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April 1895

1 April 1895 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

Alice feels better and is about the house & others tolerably well though most of us have coughs & colds.

This being the first day of the month I made out my Ranch monthly report and enclosed with letter to Abram. Mailed a letter to Mother & wrote to Doctor Heber at Provo in answer to one of last week. Issued bills to parties owing us. Repaired bedstead & cupboard, washed my buggy with cloth & water. Sold half ton hay to A. Hanks per order of Speirs. In the evening I recorded Albert A Barrus’ blessing given yesterday. Received letter from Abram. Had two men at work in South field plowing and piling sages. Wrote in Journal for the day. Retired at 10:40 <11 o’clock> P.M.

2 April 1895 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather fine.

I pulled and burned sage all day and in [p. 107] the evening, I read the News, made entries in Ranch book & wrote in my Journal.

3 April 1895 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather clowdy. I burned sages in South field.

Sold hay to Pocock and Geo. Bevans, H. Harris called to see our horses. I attended High Priest’s meeting in afternoon and spoke for a short time. In the evening Took Alice for a ride. Went up to Cemetery Paid Mrs Hoogland for weaving 32 yds [cotton?] $4.00 Called on Ekenstain to get him to whitewash. Recorded two blessings.

Lucena not well; others improved. Wind commenced to blow in evening.

4 April 1895 • Thursday

Tooele Weather clowdy cold & some Storm. I had three men at work. I fasted loaded hay & sent to Dunyon, went up to cemetery & did some gilding. Attended fast meeting, blessed & administered to Lorenzo Walter’s baby. Spoke briefly & signed a petition to Constitutional Convention for Woman’s suffirage. Went to Basin pasture with Henry Harris to see horses, loaded baled hay for Salt Lake & Telephoned Abram. Henry Doremus came out today to help drive donkeys in to City. Folks somewhat improved. Shaved & bathed. Did some [p. 108] writing in the evening. Very cold night.

5 April 1895 • Friday

Tooele Weather very cold & stormy in the morning. I sent James Howell Jr. with a load of baled hay and George & Henry Doremus with 9 donkeys to salt Lake City and I went by train & took Legrand. Attended forenoon meeting also Priesthood meeting in evening. In afternoon I did some trading. Slept at Abram’s. Unloaded baled hay & sent telephone to Alice that Boys got through O.K.

6 April 1895 • Saturday1

Salt Lake Tooele Weather moderated.

I got team loaded & started for home & did some trading in forenoon and in afternoon attended Conference meeting and accompanied Sister Nerva to Farmington where I staid all night & had a pleasant visit. Sat up until 2 A.M.

7 April 1895 • Sunday

At Nervas.

Farmington Weather fine.

I went to Salt Lake City and attended both forenoon and afternoon meetings. Went down to Stephen’s between meetings & saw Aunt Lou who is very sick also saw there Uncle Will & Mother. Took supper at Polleys and returned home with Geo. & Legrand on evening train. Mary Ann McLaws was here with Estella when I came. Jas. Howell met me at Depot with my team & buggy. Folks tolerably well. Mamma not well.

<consecrated a bottle of oil for Nerva. Bro. Lowrey assisted me.>2 [p. 109]

8 April 1895 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant. Folks tolerably well. Had several men at work clearing sages, planting trees &c. I directed and assisted tree planting. Attended a School Trustee’s meeting in the evening. Read the Transcript and did some writing.

9 April 1895 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather fine.

We continued the tree planting and work preparing for lucern seed. Had two men at work on my Larson farm reseeding &c. In the evening I read the paper, did my Journal writing for nearly a week past. Made book entries. Folks usually well.

10 April 1895 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather warm & pleasant. I had several men at work and I repaired fence broken by bull. Took Vick to Basin & brough[t] the horses up. W A McIntosh called to see me & I ordered 200 lbs of Lucern seed sent over from st. John & gave him $8.70 cash towards paying for same. In evening Bro. Geo. Bryan who starts tomorrow on a mission to Southern States & his Mother called & I gave George a blessing & re-wrote same. Made entries of accounts, wrote in Journal &c. Folks somewhat improved in health. [p. 110]

11 April 1895 • Thursday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

Folks tolerably well. I had several men & 3 teams working in South field. Commenced Seeding lucern. I took horses back to Basin pasture Vick with them. Took Alex. Fraser’s mare to him. Traded Sorrel horse to G.A. Rimington for $48.70 in New Mill stock & traded for a large bay 4 yr old mare from W A McIntosh. Took my horses over to Bowden field & turned in on lucern. Repaired fence there also between Mary Nelson’s field & ours.

