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May 1890

111 May 1890 • Sunday

Remained in all day and read about 1/4 of the Book of Covenants.

12 May 1890 • Monday

Alice has been sick since Friday the 9th She feels tolerably well during the day [p. 269] but not so well at night. I am still ill. Walked out in the field. Made Monthly report and wrote to A. F. Doremus.

13 May 1890 • Tuesday

Walked out in South field to see lucern and wrote to A. F. Doremus. Went over to the Court House and got Paul Droubay’s Note and Mortgage for $2500.002 Had deed made to Alice Ann. Read the paper.

143 May 1890 • Wednesday

Took horse and cart and went up and viewed the work being done on reservoir & trench for Water Company. Took Alice & baby along for a ride. Did some writing, went down and saw M. B. Nelson and Showed Jas. Henson in regard to irrigating. Alices 26th Birth day.

15 May 1890 • Thursday

Did the chores, hitched up and went up and saw Chas. Pocock about watering Stock at Basin. Signed deed to Alice Ann for 160 acres and wrote to her.

16 May 1890 • Friday

Mailed Deeds to Alice Ann and pictures (photoes) to our folks in Farmington. Attended to the work of the place Made dams &c. [p. 270]

17 May 1890 • Saturday

Tooele City Attended to the regular work of the place. Alice, Ge[o]rgie and I are all in an unwell condition of health. Colds, coughs, sickness at the stomach and pain in the head & back the principle fetures of the disease.

18 May 1890 • Sunday

Remained at home all day and read. Was not able to attend Sunday School and meeting.

19 May 1890 • Monday

Took Georgie into Salt Lake City to see the Doctor. and went on up to Farmington and returned to Salt Lake next day.

20 May 1890 • Tuesday

Came down to Salt Lake from Farmington. Staid over night at Sarahs and took breakfast next morning at Polleys.

21 May 1890 • Wednesday

Came from S.L. City to Tooele attended to some business here and attended a meeting of the Construction Committee on the Water Works.

22 May 1890 • Thursday

Attended a meeting of the Water Co. Board Went up the canyon with Broad and F. M. Lyman Jr. Read the Juvenile. Am improving in health. Raked up about the Stacks &c. [p. 271]

23 May 1890 • Friday

Tooele City, Utah Took the children all up the canyon there being an excursion up there for the children of the Ward. Had a pleasant time. Weather fine.

24 May 1890 • Saturday

Wrote letters to Aseneth, Mother, Fred, Abram and G. Nobles.

Attended a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Tooele City Water Co. where bids on work were considered and the work of digging trench on Main Street let out

25 May 1890 • Sunday

Went with Prest. H. S. Gowans down to Batesville branch where we attended both School & Meeting. Spoke in both. Attended evening meeting here and being called to speak occupied all the time.

26 May 1890 • Monday

Got out the mower and horse rake. Cleaned up and over hauled mower ground the knife &c ready for work. Took H. S. Gowans in the cart up the Settlement Canyon to look over and decide upon the land to purchase for a place of resort. There were also present on the grounds Bp. Thomas Atkin, Con. Geo. Craner, Geo. [p. 272] Atkin and Alvin J. McCuistion. We measured off the land designated the boundries deciding upon the purchase of six acres. In the evening from six P.M. to 7.30 PM we (Alice & I) visited at J. A. Vance’s.

27 May 1890 • Tuesday

Tooele City Pleasant day. Wrote to Nerva, Alice Ann and Seney. Mowed the small pasture north of the barn yard. Repaired the Washer, and door to yard on west side. wrote in the evening

28 May 1890 • Wednesday

Used the City water, went and saw Chas. Pocock about working for us. fixed up bar way into field between yards and Dunns.

29 May 1890 • Thursday

Tooele Repaired fence near gate to field, shed broken by Vick. Repaired H Marshal’s marker broken by us, put clasp on cart. Went down to the Basin pasture, took cart and Alice and baby went along. Mrs Donaldson was here to see about the purchase of two lots. Our Physical condition.

