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March 1895

1 March 1895 • Friday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I made my Ranch report for Feb. month & attended to sundry items of business. Mrs Barb. Bush called on us in afternoon. Friday evening I spent the evening at home. Prest. Gowans called to arrange about going to Vernon. I was to take my team. [p. 87]

2 March 1895 • Saturday

Tooele Weather cold some wind from South & in afternoon from North.

I shaved, bathed & took Prest Gowans team & Bro Craner & went to Grantsville and attended Stake Priesthood meeting and had my say with others. Had an interesting meeting & returned after meeting took dinner & with my team & Prest Gowans along started for vernon at 4 PM. Arrived there at a little after 8 P.M. & put up at Counselor E. Phearsons where we were well cared for & made very welcome.

3 March 1895 • Sunday

Vernon Weather changeable & cold. We attended School & Ward Conference. Spoke in both. Between school & meeting went over to Bro. Israel Binyons [Bennion] & he there gave me a Patriarchal blessing. We left Bro. Pehrsons at 5 PM & arrived home at 9 P.M. roads rough but mostly dry.

<Received a Patriarchal Blessing.>1

4 March 1895 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I issued bills to parties owing, wrote to A. F. D. hauled hay into barn, sold hay to J. G. Shields cleaned up about stacks &c.

By request I accompanied Prest. Gowans to Sister Dews where we administered to her little boy which was very sick having had spasms. He anointed & I sealed the anointing. [p. 88] In the evening I wrote a letter to my sister Nerva in answer to one from her Dated Feb. 25, and in answer to the question whether she would be justified in not having children under existing circumstances there being no love between her & her husband & they not having lived together as man & wife for 7½ months past. The following is a copy of the letter I wrote in answer.

<A letter to Sister Nerva in answer to a question propounded.>2

Tooele City, Utah, Mar. 4, 1895

Dear Sister Nerva:

Your question put to me in yours of 25 ult. has given me considerable thought or I have given it considerable thought. I would not like to answer it as a direct question, with a direct answer, yes or no; but would rather with you conseder the question & then let you draw the conclusions as to what is right and I trust when you are convinced what is right that you will follow it out.

If I were to answer the first impulse of my nature and feelings I would answer the question in the affirmative, but when I stop to think and sense the responsibility that rests upon me in giving counsel in such sacred things <matters> I am forced to look the question squarely in the face and give my answer, if at all, from an unbiased standpoint, viewing the matter from the standpoint of a Latter Day Saint.

No[w] for a consederation of the question. (over) [p. 89] What did you marry for? I would answer, to to form a bond of love and relationship to endure for ever & ever & to fulfil that great command of Jehovah “Go forth, multiply & replenish the earth.” What can be your hopes for the future? If you are quite sure you can not learn to love here what can be your hopes here after? Men do not lie down in sin & rise in perfection nor can we live in hell here & heaven here-after. What we attain to here-after, we must acquire step by step while here, continuing the labor on the other side where it is left off here with perhaps perchance an increase of inteligence. If a woman can put up with every thing that I am lead to believe you have to put up with, believing there will come a time when disagreeable nature’s hateful dispositions and repulsive feelings & actions shall be supplanted with or changed into all that is pleasing & love inspiring so that he whose presence now gives pain will become all that a loving heart could desire (excuse my awkwardness in putting it) Why not have the same faith in the purifying process applied to her offspring. If he can become so changed as to be honored & loved why not the offspring be cleansed of their missgivings If you ever get Eternal Life in the Celestial Kingdom it will be at the side of your Husband, for the man is not without the woman nor the woman without the man in the Lord.

<A letter to my Sister Minerva>3 [p. 90]

If you still elect your present husband for Eternity, you want your posterity there also. You will not have them there if you refuse to have them here. They will be given to some one who will bear them here. Your mission is to bear the souls of men & if you can not do so by your present husband, the bearier [barrier] should be removed that you may fill your mission

If you believe through any purifying process what ever it may be, your husband will become all you could desire, you must have faith that your children, though they be begotten with spoiled natures or any other undesirable qualities, may by the same process become purified. If on the other hand you believe you will never love & be satisfied with your present husband, then you do not believe you will stand by his side in the Celestial Kingdom for no such conditions will exist there. Then as the children cleave to the mother, some one else will have to father your children in Eternity and why not that same body father them here and the bond of love commence to grow and strengthen with the growth and development of the parents in those qualities which make them like their Eternal parents.

