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April 1888

1 April 1888 • Sunday

Tooele City Attended meeting wrote to Mother & Nerva and read papers &c.

2 April 1888 • Monday

Received letters from A. F. D. & Seney Wrote Seney in evening. Went down to Basin pasture got load of posts, watered the animals set stakes for posts, went to see Frazer & Mercer about coming to work. Took Alice with me in buggy

3 April1 1888 • Tuesday

Sent bills to parties who were owing pasturage, drove stakes for 200 trees, Saw Frazer & Mercer about working. Went to see Nelson. Arrangeed to have Edmund Storman come and work. Did the regular chores

4 April 1888 • Wednesday

Tooele Bolted pole on fence at watering place, repaired fence on south, made irons for supporting brake bar on baled hay rack, put in tung fastened on spring seat greased &c. Had two men at work digging holes. Collected pasturage of Wm Crookston Went and say [saw?] Gillett about $14.50 due A. F. D, old acct [p. 126]

5 April 1888 • Thursday

Tooele City Went to Station <3 mi.> and got 1000 poplar trees. Had those on Front walk & some leading to Barn yard set in in afternoon. Went to see P. Nelson, H. Marshall, Jno Mercer & grdner about coming to work. Sold saddle to Edler for six days work.

6 April 1888 • Friday

Tooele Had four men at work setting out trees.

Raked up about stacks, waited on Mr. Dunn with two mares. &c.

7 April 1888 • Saturday

Tooele Had five men at work setting out trees. I went down to pasture and watered horses left troths whold [troughs with?] about 250 gallons filled. Sold hay to several parties and assisted in putting in trees giving generall and special directions.

8 April 1888 • Sunday

Tooele Staid home & read Book of Mormon.

9 April 1888 • Monday

Had four men at work setting out trees. Sold and helped load two loads of hay to Jas. Dunn & Cips. Hanks. Wrote Fred W. R. in evening.

10 April 1888 • Tuesday

Had six men at work digging holes and setting out trees. Trimmed grapevines &c.

11 April 1888 • Wednesday

Went to pasture and watered horses, bolted up bar way &c. Raked up about barn yard & stacks. [p. 127]

12 April 1888 • Thursday

Tooele City Traded Puss, cripple, for cart and harness. attended to the gen’l business of the day &c.

13 April 1888 • Friday

Had five men at work. Hitched up Vick on cart and drove him. Waited on Mr. Dunn & Wm. Nelson with mares. Sold hay and attended to other business. Talked with A. F. D. through telephone.

14 April 1888 • Saturday

Tooele Had four men at work, Went to switch 3 miles and got two horses & 4 cattle, took young man that came with animals back to switch, took Loose to pasture, watered animals, caught Net and led her back.

15 April 1888 • Sunday

Attended meeting, read paper, shaved & attended to all the animals &c.

16 April 1888 • Monday

Tooele Had five men at work hauling rock & trash off lucern making ditch to trees making fence around trees &c.

17 April 1888 • Tuesday

Went to Basin pasture took Mercer & 4 horses got load posts, watered animals & went to Stockton and got mare that got out of pasture. Had five hands at work. [p. 128]

18 April 1888 • Wednesday

Tooele Made new water tickets. Had two Mercers baling hay and others making ditch & hauling rock off lucern.

19 April 1888 • Thursday

Set out 990 willow cuttings, baled hay and other work.

20 April 1888 • Friday

Made new wheel for wheelbarrow, Went down to pasture and got wagon & 4 horse load of posts Mercer having broken a reach and left it there Had Mercer water horses. Made ditch to trees on east boundry, set posts &c. 7 men at work besides myself.

21 April 1888 • Saturday

Attended to the regular business & chores

22 April 1888 • Sunday

Staid home and read paper Sermon by R. D. R. Dr Isaacsons reply to the Jews showing from the scriptures that Jesus Christ whom they crucified was the Messiah they were looking for to come. &c &c.

23 April 1888 • Monday

Drove the sorrel colt in the cart the first time hitched alone. Took Alice out riding. Talked with A. F. D. in telephone.

24 April 1888 • Tuesday

Tooele Met A. F. D. & two other men at pasture &c. [p. 129]

25 April 1888 • Wednesday

Tooele Took cattle to pasture brought back 90 poles, rained nearly all day. Had three men with me.

26 April 1888 • Thursday

Tooele Had five men at work, Laid out work, correlled animals off lucern, drilled holes larger in strap hinges, put four hinges on gates &c.

27 April 1888 • Friday

Tooele Had five men at work. I laid out the work and hung a pair of double gates, repaired fence &c.

28 April 1888 • Saturday

Tooele Drove Vick in the cart did chores laid out work for the men, repaired high chair, put handle in hammer, sold hay to two parties, talked with A. F. D. through the telephone &c.

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