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June 1883

1 June 1883 • Friday

worked all day on the board fence.

2 June 1883 • Saturday

Flooded corn ground at. B F. K’s. and hitched my Madam mare in afternoon, and led him her up from B. F. K’s.

3 June 1883 • Sunday

Went up to Aunt Alice’s with Frank & Nerva also Alice.

4 June 1883 • Monday

Went up Rudd Creek after bows for hay rack, hitched up Nannie and Madam mares and drove up to Kaysville and put Madam to Ogden’s horse, watered the lot and put the bows in my hayrack.

5 June 1883 • Tuesday

hitched Nannie and Madam and drove them down to B. F. K.’s pasture and got Bess and also got the plow and plowed a piece in the lot and leveled it and planted also got the water on to B. F. K’s. lucern while Fred was plowing for corn.

6 June 1883 • Wednesday

watered on Steve’s lot and B. F. K’s. lucern, repaired hayrake &c. while Fred plowed & harrowed and then I marked off a piece for corn & squash. [p. 30]

7 June 1883 • Thursday

Furrowed out for corn & squash and attended fast meeting and had the baby <G F R. Jr.> blessed and in the afternoon furrowed out corn for watering and hitched up Nannie & Madam and drove down to the lower meadow.

8 June 1883 • Friday

Worked the water ditch and watered corn all day while Fred plowed the corn.

9 June 1883 • Saturday

hitched Nannie & Madam up three times and drove over to B. F. K’s. Wattered corn all day

10 June 1883 • Sunday

went over to B. F. K’s & took dinner there & He & I went to Centreville to conference in afternoon. At meeting an affidavit sworn to before county clerk and Signed by Bro. Thos. Grover was read after which Bro. Grover testified that it was correct. The substance of the afidavit was that Joseph Smith (the prophet) had the revelation on Celestial marriage (as is recorded in Doctrin & Covenants) read in 1836 by his Brother Hyrum before the High council for their acceptance or rejection and that three of the council rejected it and afterward apostitized in fulfillment of Joseph's prediction.1

Brother Nobles also testified that he sealed to Joseph a relative of his own & that it was the first ceremony of the plural mariage performed in this dispensation [p. 31] and that it was done in a whisper. Prest. John Taylor also testified that Jos. Smith presented the law (as given him in revelation) before him self, Bro Kimball & others in Nauvoo & that Jos. told him privately that except that law be accepted the keys would soon be turned.

11 June 1883 • Monday

Sick went over to B. F. K’s in afternoon and helped him tie up the Polly mare.

12 June 1883 • Tuesday

Watered corn 1/2 day hitched up three wild mares; Madam, Doll Polly & Lady.

13 June 1883 • Wednesday

Went on to the Compton Bench to see J. Southworths <4> lots. Bought of John 4 lots or 4 acres above named for $125.00 B. F. K. going my halvers, 1/2 to be paid in cash when I get the deeds & the other to be paid in six mon. with, int at 1 per cent per month. Gave B. F. K. my note for $200.00 for two bay mares, Worked Lady & Madam & changed my wagon from box to hay-rack.

14 June 1883 • Thursday

Repaired hayrack & stable and loaded a load of hay for S.L.C.

15 June 1883 • Friday

Took a load hay to Town and sold to Walker Bros. 15 dol.’s per ton.

16 June 1883 • Saturday

loaded a load of hay for town and plowed out the potatoes. Took a buggy ride in evening. [p. 32]

17 June 1883 • Sunday

Went to West Bountiful to preach but was not called on as there was a funeral of Wm Grant at the meeting house. Wrote to Steve & brought alice from Clarks in the buggy also took Nerva home.

18 June 1883 • Monday

Took a load of hay to town for B. F. K. but did not sell out. Left team in Town and I came home with chas clark and went down in the morning on the cars.

19 June 1883 • Tuesday

Went to Town on cars and sold my load of hay taken down day previous to Wm S Godbe for $14.00 per ton.

20 June 1883 • Wednesday

put down two carpets, hitched up Nannie & Madam. Hired of E. T. Clark $60.00 at one <&> 1/4 percent per mon for six months.

Bought of John Southworth 4 lots on Comptons Bench for $122.50. Paid cash. B. F. K. appropriated half the money to have half interest.

212 June 1883 • Thursday

Planted corn 1/2 day and hitched up my mare Nannie.

213 June 1883 • Thursday

Hitched Nannie & Madam and went down to the meadow and up to the Compton lots.

22 June 1883 • Friday

Worked Madam & Lady with Mame to & from Haights grove also worked Madam & Nannie. & planted corn.

23 June 1883 • Saturday

Worked Mame & Lady to Town & led Madam & worked them togather coming back. [p. 33]

24 June 1883 • Sunday

Drove Madam & Lady to Centreville to Seventies conference. Nerva and Frank took dinner with us, and Alice & I went riding in evening.

25 June 1883 • Monday

Drove Madam & Lady up to Maning’s for some seed corn, hauled 4 loads of manure from the Stack Yard into the cow yard & howed in the garden.

26 June 1883 • Tuesday

Fred cut the Lucern at B. F. K’s & that on the bench. I plowed corn & squash Fred & Dave Thomas began work for me.

27 June 1883 • Wednesday

Plowed corn all day with Nannie Nannie & Lady ran off the dugway on B k’s hill and tiped over the wagon.

28 June 1883 • Thursday

Repaired harness & Rack and hauled two loads lucern into B. F. K’s. barn.

29 June 1883 • Friday

Got the water down on to the corn & lucern at B. F. K’s. Took sick about 11 oclock A.M. and remained at Nerva’s till evening when Frank br’t me home.

30 June 1883 • Saturday

unloaded a load of lucern and went over to B. F. K’s and plowed out a little corn;

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