I believe it to be a reproach upon any person to do any thing amiss and especially to marry amiss but I do not think one should always remain under reproach. It is always in

<Letter to Sister Minerva Continued>4 [p. 91]

order to rectify mistakes and by avoiding mistakes after they are once rectified, the mistakes are partially, at least, forgotten.

Dear Sister it is difficult for me to express to you my thoughts on paper so as to be understood and so as to say nothing that should not be said & say all I desire to say. But I trust you may glean my ideas from what I have written & not mistake either my meaning or my intent. That the Lord m[a]y sustain you in your hour of trial and by his spirit influence and inspire you aright is my prayr & desire.

Affectionately, Your Brother


<Letter to Nerva Continued>5

5 March 1895 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather fine.

I sold hay to Pocock & Angell and put up monument or Tomb Stone to Amy’s grave. Filled an appointment with Prest. Gowans, C L Anderson & T. Williams Stake Clerk examining tithing report. In the evening I wrote to Fred & Mother. & did other writing.

6 March 1895 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I hauled a load of hay around to feed cows & a load to barn. Hauled chaff from vicks yard or stall to cows. Turned on the Kelsey water onto farm lucern &c.

Shaved, hitched up team on buggy & [p. 92] attended the funeral of Alex. Fraser Jr.s wife and occupied about half the time in speaking at the services. Took Alice & children for a ride after the funeral. Spent the evening at home reading. Read sermon of Apostle Lymans on the Power of Example & finished sermon of G. Q. Cannons on the Modern Prophet. Read Juvenile &c.

7 March 1895 • Thursday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

Unloaded hay into barn loft. Fasted, & attended Fast meeting. Paid my regular donation of $1.00 & gave 10 bu. of wheat to Relief society. Spoke 3 2nd in meeting giving some instructions as to rights of the people & proper respect should be shown for those rights &c. Blessed two babies. One Sister Rowberry’s & Joseph Kirks. Sold hay to Angell & to R. Warburton. Repaired fence near ye house &c. Spent the evening at home reading and writing.

8 March 1895 • Friday

Tooele Weather dry & pleasant.

I repaired fence, washed the wagon and plowed in South field the first plowing of the season. Spent the evening at home reading News & Transcript.

9 March 1895 • Saturday

Tooele Weather continues same. I did some repairing of fence & then plowed [p. 93] in South field. Spent the evening at home, shaved, bathed & did some writing. received letter from Mother. Wrote to Abram.

10 March 1895 • Sunday

Tooele Weather pleasant. I Attended Sunday School & spoke, Attended Stake Y.M.M.I. Association conference meetings in afternoon and evening. Also attended prayr circle at 4 P.M. & between meetings I read from Eccleseastical History the Restoration of the Gospel.

11 March 1895 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I attended Conference of Y.M.M.I. association in forenoon concluding meeting and plowed in South field in the afternoon, sold a load of hay to Alex. McKendrick, time. In the evening Alice, Joel, Legrand & I went to Sunday school entertainment and came home & Estella, Geo. & Nerva went to dance. Alice has had severe cold for several days.

12 March 1895 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather windy & cold. I plowed in south field until about 5 PM. & then went on horse back & saw Jos. Henson & Geo A. Rimington & had them sign agreements on rent of my farms. Jos. Henson has the Parker & Remington the South 40 of Bowen farm. Retired early. Read News after I got to bed. [p. 94] About 1 A.M. at Night Alice got to feeling so bad with cold & pain in head, I administered to her & she received the desired benefits & went off to sleep. Snowed a little in the night.

13 March 1895 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather cold. About 5 P.M. it commenced to Snow & continued for about two hours. I plowed in South field in forenoon & took up stumps of trees in Barrington lot South field in afternoon. Took chain to Shop & got welded & ring put on it. In the evening I prepared my tax statement for 1895 & directed to Assessor P. H. Kimball, wrote out an order on Bp. Atkin favor Jos. Henson for 40 bu. wheat. & did other writing. Retired at 10:30 P.M. Alice feels some better to-night.

14 March 1895 • Thursday

Tooele Weather Stormy.

