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April 1889

1 April 1889 • Monday

Tooele Made out monthly report, attended an arbitrating meeting in afternoon.

2 April 1889 • Tuesday

Surveyed land south of street Had men at work, sowing and harrowing in rye, filling old cellar and c. [p. 182]

3 April 1889 • Wednesday

Tooele City Took Alice & children to station on the way to Conference. Scattered posts on south side of land south of street, finished harrowing in rye. Telephoned A. F. D. about fencing on south end of land south of street.

4 April 1889 • Thursday

Scattered posts for fencing south of street, went up to Bowdens with team for roller, started two teams to plowing in old field for lucern, broke handles to no. 40, raked up around stacks Attended a water meeting in evening. Wrote Alice at Farmington after meeting.

5 April 1889 • Friday

Rolled rye in east field. Had Huff boys putting up fence around south field. Had Owen Dunn & John Henwood plowing in old field for lucern, finished. Went down to Marshalls & Pocock’s in the evening. Wrote Alice about purchasing goods and telling her that I had taken steps to Join the Chicago Co-operative Purchasing Ass.

6 April 1889 • Saturday

Rolled rye land in east field in forenoon, rained & I went to S.L.C. & to Farmington by Ry [railway]. [p. 183]

17 April 1889 • Sunday

Spent the day visiting with Mother Seney & Nerva, went to S.L. City in evening. Spent the evening with A. F. Doremus and slept at Sarah’s.

8 April 1889 • Monday

Tooele Arrived from S.L. City with my family, via U & N. Ry [Utah and Nevada Railway]. All tolerably well.

9 April 1889 • Tuesday

Sowed 1½ acres lucerne, greased wagon, drove calf out of lucern, repaired fence between us & Jos. Dunn Went to the Basin Pasture and put pump in well, Had Homer Huff drive horses down took roller home. Wrote A. F. D. & F. Knowlton.

10 April 1889 • Wednesday

Finished putting in lucerne and hauling out poles for south fence. Went to Basin, took pump out of well, filled troughs, brought up old roller &c.

11 April 1889 • Thursday

Trimmed trees filled in and tamped posts for water troughs, put wagon away under shed, went to see Bonelli about pruning grapes, Went ang [and] got the Mercer boys to come and [p. 184] work on special water tax, did my usual writing and wrote a letter in the evening.

12 April 1889 • Friday

Tooele Went and saw James, viewed fence just put up by Mercer, went to the saw-mill and got lumber and made troughs to conduct water into large troughs &c.

13 April 1889 • Saturday

Cleaned up about the place

14 April 1889 • Sunday

Windy, went to Basin, took along Jno Mercer, tried to make pump work, drew water for horses.

15 April 1889 • Monday

Sunday.2 Attended Sunday School and two meetings Apostle Lyman was present just from the Penetentiary. I spoke for a few moments in the evening meeting by request.

16 April 1889 • Tuesday

Went to see Mrs Remington to get her to Whitewash, Saw McLaws, had him come and plaster house where frozen off last winter, Took the water in the morning for 5½ days.

17 April 1889 • Wednesday

Wrote A. F. Doremus, attended the water &c. [p. 185]

18 April 1889 • Thursday

Tooele Made well bucket out of beer keg, attended the irrigating, went teaching in the evening. Had Mercer cleaning yards.

19 April 1889 • Friday

Irrigated and helped alice putting down carpets, leveled the ground south end of the house & whitewashed the new work done by McLaws. Went teaching in the evening. Received a telephone message from Doremus.

193 April 1889 • Friday

Attended the irrigating, went to the switch and got the white cow just from S.L. City, Went to the Basin in the after-noon, watered horses and brought up the small mare for Henry Doremus to ride. Wrote up my Journal the best I could recollect it from April 12th to 20th in the evening.

20 April 1889 • Saturday

Went to the Switch to meet Abram & family. & Attended the irrigating, took Abram and family to see the Meecham property.

21 April 1889 • Sunday

Spent the day at home while Abram and family went to the Basin in the forenoon and up on the bench in the [p. 186] afternoon.

22 April 1889 • Monday

Tooele City Spent the forenoon with A. F. D.oremus looking over the place. Took Abram and family to the Station. repaired north shed and nailed up boards on east fence of apricot orchard, trimmed cuttings and took Alice for a ride in the evening.

23 April 1889 • Tuesday

Tooele Went to Basin pasture, drove two strange horses out of pasture, put up poles over water troughs, repaired correll fence and brought up a load of lumber and scraps Turned Sorrel Charley in Basin pasture.

24 April 1889 • Wednesday

Took Alma Mecham to Basin pasture caught & castrated two colts, drove two strange horses out of Pasture and put up fence, trimmed willow cuttings and peach trees near work shop.

25 April 1889 • Thursday

Repaired Basin pasture fence from the Ry track east and along east side to large hollow, refilled old well near well now in use, moved 4th water trough and left them all full of water.

26 April 1889 • Friday

Saw Meecham about sale of land, telephoned Abram, went to Basin and worked on north fence repairing it. [p. 187]

27 April 1889 • Saturday

Tooele Went and saw Orme about buying bull, Saw Volenviter about trimming grapes. Baptized and confirmed Sister Anna A. Smith, Attended theatre in the evening.

28 April 1889 • Sunday

Attended Conference two meetings Present on the stand Moses Thatcher & F. M. Lyman both spoke. Bro Vance & Family also Sister Walters spent the evening with us.

29 April 1889 • Monday

Attended two Conference meetings and went with F. M. Lyman Jr. to Grantsville to a meeting in the evening.

30 April 1889 • Tuesday

Attended a meeting held in the Meeting house in commemoration of the Centennial of Our 1st Presidents inauguration (in the U. States) By request occupied 15 or 20 minutes speaking to the people. Attended Baseball game between Tooele & Stockton boys Attended Meeting watering &c.

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