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October 1895

1 October 1895 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather fine & warm. I plowed in South field & picked up rocks. Saw Scott & Dunn about work on Tomb. Stone. Had E. Green & F. D. Horman baling hay. I moved the baler before breakfast. Read the paper in evening.

2 October 1895 • Wednesday1

Tooele Weather pleasant. I had Edward Green baling hay. I attended to chores, Attended funeral of Doctor Dods with team & carriage. Got ready to go to Salt Lake City by team. Made some repairs in the house & shop. Shaved, bathed & retired early.

3 October 1895 • Thursday

Tooele Weather very stormy. [p. 178] I started with team & buggy to Salt Lake to Conference. Alice & baby & Estella accompanied me. We started in a rain storm & had rain a considerable part of the way. Left here at 11 A.M. & Arrived at Dr. Stephen’s at 4 P.M. Staid there all night.

4 October 1895 • Friday

Salt Lake City Sugar House Weather cloudy but pleasant.

I went up town with Alice & with her to the Dentists where he took an impression of her mouth & gums to make upper teeth. From there went to Z.C.M.I. & there arranged for Alice to buy what she wanted & left her to trade while I attended Conference meetings. She returned to Stephens & I spent the evening at Sarah’s with Mother & Asenath & there went to Dr Stephens by Street Car for night.

5 October 1895 • Saturday2

Sugar House Ward Weather pleasant.

I attended the Conference meetings, attended to Some business & in the evening Attended the Grand Esteddfod concert. Staid over night at Stephens at Sugar House Ward. Alice got her new teeth. [p. 179]

6 October 1895 • Sunday

Sugar House Weather pleasant. I attended all the meetings & visited my friends between, before & after.

7 October 1895 • Monday

Sugar House Weather pleasant. I went up town Alice with me. We attended to Some business & I attended a Meeting of the Stake Presidents, Apostles & others at 10 A.M. Went by Car to Sugar House & from Stephens went by team home Started at 2:45 P.M. & arrived at 7:15 P.M found all well.

8 October 1895 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather most pleasant.

I had a man gathering rocks & hauling off lucern & I took my horses from North to east field or Bowden field. Also went up to cemetery & raked over our lot. In the afternoon had J.E. Isgren trimming my young Poplars & I mowed lucern. In the evening I read the news & Transcript. Folks all well. Estella attended missionary farewell dance Alonzo Gowans & Matthew Speirs.

9 October 1895 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather fine.

I mowed lucern all day. Had E. Green & F. D. Horman baling hay & J. E. Isgren trimming trees for me Poplars. [p. 180] I gave $2.50 to each of the missionaries Alonzo Gowans & Matthew Speirs.

In the evening I did Some writing and Studying religious subjects. All are well.

10 October 1895 • Thursday

Tooele Weather fine.

I let Georgie run the mower & I took team & carriage and Alice & children with me we met the train at 10:45 A.M. & got Grandma & Aunt Louise. I wrote a lengthy letter to Sister Nerva. Took the folks for a ride up to Cemetery. Ground Mower Knife &c. Visited in the evening. Wm Marks called on me about School matters

11 October 1895 • Friday

Tooele Weather most pleasant I had my son George running the Mower & I helped mother with her papers & accounts & in the afternoon took the folks for a ride. In the evening I gave a blessing to Hellen Banner of Coalville & attended a School Trustee’s meeting.

12 October 1895 • Saturday

Tooele Weather very Pleasant. I staid at home & visited with Mother & did some recording of Temple work &c. Georgie fiinished the mowing &c.

I re-wrote blessing given Ellen Banner [p. 181] In the evening, I blessed Aunt Louise’s baby 1st blessing. Wrote letters &c.

13 October 1895 • Sunday

Tooele Weather very pleasant. I took my team & buggy & Prest. Gowans with me & went to Grantsville where we attended School & both spoke, took dinner with Bp Wrathall & while there gave a blessing to Andrew Fred. Anderson. Attended meeting and occupied each 30 minutes. Joshua Clark & Wm Lee each spoke a short time. Returned home at 6:15 P.M. Found all well. In the evening I gave Mother a blessing.