I attended to regular work of Ranch. Wrote letters put plaster on Legrand. Read from Bible & other books & News. Wrote letter to Sister Nerva in answer to question & recorded same on following page in this Journal. Alice is some better today. I was up with her last night again. & administered to her with good effect.

[4 lines blank] [p. 95]

<A letter to Sister Minerva in answer to a question.>

<An Extract from letter.>

<If a woman leaving her husband committed adultery in So doing?>6

Tooele City, Utah, Mar. 14, 1895.

Dear Sister Nerva: In relation to the Ques. asked me in your last, I do not know what Bro. Brigham has said upon the subject & I have no Mill[ennial] Star nor Journal of Discources to refer to but we have had some examples in life constantly before us. Let us consider them. This of course is private so you will pardon me for referring to individuals by their names. Did Aunt Nancy Clark appear to you as an adulteress? Was she looked upon by the people as such? Was she thought less of by any one for having taken the course she did? Does the Lord place a premium upon wickedness by giving spiritual gifts to wicked people or adulteresses? Did ever Aunt Nancy manifest in your presence that she was in the favor of the Lord? Do you think she committed adultery? Do you think that M. E. Clark was looked upon by the people while she was living in apparent love and harmony with J E Robinson & raising a family, as an adulteress. Was it therein that she lost prestige & favor with the people? or was it in taking the course she did in breaking up the family relations on the same grounds of belief that conform with your conceived ideas? I do not wonder at yours & M E Clark’s ideas as they are no doubt the effects of education [p. 96] <A letter to Nerva Continued.>7 for which E. Stevenson is I believe largely if not wholly responsible as I remember how he used to hurl stones at Bro. Clark when he had an oppertunity from the pulpit. It is true the Bible sustains you some what in your ideas Read Matt. V & 32 Luke XVI & 18 1st Cor. VII & 10 Romans VII & 2–3.

What is sealed on earth by proper authority is sealed in heaven and what is loosed on earth by same authority is loosed in heaven. Doc. Cov. Sec 132 V. 46. What does loosing mean? When loosed is not one same as if never bound? If this loosing be sin to her that be loosed, is not he who by the power of God looses, also in sin? Would our Leaders so far tolerate sin, especially that grave sin of Adultery, that they would sanction it or become accessory in it? The fact that there are numerous cases arising around us where this loosing process is effected is evidence that it can [be?] done & without sin.

Yet it might be done in Sin. The extent to which one would be justified depends upon the circumstances and they are best understood by the contracting or interested parties. I should not like to judge & advise and I very much doubt if any of the Presidency or apostles would do so either. It is a childs place to ask advice of her parents and a parents place to counsel the children nor is [p. 97] <A letter to Nerva continued>8 this less true when the children are grown up and raising families but rather as the responsibilities & perplexities increase, there is more need for that Parental Counsel. What a blessing to those who have worthy parents with which to Counsel. You, Dear Sister, have a worthy father competent to judge & give righteous Counsel. He dare not by reason of his position & authority from God Our Heavenly Father, be governed by sympathy to give unrighteous counsel. If both father & mother were together so the understandings had would be mutual, so much the better it seems to me. Meekness & Humility on your part would be necessary so if any of your actions should be disapproved you could accept the manifestations of disapproval as well as thos[e] of approval.

Surely in your parents you could confide, as in such cases it should not be known that such thoughts had been entertained until thoroughly decided to act. These Dear Sister, are some of my views in regard to the subject we were talking on. I hope & pray you may yet see in this life <at least> a glimmar of of that light which will light your matrimonial life here after for you will surely have full satisfaction hereafter. There is no half happiness in the Celestial Kingdom Happiness is perfect there.

Affectionately George. [p. 98]

15 March 1895 • Friday

Tooele Weather cold & stormy in afternoon. Froze hard during last night.

Alice continues to improve.

I received letter from Fred. & answered it. also posted letters to Sister Nerva & Mother.

I finished taking out stumps & trees in South field & did some plowing there, read news &c. Spent the evening at home reading and writing. Received written blessing from Patriarch Israel Bennion of Vernon.

16 March 1895 • Saturday

Tooele Weather pleasant. Cold nights. I finished plowing the South field Barrington lot. Took Alice to Store with team & buggy. Spent the evening at home. Estella went to theatre with Hyrum Lee who just to-day returned from Bingham. Alice some better.