In the evening I recorded Geo. W. Bryan’s blessing & did other writing.

12 April 1895 • Friday

Tooele Weather warm.

I started men to work, loaded hay to Lougy and with team & two colts to the side went to St. John’s arriving there at Noon. It being a public day found the men of the ward at Cemetery grubbing sages & leveling Cemetery lots grounds. The Sisters prepared good dinner at meetinghouse and by invitation I took dinner with them.

Bought 250 lbs. lucern seed at Co-op Store @ 6¢. Traded to Nephi Draper my Johnson colt for black 4 yr old mare Maud S. Returned home arriving at 6:30 P.M. Spent the evening at home writing and reading papers. [p. 111]

13 April 1895 • Saturday

Tooele Weather pleasant except for wind. Had men working in South field. I sold hay to Hanks & also to J. S. Lee. Directid the labor, filled reservoir in pasture. Watered animals in Bowden field. Talked with J. A. B. about getting a run way for animals down to the creek in Bowden field. Went down to Basin pasture & drove horses to Snow. Chas McKellar accompanied me. In the evening I did my evenings writing i.e. making entries in Day Ranch Book, writing in Journal &c. Shaved bathed read the News & retired. Folks pretty well. Alice is getting rid of her cold.

14 April 1895 • Sunday

Tooele Weather cold & stormy. I took Estella, Georgie & Nerva with me in buggy to Conference of Sunday schools at Grantsville. Present Apostle Lyman, Geo. Goddard & Dr Maesar. I took dinner at August K. Anderson’s, my boy with me. Nerva & Prest Chas. Anderson’s & Estella at Robt. Brown’s. I offered the opening prayr in afternoon service. Returned home about 7 P.M. & attended evening meeting where Bp. J C Sharp & F. M. Lyman (Apostle) spoke. I have severe cold. [p. 112]

15 April 1895 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant. I had a man plowing in South field in forenoon and leveling in afternoon. I laid off the ground for him. I called on Geo. Rimington and got order of transfer of Mills Stock to me $48.70, Engaged three men to work to-morrow. Watered horses in my Bowden field and traded to John A. Bevan 456 rods i.e. 6 rods in width on the west side of Bowden farm for about 104 rods or 4 rods in width on South side of his field to allow me to get down to the creek to water. I also furnish half the wire & slabs for run way and he furnish the labor & posts of moving & putting up fence. Hauled 3 bales of wire & 400 slabs over there for the purpose. George brought the horses up from the pasture. I loaded hay to McKendrick. In the evening I did some writing and retired early. Folks tolerably well.

<My Son George offered the evening Family prayr for his first time the first time requested to do so & it was a consistent and appropriate prayr. Splendid.>3

16 April 1895 • Tuesday4

Tooele Weather fine.

I Sold three loads hay. Castrated three & branded five colts. Docked the tails of 24 horses and took them in the Canyon 1st time this season. Feed pretty good. Traded brown colt for Chas. McKellars Pinto horse. Received letter from Dr Stephen [p. 113] in answer to one I wrote him. Aunt Lou is in a critical condition. I tried to reach Doctor Joe or Wilcox by telephone to learn her condition but failed. In the evening I read the News & retired at 10 P.M.

17 April 1895 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather fine.

Folks usually well. Had two men at work. I repaired fence, Sold pair of colts to John McKellar for $40.00 Jas. Kelly from Stockton called took dinner and got his horse brought out of pasture. I took went up in canyon to look after horses. My horses got out of Bowden field & Geo. A. Rimington yarded them & sent me word. I took them back & called on my way home at Gallahers & traded for their family sleigh Telephoned Dr. Joseph & learned that Aunt Lou is in a very critical condition but it is his opinion that she will recover. Alice & Estella took team & buggy and went down to Bp Atkins & got flowers & went up to Cemetery with them. I spent the evening at home at accounts & writing in Journal. &c.

18 April 1895 • Thursday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I took colts & took grist to mill, watered horses in Bowden field, made gate &c. Spent the evening at home writing. Wrote to Bro Fred. [p. 114]

19 April 1895 • Friday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I had two men at work pulling sages. Some of our horses having come out of canyon, I went out to Basin pasture to see if any were there & got N. Dunyon’s colt there & took them all in the Canyon. Called at Cemetery on my way back I took team & went over to the Bowden field & hung a gate. Alice & Estella took a buggy ride towards evening. Hyrum Lee came home from Queen Tunnel Bingham. I read the news in the evening.

