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March 1885

1 March 1885 • Sunday

Attended Ward meeting and took Frank & Nerva home and Nona Smith to the depot. Spent the evening at home. Baby very sick indigestion

2 March 1885 • Monday

Repaired the pantry window Went to the depot and to Kaysville after Edna but did not meet here there. Baby no better,

3 March 1885 • Tuesday

Telephoned for D.r. Joe & met him at the morning’s train Baby better.

4 March 1885 • Wednesday

Borrowed plow & scraper and plowed Lucern patch, &c.

5 March 1885 • Thursday

Attended Fast Meeting and Scraped the fort wall down and tore down the fence.

6 March 1885 • Friday

Finished leveling down the wall and, hauled 2 loads of sand, put up the fence back of correll and branded cattle

7 March 1885 • Saturday

Dug out foundation to rock wall. tore down to correll fence on the east side, Made a lizzard to haul rock on. [p. 90]

8 March 1885 • Sunday

Attended Conference in Bountiful.

9 March 1885 • Monday

Hauled Sand and met the train at 7.20 P.M.

10 March 1885 • Tuesday

Took Alice and babies to Town and had babie’s picture taken.

11 March 1885 • Wednesday

Took Steves buggy home & went to the depot with wagon for his trunk, went up to D Oviatts. Greased & repared wagon for and loaded for Bearriver. Sold roan calf to Ezra Clark for $9.50 Ground grain to take to Bear River. repared work bench.

12 March 1885 • Thursday

Visited as a Ward Teacher in F’m’tn. [Farmington] with H. W. Miller.

13 March 1885 • Friday

Left Farmington for Plymouth, nooned at River Dale and camped at night with Calvin at the Cold Springs.

14 March 1885 • Saturday

Drove from Cold "1 to Plymouth. left Deed and patent at Brigham to be recorded P’d $3.00 for recording

15 March 1885 • Sunday

Attended Ward and Teachers Meetings at Squaretown, Ate dinner at Wolveston’s and supper at Myron’s.

16 March 1885 • Monday

Rained in the morning and afternoon, plowed about 1/2 day and took shoes off the horses

17 March 1885 • Tuesday

Hauled five loads of rock for a house

18 March 1885 • Wednesday

" six " " " " " "2

19 March 1885 • Thursday

" 3 " " "3 and plowed [p. 91] four rounds sick mare.

20 March 1885 • Friday

Hauled six loads of rock

21 March 1885 • Saturday

" five " " "4

22 March 1885 • Sunday

Stormy and cold, read paper and sermon by Jno. Taylor of Feb 12/85 shaved and rode over to Collinston station spent part of the evening at the bridge.

23 March 1885 • Monday

Went down to Sander’s to try and trade plows. Garret Wolverton took dinner with me, traded plows with him went over and exchanged gave a sack of wheat boot and got a new steel plow. Hauled one load of rock, made bread and greased boots in evening.

24 March 1885 • Tuesday

Plowed sixteen rounds about 2¼ acres

25 March 1885 • Wednesday

Broke plow beam, bolted it together and plowed 14 rounds (2 acres) wrote a letter home and took it down to E. O. Wilcox’s.

26 March 1885 • Thursday

Plowed 14 rounds (2 acres)

27 March 1885 • Friday

" 4 "5 rode Brown mare up to the indian farms and got pr. of maccosins, sore feet so I could not wear my boots. Rec’d deed and patent from recorder. and card from Fred.

28 March 1885 • Saturday

Plowed 15 rounds, Clark’s herd came and br’t my cow.

29 March 1885 • Sunday

Took breakfast with Myron, [p. 92] rode after horses about half day; wrote home, made bread. &c.

30 March 1885 • Monday

Plowed 12 rounds,

31 March 1885 • Tuesday

" 10 "6 Went down to. Ebins and got things sent from Farmington, Went to Squaretown and got a letter from home and posted one. Called at Wolvertons with Wilford. Rained part of the night.