17 March 1895 • Sunday

Tooele Weather fine but a little cool. I attended school at Tooele & answered question by Thos. Martin why the Sabbath day was changed from last to first day of the week & evidince of the Lords approval of the change. Alice accompanied me to Lake View where we attended meeting, Ward Conference. Apostle Lyman & Prest. Gowans were present I talked about 20 min. After meeting, by request we called at Walter Adamson’s & I gave to his wife a Patriarchal blessing Alice writing for me [p. 99] Returned home, took summer supper & went to the evening meeting here.

18 March 1895 • Monday

Alice not so well.

Tooele Weather pleasant most the day. I repaired wire fence & wrote letters &c. Spent the evening at home. Called on Apostle Lyman in forenoon & conversed with him on religious topics, asked questions &c.

19 March 1895 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather fine.

I finished repairing wire fence & hauled a load of hay around to Vicks stall. At noon read a sermon by Prest. G. Q. Cannon as it appeared in Des. News. Sister Jemima Stookey & her Son Mahonri called just dusk and I gave Mahonri a blessing, the mother to call to-morrow. In the evening I read the News, wrote in Journal & made entries in leggers [ledgers] &c. Retired at 10-15. P.M.

Alice about same. Ought to be in bed but was up most of the time.

20 March 1895 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather very windy.

I went with Prest. Gowans up to see Bankhead of Water works a new box having been put in and flume enlarged. Attended High Priests meeting & spoke at some length. Assisted Bro. Geo. Speirs in administering to Sister Garner’s child. Tried to burn sages in wind failed. Planted a few trees took down fence east of [p. 100] yards &c. In the evening I re-wrote three blessings. In the morning gave blessing to Sister Jemima Stookey.

Alice still poorly. Miss Mamie Hammond sewed for her.

21 March 1895 • Thursday

Tooele Weather windy most of the day. I delivered a load of hay to Dr. Davis, Sold hay to E. Green dug up posts east of yards, Had Geo. Horman plowing in South field in afternoon & E Green making reservoir for me in Larson farm in afternoon. I went to Basin & got two horses Called on Wm Caldwell & told him of his mare at Basin being on the lift.

In the evening I wrote in Journal & ledger & recorded blessings. (two).

Alice continues poorley & Nerva came home from School sick. I administered to her & She got better.

22 March 1895 • Friday

Tooele Weather Stormy.

I sold 200 lbs. lucern seed to Geo Speirs & 88 lbs to Chas. Warr. Hitched calf & took posts over to Larson farm where E. Green was working on reservoir. I hauled hay around to Cows, put handles in two grub. Hoes, &c. In the evening I wrote letter to Mother & did other writing [p. 101]

23 March 1895 • Saturday

Tooele Weather pleasant but clowdy.

I had Geo. Horman plowing in South field & E. Green making reservoir & plowing in Larson field. I hitched colts & took poles & posts from my lot to Larson farm. Worked two colts together & took them up & showed them to McKellar who talked of buying. Got Prest. Gowans to come up and assist me in Administering to Alice who seemed to get no better of her cold &c. She felt better all day after ward. Spent the evening at home writing & reading. Recorded Jemima Stookey’s blessing & wrote to Abram. H. B. Haynes & Jas. Kirk called in the evening & invited My wife & I to attend a surprise party at James Martins as a mark of respect for Thomas Martin who is about to go on a mission to the Southern States.

24 March 1895 • Sunday

Tooele Weather fine.

I Attended school afternoon & Evening meetings at Tooele & in the afternoon occupied 20 minutes talking on Temporal affairs. Counseled our Young men to enter the land unoccupied in the neighborhood of our town and assume the duties of raising familes, store up grain for a time of famine. Take courage for the Gospel is to remain on the earth [p. 102] this time & never be given to another people. I attended & presided at Prayr Circle & gave the brethren instructions on signs, tokens &c. Had Prest. H. S. Gowans & Benj. L Bowen & their wives here to Dinner at 5 P.M Newman Remington called & ate with us. We administered to Alice & prayed for her in Prayr Circle. She received some relief but was very sick in the middle of the night when I administered to her again & she slept well after. Ward Conference at Batesville. Prest. Gowans, Bp. Atkin & Counselor S.W. Orme went down there & I by approval <of Prest.> remained home.

