August 1886

13 August 1886 • Friday

At Farmington, went to Salt Lake City taking family aseneth and Nerva being there on their road home.

14 August 1886 • Saturday

Had a Richards reunion at Liberty Park where Georgie was taken Sick and had to remain in Town more than a week.

16 August 1886 • Monday

Alice’s father was taken sick with cholerea. He in Farmington & We in the city.

18 August 1886 • Wednesday

Alice’s Father died1 at Farmington.

22 August 1886 • Sunday

We left Salt Lake for Farmington to attend the funeral of Alice’s father.

24 August 1886 • Tuesday

Alice’s folks & ours went to the lake and had a bath.

31 August–2 September 1886

We left Farmington for Plymouth. Stopped out at Aunt Alices from the 31st until Sep. 3d while it rained hard.