14 October 1895 • Monday

Tooele Weather very pleasant. I made hay & loaded one load to Eli Lee & two to J. E. Isgren. Signed W. S Marks’ bond as Supt. of Schools. Read the newspapers. All pretty well.

15 October 1895 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather warm some Clouds. I sold & loaded hay, put sweep in baler drawed off vin &c. In the evening I re-wrote two blessings & read the News. <administered to Annie Lee. Prest. Gowans anointed I sealed.>

16 October 1895 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather warm I hauled & sold hay, finished putting in sweep & otherwise repairing baler, drew off vinegar & put in new barrels 3 barrels [p. 182] In the evening a committee waited on me desiring me to accept of a nomination for the office of Mayor on the Republican ticket but ownig [owing] to the late uproar over Church officials engaging in politics, I declined. I did some writing Shaved & read the papers & visited with Mother & folks. All pretty well.

Alice & I called of [on] Annie Lee who is sick.

17 October 1895 • Thursday

Tooele Weather Stormy during the night & forenoon.

I assisted in administering to Sister Annie Lee Wife of Sam’l Lee. I anointed & Prest. Gowans sealed the anointing. I did some business down Town & bought some barrells. Wrote Apostle Lyman at Salt Lake in relation to accepting nomination for Mayor.

Took Mother & Aunt Lou to Station on their way home. Delivered a load of hay to J. T. Dick, got barrells from James James’ &c. Called on Fred Hansen to see if he wanted to sell his barn. Read News, wrote &c in the evening. Recorded Hellen Banner’s blessing.

18 October 1895 • Friday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I put head in barrel, burned barrel. Plowed potato ground. moved wet hay &c. [p. 183] Took horse to shop & got him shoed. In the evening I gave blessings to F. X. Lougy’s two daughters Sophie & Bell. I also recorded two blessings.

19 October 1895 • Saturday

Tooele Weather fine.

I sold two loads of damaged hay to E. Green Made settlement with him for baling hay & other work. Attended to Sundry small jobs, & took family for a ride towards evening. In the evening, I re-wrote & recorded two blessings, read papers &c. All well.

20 October 1895 • Sunday

Tooele Weather pleasant. Some rain towards evening.

I attended School at Tooele then took my team & Prest. Gowans accompanied me to Batesville where we attended meeting & occupied 35 min. each in talking. Attended evening meeting & spoke for 35 min. with consederable freedom. Bro Craner followed for about 20 min & meeting closed. After meeting I was mouth in Setting apart Hellen Park as Prest. of the Y.L.M.I. Association & assisted in setting apart the Counselors Bp Atkin setting apart Mary Bowen as 1st & Bro Craner Setting apart Addie Dunn as second counselors. Jos Ford staid & fed 150 cattle over night. [p. 184]

21 October 1895 • Monday

Tooele. Weather pleasant.

I raked up barn yard, accompanied R. Scott to see Schoolhouse with view of finishing erie walls. Called on Elder Lyman & Prest Gowans. Loaned John Marsden my team to meet train for Republican speakers. In the evening I attended Rep. Ralley. Read. papers &c. Letter from Sister Nerva.

22 October 1895 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather cooler to-day. I attended to several items of business down town. Drove over to my farm & got ladder. did some more raking of Stack yards & hauled rubbish up in S. field to burn Sages. In the evening gave blessings to Emma Gee Telman & Louisa Gee. Read the papers wrote in Journal &c. Alice & baby both unwell. Received $25.00 from F D Horman on his note of $80.00

23 October 1895 • Wednesday3

Tooele Weather fine. I raked up yards & hauled rakings off. Our little baby Mamie broke out with a rash last night. Had been ailing several days. Alice took her to City that the Doctor could see her & perscribe for her. I took her to Station. Administered to her (the baby) before going. Called at Schools on business for schools. [p. 185] Arranged with Principal Teacher W. S. Marks for to engage a helper not to exceed $20.00 per Mo. for Miss Matilda Lindberg’s deparment & arranged for Mr Marks to accept Co. Supt. Office & close School when Trustees elect in Spring.

