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May 1884

1 May 1884 • Thursday

Hauled five loads of sage down to Bourn’s molasses mill.

2 May 1884 • Friday

Celebrated. Attended a concert or entertainment in the Hall given by the Young Ladies in the fornoon. Went down to O. L. Robinson’s in the after-noon, received calls from Lou, Marian & Mary Lizie Clark, Grand Robinson & wife Ema Palmer, and Turah Robinson.

3 May 1884 • Saturday

Hauled 2 loads of sage to Bourn’s <Sunday 4th> stormed all the afternoon. Steve came from Cache in the evening, brought Madam.

4 May 1884 • Sunday1

5 May 1884 • Monday

Hauled 3 loads of sage and fired sage.

62 May 1884 • Tuesday

Grubbed sage

73 May 1884 • Wednesday

Tried to trade for Barber’s plow. When Went teaching in the afternoon. [p. 69]

8 May 1884 • Thursday

Burned sage in the fornoon and sowed lucern in the after-noon. Attended seventies meeting in the evening.

9 May 1884 • Friday

Rec’d letter and blanks from C. P. Ry Land agt. Sowed lucern and repaired Alice’s wagon in for-noon and made a Teacher’s visit in the after-noon.

10 May 1884 • Saturday

filled blanks and sent to C. P. Ry. Co. went over to Bourn’s with my mares, worked in the strawberry bed. &c. Attended Teacher’s meeting.

11 May 1884 • Sunday

Worked on the big creek in for-noon. Visited with Steve, Lou, Alice & children.

12 May 1884 • Monday

Went down on the bottoms twice and to Barber’s once to see sulky plow. Worked in the garden. Drove Bell & Madam on the buggy.

13 May 1884 • Tuesday

Hired 35 dol.’s of Mother for six months at 8% int. Bought Barber’s sulky plow. Plowed fore Spikeman

14 May 1884 • Wednesday

Plowed all day for Spikeman.

15 May 1884 • Thursday

Took Mother. and baby over to Nerva’s, went up in north string hunting for potatoes. Plowed the lot. &c. Found the middle line of the pasture and set the stakes for the post holes. [p. 70]

16 May 1884 • Friday

Leveled and planted the lot.

17 May 1884 • Saturday

Put up the partition line of fence between Jacob Miller’s & our pastures.

18 May 1884 • Sunday

Br’t Dr. Joe from Depot. also brought Steve, Lou & family & Alice Ann & Family up. Took them all back in buggy moved Alice Ann and things up here from B. F. Ks. in after noon. Took my Alice riding in the evening.

19 May 1884 • Monday

Sold the hay on Alice Ann’s meadow for this season to T. J. Steed for $50.00/100 $30.00 down and $20.00 in one month Went on the bottoms to show T. J. Steed the meadow. Went to the Court house to see J. E. Robinson. & Jos. Barton. Took Alice & Family to Salt Lake City in afternoon

20 May 1884 • Tuesday

Stayed in town over night & saw them off for Arizona on the D. &. R. G. Ry. & Returned in the afternoon.

21 May 1884 • Wednesday

Dug post holes in the pasture and tore down the west fence. had two shoes put on Bell.

22 May 1884 • Thursday

Took a bale of wire over to B. F. Knowltons; took sulky plow to. Black[p. 71]smith shop. Hauled the material that was in the west fence of the pasture up. & put down carpet & shook carpets.

23 May 1884 • Friday

Hauled posts down to the pasture and dug post holes.

24 May 1884 • Saturday

Set posts in pasture, Drove up to Barton’s store, took Alice & baby on

23 May 1884 • Friday

Attended Teachers Quorum.

25 May 1884 • Sunday

Took Mother up to Aunt Alices with team and buggy & brought her back in the evening.

26 May 1884 • Monday

stretched wire on north & west sides of pasture and set posts on west side.

27 May 1884 • Tuesday

Finished the pasture fence, settled with Jacob Miller & J. H. Wilcox on pasture & taxes. went to mill and went teaching in afternoon.

28 May 1884 • Wednesday

packed my wagon and prepared to start for Bear River.

29 May 1884 • Thursday

prepared still farther to go to Bear River.

30 May 1884 • Friday

Started for Bear River in company with Steve & Family, & others. Nooned at Riverdale, rode on in to Ogden ahead of teams and got extras for plow, camped at north edge of Harrisville for night

31 May 1884 • Saturday

drove to Bearriver via. Dad Town [p. 72]

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