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November 1889

1 November 1889 • Friday

Tooele Plowed in east field & wrote to Mother & Seney, also to Myron Richards.

2 November 1889 • Saturday

Plowed in east field all day, went down to Bro. Vance’s in the evening, had my hair cut and shaved.

3 November 1889 • Sunday

Sunday. Attended School & meeting in the afternoon and read the paper in the Y.M. & Y.L. MI. Associan in the evening. J. A Vance and family took supper with us. Sis Vance staid the evening here.

4 November 1889 • Monday

Wrote A. F. D. & received letters from Seney and A. F. D. Picked apples all day. [p. 228]

5 November 1889 • Tuesday

Tooele Went to the Basin pasture, repaired fence & drove animals out of pasture. Brought up a load of lumber. Received a letter from Fred.

6 November 1889 • Wednesday

Picked Apples & stowed away in cellar.

7 November 1889 • Thursday

Plowed in east field. wrote in evening several letters & notice & martin &c.

8 November 1889 • Friday

Plowed in east field all day, received letters from A. F. D. & Chicago Association Shingled 4 heads & shaved.

9 November 1889 • Saturday

Plowed in east field and wrote five letters in the evening.

10 November 1889 • Sunday

Attended Sunday School and meeting. Ate candy, sweet pits & apples in the evening.

11 November 1889 • Monday

Plowed in east field and sorted over apples. Attended Teacher’s meeting in the evening.

12 November 1889 • Tuesday

Plowed in east field, sorted over apples and hauled hay in to Vicks feed stall. Sent $100. to Myron which is payment in full for land & improvements. Read the news paper in the evening. [p. 229]

13 November 1889 • Wednesday

Tooele City Plowed in east field, received letters from Chicago Association & F. W. R. Snowed about one half the day.

14 November 1889 • Thursday

Finished plowing in east field and plowed garden.

15 November 1889 • Friday

Went to Basin pasture and drove horses out & hauled up old shanty.

16 November 1889 • Saturday

Unloaded & piled up lumber, went to the Stores & bought hat & pants. Sent $15.00 to D. G. Neilson of Ogden for burlap sacks. Put a lock on desk.

17 November 1889 • Sunday

Attended Sunday school and meetings in the after-noon & evening.

18 November 1889 • Monday

Wrote A. F. Doremus, received a card from Mother saying Alice Ann had arrived from Arizona and her boy Willard was better; also letters from Nerva Fred & Chicago Purchasing Association. Made a box for wagon in which to haul manure. Took Alice in the cart to stores and other places. By request of Bp. Atkin attended a meeting of the lesser Priesthood in the evening where I was ap[p. 230]pointed to revise and record in a new book the meetings of all our the previous meetings; also to take and record the minutes during this winter.

19 November 1889 • Tuesday

Hauled manure all day and read the news in the evening. Rained during the night.

20 November 1889 • Wednesday

Hauled manure, repaired water tank; attended Seventies meeting in the evening. Was appointed to talk at next meeting upon the first principles of the Gospel.

21 November 1889 • Thursday

Hauled manure all day. Bro. & Sis. Vance & children called and took supper with us. Letters from D. G Nelson, Ogden and A. F. D. Card from Fred.

22 November 1889 • Friday

Hauled manure all day and visited as a Teacher in the evening.

23 November 1889 • Saturday

Went to the basin pasture &c. Visited as a teacher in the evening.

24 November 1889 • Sunday

Attended Sunday School & Meeting. Read the news in the evening also wrote letters. [p. 231]

25 November 1889 • Monday

Tooele City Sent money by mail to F. M. R. $15.00 and to D. G. Nelson in full for sacks $19.75, the former by reg. letter & the latter by PO Money order. Got saws sharpened and pruned grape vines. Attended Teachers meeting in the evening.

26 November 1889 • Tuesday

Pruned grape vines, wrote & read the news in the evening.

27 November 1889 • Wednesday

Trimmed trees & grape vines during the day and read & wrote in the evening.

28 November 1889 • Thursday

Thanks Givings Day. Went down to Mill crossing and received car of grain. Ate Supper at Bro. J. A. Vances where we all spent the evening. Wrote F W. R. of Collinston.

29 November 1889 • Friday

Got Vowles note of $222.60 at 60 days discounted for cash. Trimmed trees &c—

30 November 1889 • Saturday

Trimmed trees, took Sarah Robinson & children to the Station on their way to Farmington, cut J. A. Vance’s hair and made out Monthly report in the evening. Letters from Fred & Myron. [p. 232]

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