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December 1888

2 December 1888 • Sunday

Tooele Attended meeting in daytime and evening. Spoke in evening meeting which was presided over by the Young men and Young ladies Ass.

3 December 1888 • Monday

Bought $41.75 worth of thing of Mr Squire. <viz.>

Baby carriage


Chamber Set






Pr Blankets

3 50

Spice box


Tureene & dipper


Two Pillows

3 00

Flynet & cream pitcher



Attended Water meeting in the evening. [p. 160]

4 December 1888 • Tuesday

Tooele Sent to Fred for our wardroabe and sent fly net to Steve Slushed and repaired foundation to house, in front. Had Icegreen carpentering and McLaws whitewashing. Had teams plowing sage.

5 December 1888 • Wednesday

Painted foundation to house, helped make water troughs & attended to the regular work of the place.

6 December 1888 • Thursday

Commenced unroofing cellar in front, Arranged with Jno. Icegreen to take down building used formerly for cider making and rebuild for baled hay house. Started two men to pulling sage in east field, Had sand hauled around the house, took trussles home &c.

7 December 1888 • Friday

Moved cidar press building and commenced setting it up for a hay house.

8 December 1888 • Saturday

Took shingles & sheeting off roofing to Hay house. Went to Station with two teams and got barb wire, staples & baling wire. Took chimneys & shingles off old granary in front. Did the regular chores &c.

9 December 1888 • Sunday

Attended Ward meeting. Spent the remainder of the day at home attending to regular chores and reading. [p. 161]

10 December 1888 • Monday

Tooele City Tore down old granary in front of house and hauled material up to yards excepting the rock. Received posts of Remington &c. Commenced baling (11) hay in after noon

11 December 1888 • Tuesday

Baled hay all day and stowed it away in hay house,

12 December 1888 • Wednesday

Baled and weighed hay, Received posts &c.

13 December 1888 • Thursday

Had H. Marshall helping to bale hay. Repaired harness, weighed and piled up hay. &c.

14 December 1888 • Friday

Icegreen completed Hay house so far as his contract goes. Door fastenings and battens yet to put on. Baled hay part of the day Stormed, hauled logs, shingles &c away from hay house & piled up. Have more than ten tons of hay baled and in house.

15 December 1888 • Saturday

Baled hay, Went and saw Martin &c. Attended Y.M.M.I.A. in evening. P’d $1.00 for buying meeting house lot.

16 December 1888 • Sunday

Attended two meetings at which Apostle Lyman talked.

17 December 1888 • Monday

Baled hay, saw Martin about deed Took Alice to store & bought xmas toys. [p. 162] Went teaching with Henry Bocamp.1

18 December 1888 • Tuesday

Attended funeral services of Father Atkin at which Apostle Lyman spoke Visited as a Teacher after meeting & in the evening.

19 December 1888 • Wednesday

Went and saw G. Rimington and settled for posts. Had deed signed and abstract of title made from Martin to Doremus. Attended seventies meeting in evening at which Apostle Lyman preached.

20 December 1888 • Thursday

Killed pigs, attended the water &c. Spent the evening at home reading The Book of Abraham.

21 December 1888 • Friday

Weighed wire & staples. Took pig harness & hose to station and sent to A. F. Doremus Salt Lake. Sent out bills to Parties owing Company.

22 December 1888 • Saturday

Did regular chores of the place &c.

23 December 1888 • Sunday

Attended meetings and Sunday school. Was appointed a teacher in the Sunday school over a class of young men, Went to Batesville to attend Y.M.M.I.A. there as a missionary [p. 163]

24 December 1888 • Monday

Tooele City Wrote letters to Mother & seney, Had a visit from Ward Teachers Made out Deed for Fred for land on Bear River.

25 December 1888 • Tuesday


Met A. F. Doremus at depot showed him over the place and took him to the depot again. Did the regular chores. Posted deed to Fred.

26 December 1888 • Wednesday

Did regular chores. Went and p’d McLaws in full of acc’t also G Remington for posts. Went down to Jno. Marsdens and up to Parkers mill for lumber with team & wagon. Helped load <a> Load hay

27 December 1888 • Thursday

Set up stove put tung in Slay Took Alice out in Slay Went to try and get Gallaher to come work. &c.

28 December 1888 • Friday

Looking over book accounts. & making out reports.

29 December 1888 • Saturday

Sold & helped load a load of hay for Caldwell Shaved did some writing. Attended Y.M.M.I.A in evening

30 December 1888 • Sunday

Attended Sunday School & meeting. [p. 164]

31 December 1888 • Monday

Tooele City Set gate post and hung gate at Barn yard. Went up in east field to contract work to Ammon Worthington, Turned horses in east field &c.

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