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January 1889


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1 January 1889 • Sunday

Tooele City Wrote up annual reports of the business all day and in evening.

2 January 1889 • Wednesday

Loaded hay for Jno. Southworth 3120 Sold hay to other parties. Wrote A. F. Doremus & posted with anual reports. Received contract from A. F. D. Signed the same. Attended Seventies meeting in evening Wrote up my Diary from Dec 21st and booked the accounts of the day. Pd $44.00 Tithing.

3 January 1889 • Thursday

Attended Seventies meeting Fasted and attended meeting. gave 50 lbs. flour Fast Offerings. Went to the mill & got bran & chicken feed, Wrote A. F. Doremus and mailed to him our contract, Signed. Sharpened large saw and sawed off tops of posts east of work shop. Did the regular work of caring for the animals cutting wood &c. Attended a committee meeting in the evening for the purpose of arranging for a Ward Sociable in respect for Apostle Lyman who is to receive his sentence, for living with his wives, on the 14th inst. [p. 166]

4 January 1889 • Friday

Tooele City Did the regular chores of caring for animals. Took Hay rack off wagon & puts on planks. Took rock rack off new wagon and put wagon in shed. Hauled manure &c.

5 January 1889 • Saturday

Hauled manure & did the regular chores. Attended y Y.M.M.I.A. in the evening.

6 January 1889 • Sunday

Tooele City Attended Sunday School, afternoon & evening meetings. Spoke in afternoon meeting.

7 January 1889 • Monday

Recovered mare & colt that had been sold from Lake View Estray pound, Went to Lake View in afternoon & got $3.50 from pound keeper. Attended Teachers meeting in the evening.

8 January 1889 • Tuesday

Went & saw Jno Marsden about what he is owing. Hauled manure and attended Sociable Committee meeting in the evening.

9 January 1889 • Wednesday

Hauled manure sold load of hay to Larson. &c.

10 January 1889 • Thursday

Sold Jas. Henson load of hay, helped load it, Gathered up dishes in the afternoon & evening for Ward Sociable. Went to mill &c.

11 January 1889 • Friday

Went to Station to see If ward robe came [p. 167] attended Ward Sociable in afternoon & evening attended dance. Frank K. came.

12 January 1889 • Saturday

Tooele Returned dishes, hauled manure Sold hay to several parties one load loose Attended dance in evening.

13 January 1889 • Sunday

Attended Sunday School & meeting.

14 January 1889 • Monday

Sold baled hay to several parties. wrote Doremus a weekly letter and took an inventory of Live Stock, products & Implements. Spent the evening writing up inventory.

15 January 1889 • Tuesday

Completed inventory and made a copy of same, got stove & piping from Icegreen’s & barrel from Hall Received from Bruno for Jas Henson for hay $14.15, paid J.A. Smith on horse acct in full 6.75 Bought 5 gal can coal oil.

16 January 1889 • Wednesday

Mended tools & cared for animals. attended Seventies meeting in the evening

17 January 1889 • Thursday

Aside from caring for animals, I worked in the shop, made paths & cleaned off the stacks. [p. 168]

18 January 1889 • Friday

Tooele Went to the mill and got 750 lbs. flour for which I paid in cash $2.50 per cwt [hundredweight]. Attended to the regular work of caring for 20 head of animals &c.

19 January 1889 • Saturday

Aside from the regular work, repaired tools and remade paths, Settled tithing and bought pair of pants for $4.50

20 January 1889 • Sunday

Attended Sunday School review & sunday School, three meetings in all.

21 January 1889 • Monday

Cleaned off stacks again, repaired one shovel, attended Teacher’s meeting in the evening. Wrote notices of water meeting.

22 January 1889 • Tuesday

Went to Station 3 miles distant and bought 2400 lbs coal @ $6.50 per ton $7.80 Sold hay to two parties @ 90¢ per cwt baled. Went over to Dr Dod’s in the evening for my thermomiter, the children being nearly sick with colds, Wrote up journal from 15th

23 January 1889 • Wednesday

Notified people of a water meeting. Went to store and got spikes. Put a floor in 1/2 of the stable, two stalls. ground hand axe &c. [p. 169] Received registered letter & parcel from Mother. Wrote to Mother and uncle Will in evening.

24 January 18891 • Thursday

Put down floor in north half of stable, attended to the regular chores and attended a water meeting in the evening at which I was re-elected water master on the Kelsey ditch.

25 January 1889 • Friday

Put window in east side of log Stable with frame and door. Did the other work of the place.

26 January 1889 • Saturday

Sawed out another window in east side of log stable and put in a frame. Went to the station and got wardrobe &c. put up wardrobe, sorted over books. hauled hay into stable for vick. &c.

27 January 1889 • Sunday

Tooele Spent the day at home reading.

28 January 1889 • Monday

Loaned Jas. Kirk for one year at one per cent $100.00 with mortgage security. put door in window to stable, waited on Georgie who was sick with his eyes. Wrote Mother & Uncle Will in evening & wrote up journal from the 24th. [p. 170]

29 January 1889 • Tuesday

Tooele City Put chinking in Stable and boards on roof of log stable. Went teaching in the evening, visited Daniel Perry & family also his mother Mrs Perry.

30 January 1889 • Wednesday

Made two trips to the saw mill for battens for hay house, put on some battens, Attended Seventies meeting in the evening.

31 January 1889 • Thursday

Besides the regular chores of the ranch put battens on hay house, took part of the irons off old wagon box, took the folks for a sleigh ride, bought a sack of sugar for $8.25 Visited Genet Delemar’s as a ward teacher in the evening. One year to day since I arrived in Tooele.

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