Took grist to mill. Pronounced a blessing upon the head of Ann Elizabeth Herrod. & re-wrote three blessings in evening; read papers &c.

24 October 1895 • Thursday

Tooele Weather pleasant. cool nights. I cleaned up yards & hauled into South field & scattered among Sages to burn them. I telephoned to Dr. Stephen & learned that our baby is much better & almost well. Received letter from Abram asking me to take in load of apples, baled hay &c. Loaded 3500 lbs. of baled hay & had B. L. Bowen pick about 45 bu. of apples to take in to City. Received order from Stockton for load of hay & engaged B. L. Bowen to help load it & haul it over to-morrow. In the evening I shaved wrote in Journal & retired early.

25 October 1895 • Friday

Tooele Weather pleasant. Cold early. My Son George & I got up at 5 A.M. & started to Salt lake with load of apples & baled hay at 7:15 AM & arrived at Abrams at 5:30 P,M [p. 186] Unloaded the hay, took supper and went down to Stephens. I sat up with Stephen & Willard until 12:30—talking principally on politics. Alice came home on this days train leaving Town at 7:45 A.m.

26 October 1895 • Saturday

Sugar House Weather cold in A.M. & evening. Geo. & I left on 6:45 AM car before Dr. was up. Went up to Abrams unloaded apples, cared for animals. Went up Town with Abram to look for barrels & then met the [Dinney?] from The North & met Mother & took her in buggy to Sarah’s where I visited with her about an hour & then got ready & started home Called & [at?] Tithing Office & bought six bands at 75¢ ea for vinegar. Left Town at 2 P.M. & arrived home at 7 P.M. Folks pretty well. Wrote in Journal. read the papers &c.

27 October 1895 • Sunday

Tooele Weather fine.

I attended the Stake Conference held at Tooele, in Meeting house.

I by request, made the opening remarks & reported the condition of the peeple & the labors of the Presidency. Occupied 25 Minutes. Edward Stevenson was with us & spoke at all the meetings this day. In the evening attended the 1st of a series [p. 187] of Sunday night meetings held under the Auspices of the Sunday schools.

Had visitors to Dinner Bp. Shields & wife & son & O. P. Bates. President C. L. Anderson took supper & stad [stayed] the night with us.

28 October 1895 • Monday4

Tooele Weather pleasant cold nights. I attended Conference meetings Prest. Edward Stevenson Spoke in forenoon & held counsel council meeting with Seventies from 12 M. to 1 P.M. & went home on afternoon train The Presidency were called in to administer to Bro. James Dunn. I anointed. Bro Anderson Sealed the Anointing. Had a good Conference. Had to Dinner Sister Clark from E.T. & her daughter. Alonzo Stookey’s Mother & wife, Prest. Anderson, O. P. Bates Patriarch Israel Bennion & his Bro. Owen. I had James Howell Jr. picking apples for me at my expense to take to Salt Lake. Folks well.

In the evening I recorded a blessing & gave blessings to three young ladies. Eunnice Jane Martin, Mary Nix & Elizabeth Kirk.

29 October 1895 • Tuesday5

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I left home for Salt Lake City at 7:15 A.M. & arrived there at 2:20 P.M. Sold for 40¢ pr bu. & had 40 bu. engaged to bring another Load to A F Dinney 113 Post St. between 5 & 6 S. & 8 & 9 West. [p. 188] Put up my team at Abrams & Spent the evening at Aunt Sarah’s visiting with Mother & Slept at Abram’s.

30 October 1895 • Wednesday

Salt Lake City.

S.L.C. Weather fine.

Load Jersey Cow in wagon & left for home at 10 A.M. & arrived at 4 20 P.M. Put barrels on rack to settle vinegar for pering [pouring?] or drawing off. In the evening I recorded four blessings.

31 October 1895 • Thursday

Tooele Weather continues fine. I got grain from T. O. & Granary & grist from mill. Drawed off 4 barrels of vinegar Put up bedroom Door & shelves in large bed room. Had B. L. Bowen pick a load of apples to take to Town. In the evening I shaved, blacked my shoes & attended Republican meeting A. Stayner, Radits Marks & Hooper were the Speakers. Alice Accompanied me.

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