the Faunt, Prayed at the alter in Circle attended [p. 69] evening meeting, James Wood talked. wrote six letters.

18 May 1896 • Monday

Tooele Weather warm.

I took team & went over to Scribner’s & got Madam Mare & worked her home. Paid off all work hands except Shaffer who has yet a couple of days work to do. Cleaned up about the yards &c. Did some writing in the evening.

19 May 1896 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather Stormy all the forenoon, fine in afternoon. I hitched up Madam Mare for the 2nd time, took posts over to ranch, took yard cleanings over to my field & made some repairs on the road & brought load straw back. I got saw sharpened, got small singletree made, & harness hooks for stable. cleaned up yards, trimmed trees, did some plowing in garden. Apostle Lyman sent for me & I went down. He took me in his buggy & looked over ground for Ry Depot, Did my usual writing in the evening.

I attended Baptisms at Faunt 1st time used. Lewellen Dunn was first baptized & B L Bowen did the baptiszing. [p. 70] I confirmed Sister Follick Rhodebach. I gave the instructions to Candidates also had a talk with several young men who had come to receive baptism & they concluded to wait & show if possible meat fruits for repentance. These young men were Herbert & Harry Vowles, Bert Lee, Jack Whitehead, Ed. Hansen. Administered to Nerva.

20 May 1896 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather pleasant. I drove Paddy & Bay Mare down to Millton & got 14 R. Combination fence & about 600 or 700 feet lumber for pig pen. Put up combination fence. Had Mr Shafer at work on gates & pig pens. Nerva is sick with we think measles.

21 May 1896 • Thursday

Tooele Weather hazy, some rain. I finished fence at bottom of lot. Bought a black horse Nig2 from Jos. Tate for $20.00 & went to the field & Commenced plowing with Gang plow & 4 horses abreast. After regulating the plow it worked well. Left the field at 7 P.M. Called & saw the surveyors at Abram’s Ranch Did the Chores & ate supper wrote in Journal & retired at 10 P.M. [p. 71]

22 May 1896 • Friday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I did some work leveling up & then went to Field & plowed with gang plow. The boys took cows over to field, cleaned out cistern & burned off sages.

Nerva is very sick with measles.

I administered to her in the evening.

23 May 1896 • Saturday

Tooele Weather fine.

I plowed in forenoon & in Afternoon went to Vernon 32 miles south from here. Chas. Gowans Accompanied me & Prest Gowans & Prest C. L. Anderson went to gather [together] I went by Scribner’s & left my Madam mare there. Arrived at Vernon at 8:30 P.M. & attended a Priesthood meeting & was an important factor in bringing about a reconsiliation in the Bishoprick.

Staid at Bro E. J. Pehrson’s & got to bed at 2 A.M the meeting having adjourned at about 1:30.

24 May 1896 • Sunday

Vernon Weather fine.

I attended School & Meeting, Spoke at each & returned home in evening The other brethren staid over night. [p. 72]

25 May 1896 • Monday

Tooele Weather fine.

I took surveyors out to locate Depot grounds Hauled 240 bu. of wheat to Mill. Put swinging stalls in stable & did other fixing up worked until a late hour. Wrote to Nerva & Fred.

26 May 1896 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather fine.

I plowed all day.

Apostle Lyman called to See me. Said I had been suggested for Prest of one of the Stakes of Zion but He & my Father did not want to let me go from here. Nerva is better.

27 May 1896 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I plowed all day & while at field, made a gate. In the evening I accompanied Prest. Gowans down to Dicks & administered to Sister Dick. Mailed my N.A.S.L & B. Co. Stock Certificate to U C & S. Bk for them to forward for withdrawal. Withdrawal value $418.59.

Wrote to Mother & mailed check to her 7.50 int. from J B Bowden. [p. 73]

28 May 1896 • Thursday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I administered to J. C DeLaMare’s baby. & plowed all day at field. Letter from Nerva about horses.

29 May 1896 • Friday

Tooele Clowdey in Morning. Some rain in morning & rained all the afternoon. I plowed in forenoon & in the afternon shaved & attended the funeral of J. C. DeLaMares baby & spoke & Dedicated the Grave. Did some writing &c.

30 May 1896 • Saturday

Decoration Day.

Tooele Weather Stormy. Rained all the forenoon & was fine in the after-noon. I did some indoor work while it stormed hardest & worked in the garden among the Strawberry plants Took children in carriage to gather flowers & took Mama & some of the children up to the semetery. Plowed north side walk to weed & level. Georgie & Legrand commenced to complain & no doubt are commencing with measles. Ruby is quite advanced with it & Nerva is recovered. Hyrum Lee came over [p. 74] from Mercur & spent the evening here with Estella.

31 May 1896 • Sunday

Tooele Weather fine.

The three boys & Ruby sick with measles.

I did the chores & bathed & did some writing Attended meeting & spoke freely upon 1st Princeples for 35 minutes.

Attended Circle & after Circle accompanied Prest. Gowans & Prof. Beesley down to Parks & administered to Ellen Park.

Prest Gowans came up & assisted me in administering to Ruby. I administered to Geo.

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