20 April 1895 • Saturday

Tooele Weather fine.

I plowed ground in lot, planted potatoes and leveled ground with garden rake.

At 7 P.M. Took my folks for a ride & on my return by request took team and Bro. John Gillespie with me and went down to Sister Clarks near mill north a distance of 9 miles and administered to her. I anointed & Bro. Gillespie sealed the anointing & by request we kneeled & prayed with the family I being mouth.

I telephoned to Dr. Joe & learned aunt Lou’s condition to be about same as for some days previous. Bathed at 6:30 P.M. Folks tolerably well. [p. 115]

21 April 1895 • Sunday

Tooele Weather fine.

I attended School and meeting. I occupied 40 minutes talking in afternoon. Presided at Prayr circle. Attended evening meeting.

22 April 1895 • Monday

Tooele Weather fine.

I had Geo., my son, go to Basin & get some Ranch horses while I went down to Liddells at Batesville looking for my colts (mares). In the afternoon we took all the horses here to canyon. Was gone until quite late. In the evening wrote to Abram.

23 April 1895 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather warm.

It being Georgie’s 12th birth day I gave him my watch as a present. We both went to St. John & got my three mares & on our way back got five Ranch horses near Basin pasture also got a horse of Alex. Fraser’s he had not seen for two years. On my return home found Legrand with his arm broken & Dr. Davis here preparing to set the limb. It had been broken about an hour before by him falling from a wagon & being run over. Limb Arm set & Legrand feeling comfortable. Bowen’s team was on the wagon & ran away & demolished the rack, broke fences, gates &c. Rested some by using chloroform. [p. 116]

245 April 1895 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather warm.

I had two men working in Sages. My Son George & I took 6 horses up in canyon & got them with the others making 24 in all & took them on up above Parker mine Left Kelsey. Legrand suffers considerably from his broken arm.

25 April 1895 • Thursday

Tooele Weather windy some clouds. I had several hands to work gathering sages. I put in more garden, Delivered a load of hay to F. M. Davis, Load a load of hay to Geo. Coleman for Riter. I took slabs, poles & wire over to H Larson field to make pasture fence. Engaged Jos. Henson to put up the fence for me. Legrand still suffers from broken arm. Letter from Mother (City) says Aunt Louise is improving a little.

In the evening I did some writing and retired early.

26 April 1895 • Friday

Tooele Weather fine & warm.

I had several men at work clearing sages & I had Jos. Henson fencing pasture for me. I raked up yards, Sold hay &c. In the evening I wrote to Mother & other writing & retired early. Legrand some better. Others tolerably well. [p. 117]

276 April 1895 • Saturday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I had men working on pasture fence H. L. field & men pulling sages Ranch S. field. I looked after the work and after 6 P.M. took up bridge over creek leading to South streets through yards cleaned ditch underneath and put down new plank bridge. Bathed and repaired to bed early.

28 April 1895 • Sunday

Tooele Weather pleasant with nice shower about 2:30 P.M. I attended Stake Conference meetings Prayr Circle & Evening Priesthood meeting Present at Conference Apostles F. M. Lyman, Geo. Teasdel [Teasdale] & Abram H. Cannon Good meetings. Had to dinner. Jas. Wood & wife, Bp. JG Shields & wife, A. J. Stookey & wife, Bp. Jas. L Wrathall, Miss Maud Tanner & Sister Miller of Lakeview. At evening Priesthood meeting, I offered the opening prayr. The time was divided among the three apostles. At close of the meeting Apostle Abram H Cannon expressed to me a desire to obtain a blessing under my hands and we appointed tomorrow morning as time to perform the ordinance Rained during the night. [p. 118]

29 April 1895 • Monday

Tooele Weather Stormy.

I attended conference meetings and in forenoon meeting talked about 20 minutes. Enjoyed the Spirit while talking.

I had the honor and extreme pleasure of blessing Apostle Abram. Hoagland Cannon. I also gave a blessing to Sister Rebecca Yates of E.T. Used Irrigation water and took Alice & baby riding in evening. B. L. Bowen & wife called in evening. I did some writing.

30 April 1895 • Tuesday

Tooele Rained nearly all the day. I made out my Ranch report for April month, Issued bills to parties ownig [owing] wrote letters &c. In the evening I copied two blessings. Retired at 10:30 P.M.

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