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October 1888

1 October 1888 • Monday

Tooele Commenced hauling in 3d crop lucern. Hauled two loads and had to quit on account of rain. Attended a meeting [p. 147] of the water oweners of the Tooele district called for the purpose of levying a tax to work springs and water courses in Cañon. An assessment of 50¢ pr acre was made in each cañon Middle & Settlement.

2 October 1888 • Tuesday

Compared accounts and settled up with Mr. Dunn for the season’s irrigating Put in three panes of glass in windows, Telephoned Dr. Joseph. Hauled hay in after noon. Received a couple of loads of poles on contract.

3 October 1888 • Wednesday

Tooele Wrote A. F. D. Did the regular chores, Took Alice & babies to Depot on their way to Salt Lake City to let the Dr. See Nerva and lance her neck. Unloaded hay Repaired straw stack, picked up apples &c. Received four loads of Redpine poles as per contract.

4 October 1888 • Thursday

Tooele City Raked up around stacks, picked up apples, repaired apple press, cleaned out stable, made bridge in South street and covered it with weeds and grass from the lot, sold hay, did the regular chores &c. Received telephone message from S.L.C. saying Alice and babies would be home tomorrow the 5th. [p. 148]

5 October 1888 • Friday

Tooele City Met Alice and babies at the station, Took the water at noon, had boys making cider, watered trees on ditches, east of Mecham’s.

6 October 1888 • Saturday

Tooele Took the water from City Ditch at 4.30 oclock A.M. Irrigated from 4,30 am to 7.30 Pm. filed saw, put boards on front fence. Received two loads poles, let two parties have baled hay. Had front walk cleaned off & post set in corner & on side walk. Had secretary cleaned out. Did regular chores &c.

7 October 1888 • Sunday

Tooele Did all the regular chores of caring for the animals. Herd boy not being here on account of Sunday, turned black cattle in lucern pasture where it had been eaten off by horses. Took them out in less than two hours with five of them foundered. Stuck them all and worked with all five for nearly three hours. Read the paper and irrigated. Rained in afternoon. Mrs. Remington & Jas. Dunn picked apples to dry on halves.

8 October 1888 • Monday

Tooele Irrigated lucern in apple orchard. Had bridge in south Street covered with dirt and sand, Had gravel hauled [p. 149] in edge of creek in yards. Trimmed trees Grubbed trees and whitewashed two rooms Engaged men in evening to haul hay next day.

9 October 1888 • Tuesday

Tooele Had men here hauling hay. I did the stacking and helped with the loading and raking. Did the regular chores. Sold five loads of hay. In the evening. went to store Got weigh receipts for Hay sold and made entries in Book. Put down carpet.

10 October 1888 • Wednesday

Tooele Finished haying for the season, whitewashed one room. Had man grubbing trees in afternoon. Irrigated.

11 October 1888 • Thursday

Finished watering, finished putting top on hay stacks also chained it down with chain wire. Hauled trees in to wood pile and trimmed them up.

12 October 1888 • Friday

Tooele Raked in yards, did the regular chores of caring for the animals, repaired cupboard, braced up shade tree, trimmed trees filled bed ticks. Took all the folks in carriage to Basin pasture.

13 October 1888 • Saturday

Tooele Raked up barn & stack yards. trimmed down hay stack. Went to post office, & mill. [p. 150] Repaired door locks, got vegetables from garden, took Alice to store Did regular chores of caring for animals.

14 October 1888 • Sunday

Did the regular chores of caring for animals. shaved, hitched up team and went to Basin to see Armitstead. Took folks along. Read the paper &c.

15 October 1888 • Monday

Tooele Finished cleaning up yards, piled up lumber finished raking off hay stack. Went to see H. Marshall. Did the regular chores &c.

16 October 1888 • Tuesday

Tooele Received draft on Des. Nat Bank S.L.C. from Asenath which I endorsed and turned over to A. J. McCuistion in her name taking his note for the same payable in twelve months at one per cent per month int. Int. payable quarterly. Principle $500 00/100 Also took a mortgage on his house & lot with abstract of title made out and properly certified to. Raked off and among grape vines. Made breadboard. Repaired yard & manger. Some of our horses came out of Cañon.

17 October 1888 • Wednesday

Tooele Did regular chores, went hunting horses down to Basin and up cañon. Had roan yearling heifer foundered and cured by gag[p. 151]ing. Had water hauled to Basin, and sand hauled.

18 October 1888 • Thursday

Tooele Sent load of water to Basin, sent horses in cañon, three horses got cut in wire, tied blood vessles and sewed up wound. Went after lime, mixed morter and commenced slushing inside of cellar. Borrowed Parker’s jacks and sent to Basin in evening.

19 October 1888 • Friday

Tooele Slushed up in side of cellar, repaired fence, pressed apples for vinegar, sent team to Clumet Mine for jacks to raise pipe at Basin, received telephone message from A. F. D. saying he would be out tomorrow.

20 October 1888 • Saturday

Tooele Met A. F. D. & family at Station. Spent the day with A. F. D. looking over the place.

21 October 1888 • Sunday

Went with A. F. D. to Basin Pasture and spent the remainder of the day looking over the place and looking after cattle thair just been turned in field.

22 October 1888 • Monday

Attended to water and took A. F. D. to Basin to meet Mr Bishop who located for us, wells in Basin. A. F. D. borded the train at Terminus and Polly & [p. 152] children at Tooele Station. Engaged man to bale hay.

23 October 1888 • Tuesday

Had men baling hay, had a load of water taken to Basin pasture an engine moved, Irrigated trees & lucern, posted letters to F. W. R. & Mother & Seney in one, Mother being in Nephi.

24 October 1888 • Wednesday

Hunted horses, irrigated, had men baling hay and sent water to Basin, repaired saddle daps. Sold cart to Oren Skelton for $3500 to be paid in work @ $1.50 per day of 10 hours each. Three animals came out of cañon.

25 October 1888 • Thursday

Went in cañon looking for horses, was gone from 9 a.m. to 6 P.M. found two gray horses. Snowed and froze ice on my mustache while in the cañon.

26 October 1888 • Friday

Finished slushing cellar and went down west of Basin pasture after three black mares.

27 October 1888 • Saturday

Made shelves in cellar for apples and watered trees also went after horses—found gray mare & colt. Talked with A. F. D. & Armitstead by telephone.

28 October 1888 • Sunday

Sunday, Conference. Attended two meetings Wrote letters in the evening. [p. 153]

29 October 1888 • Monday

Tooele Attended two conference meetings, Sent money $5.66 to O.G. Snow of Brigham for my taxes on property in Plymouth. Sent $20.00 to James Henry Robinson of Farmington to apply on what I am owing O. L. R. Est. Went to Basin pasture in evening. Talked with Abram through the Telephone.

30 October 1888 • Tuesday

Killed kinked necked calf and had it skinned. Sewed up wounds in cows sids results from sticking them with a knife for lucern founder cure. Saw County Court and got a reduction in taxes to the amount of $12.00 Made arrangements for $36.00 in Co. Script at 90¢ on the $1.00. Met man at Station and shewed him black cattle. Wrote A. F. Doremus in the evening.

311 October 1888 • Wednesday

Hunted cattle horses on east benches & fields to east north & west of the City. Fred came in the evening to receive the horses.

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