25 March 1895 • Monday

Tooele Weather fine.

I had Geo. Horman plowing, Lewis Bowen harrowing while I sowed lucern seed until near 4 P.M. When I got ready & went down to Bro James Martins to attend a surprise on Thos. Martin who is about to go on a mission to Southern States. George being sick with fever & pain in head I administered to him. Alice being very unwell I could not take her so I took 2 doz oranges & went down & took Supper & after beating the boys jumping with a stick after Supper, I came home. At the table I was placed at the head & offerd Grace. Had a good supper and sociable time. Retired early. Folks better [p. 103] Thomas Morgan called to see me about selling his property. Maud Hammond Commenced helping us today & was with us in our evening prayrs.

26 March 1895 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather fine.

I sowed lucern seed in old field Sold my sulkey plow to Geo. A Rimington for $37.50 Gave to Newman Rimington a Blessing in the evennig [evening] and re-wrote & Recorded same before going to bed. Alice some better I still have severe cold. Letter from Mother.

27 March 1895 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather windy.

I had six hands employed on ranch, cleaning sages, plowing & harrowing. Had Jos. Henson reseeding lucern for me in the Bowen field. I helped the folks scrape plaster off ceiling & walls preparatory for paperings, room, and did sundry other jobs. Letters from Fred & Sugar Co. Spent the evening at home.

28 March 1895 • Thursday

Tooele Weather stormy.

Rained most of the day & at night snowed about 7 inches snow in morning.

I helped the folks cleaning & papering & in the evening put down carpet. Got a wagon box load of straw from Cleggs Folks have colds Alice some little imp[roved] [p. 104]

29 March 1895 • Friday

Tooele Seven inches of snow in morning & stormy during the day.

I moved my new desk & book case into South room & adjusted books, papers &c. Put down carpet in north room. Attended Lady Patrick’s funeral services at meeting house. Prest Gowans & Apostle Lyman were the Speakers. I offered the opening prayr and offered the Dedicatory prayr at grave. Prest Gowans rode up to cemetery with me. Spent the evening at home. Read News & Transcript. Folks some what improved I think.

30 March 1895 • Saturday

Tooele Weather pleasant & snow fastly disappearing. I gave a blessing to Andreas Genson in the morning, Attended Stake Priesthood meeting & High Council meeting. Offered the closing prayr at Priesthood meeting. Apostle Lyman was present at both meetings and answered numerous questions and gave valuable instructions. At High Council meeting James Palmer of Grantsville took an appeal (gave notice) to the Church Presidency and [first and last names redacted] was privileged to be baptized & have all his former blessings sealed upon him. Gustave & John Anderson came home to dinner with me and Owen H Barrus called after dinner and I [p. 105] gave him a blessing. I copied the two blessings & recorded one of them in the evening. Folks about as usual. Went down to Jos. Henson’s in buggy & got geneology of Andrus Genson.

Retired at eleven P.M.

31 March 1895 • Sunday

Tooele Weather pleasant but cool. I took team and buggy and President H. S. Gowans accompanied me & went to Grantsville where we attended Ward conference & Sunday school. Apostle F. M. Lyman & Prest. Hakes of Maricopa Stake went down in Prest. Gowans buggy. They put up at Prest. C. L. Anderson’s & we at Bp. J. S. Wrathall’s. I went home to dinner with Bro. Benj. Barrus and gave blessings to three of his children, Albert A., Mary Luella and Aldo B. Barrus. Bro & Sis. Barrus desired blessings but time would not permit. Bro. Fred Anderson, Gus August K. Anderson & family & O H Barrus’ wife desire blessings. At meeting, after the business of the conference was attended to Bro. Peter Anderson’s Son played a violin Solo “Home Sweet Home” which was most beautiful. It was on my suggestion that the piece was played. The Speakers were Bro. Hakes, myself, Prest. [p. 106] Gowans & Apostle Lyman. After the meeting, the Stake Presidency & clerk Williams read & revised the minutes of High Council meeting in Case of Palmer vs. Paviner preparitory to sending up to Presidency on appeal. Arrived home at 8 P.M. Ate Supper and spent the remainder of the evening writing Recorded O. H. Barrus’ blessing.

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