Alice feeling miserably, I have headache and a pain in my side and back, Sarah vomiting, George & Joel ailing &c. [p. 273]

The Gospel was upon the Earth prior to the birth of the Savior.

The same Gospel was taught by Jesus and his Apostles.

The Gospel was taken from the Earth by the killing of those who held the Priesthood and all the Saints of former days who would not deny the faith. This was done by wicked men.

The world were without the Gospel of Jesus Christ about 1800 years (nearly) when it was restored to the Earth for the last time through The Prophet Joseph Smith, The Church being organized April 6th 1830 with six members.

All the keys, powers and authority necessary and held by the Apostles and Prophets when the Gospel was taken from the Earth were restored to the Prophet Joseph by the various persons holding such keys authority &c.: John the Baptist; Peter, James and John; Elija; Moroni and others.

We hear of the Gospel plan, How?

It makes a good impression because we [p. 274] are drawn by the Father. We have Faith.

We have a sharp sense that our sins are not approved by God and we know we can never attain to the blessings promised by the Gospel if we continue in sin. Our We are sorry that we ever sinned, but our sins are upon us. We are determined we will not sin more. Our past sins still haunt us, if I could but get forgiveness. This is Repentance.

Will you keep the commandments of God as fast as they are made known to you? First Covenant.

You are immersed in water by one properly authorized for the remission of sins and your burthen of mind is lightened by having your past sins remitted.

Time is now taken to instruct you as to your duties and in the principles of the Gospel; and for you to show your worthyness before having the hands of him who is duly authorized laid upon you to confirm you a member in the Church and to confer upon you the Holy Ghost. [p. 275]

You have now become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, have received the Holy Ghost and have made covenant to keep the commandments of the Lord as fast as they are made known to you.

You are now in the service of the Lord.

You should now apply your mind to the study of the Gospel principles and plan of Salvation. Overcome your self. Obtain by prayr a knowledge that your works are approved by the Lord. Have your mind made to serve the Lord at all hasards. Never be ashamed to own your Lord, or of your profession. Make strong your weak points that Satin may be baffled in his attempts to destroy your faith and make you to deny your knowledge.

Seek with all your might to assist in the advancement of Gods work and to be a benefit to mankind.

Do not place your heart upon riches but remember that the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. He gives and has the power to take away. He is a jealous God and will have the hearts of his people. “Seek first the Kingdom [p. 276] of God and all else will be added.” We are merely stewards and will be held accountable for the use we make of the means placed in our hands. A liberal portion of it should be used for the advancement of God's work.

We have the satisfaction not had by the Former Day Saints. viz The Gospel will never be taken from the earth again. We will not all be destroyed as were the Former Day Saints. Sequence

Three Grand Divisions of Labor for the Saints

1st Work for the dead.

2nd Raising, providing for, and properly teach and educate our children.

3d Preach the Gospel abroad; warning the people of the earth of judgments sure to come upon the wicked, calling them to repentance and gathering out those who receive the glad message.

Conquer ourselves.

Tooele City, Utah.

May 29 “1890. 11 O’clock P.M. [p. 277]

30 May 1890 • Friday

Tooele City At 3 oclock A.M. Georgie awoke us coughing. We tried for two hours to stop it when we accomplished it through prayr and steaming the throat. His breathing became rapid and a rattling in his lungs, Respiration from 45 to 52 pr minute. Towards evening his breathing became easier. He rested well and the respirations decreas to 38. Henry Robinson & wife, Esther and Marias Clark & children came. He had a good nights rest but we sat up with him to Keep him covered and poulticed.

31 May 1890 • Saturday

George is getting on nicely. Looked over the lucern in old field, east field and south field. Took Henry Robinson & wife, Esther & Alice up Canyon and for a ride about Town. Sat up with George part of the Night. Raked & hauled hay &c.

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