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May 1883

1 May 1883 • Tuesday

Harrowed a couple of hours in the morning. Drove indians horses out of Franks’ pasture, correlled Franks cattle that came from the canyon. Attended an entertainment given by the Young Ladies in the Hall in the forenoon and again in the afternoon. Blessed the baby and gave it the name of its father George Franklin Rained in the afternoon and I took Nerva home in the evening. went over to Bourn’s to get some milk for baby.

2 May 1883 • Wednesday

Stormy, went over to Nerva’s, to the w.c. depot, to D. oviatts twice and went teaching in the evening, was sick at night

3 May 1883 • Thursday

Went to post office, to Steed’s after a girl, to Do Oviatt’s after a Gun. Took the cattle on the mountain, went down to the field and got the horse and buggy and took Aseneth over to Nerva’s. Our girl left us kilt with work, I went to try & get another

4 May 1883 • Friday

Went over to Thos. Workmans after his daughter, Went down and shut the water off the meadow, took stock up the canyan, brought my colt out of B. F. K’s. pasture and put her in our’s, plowed on the potato field 3 or 4 h’rs, Took Aseneth buggy riding and took nerva home in the evening.

5 May 1883 • Saturday

Took Aseneth to the depot, went over to Franks, cut potatoes, plowed, & planted potatoes till 8,30 o’clock at night. Fred helped me till dark. [p. 26]

6 May 1883 • Sunday

Attended Ward meeting, wrote to Steve, took Nerva home, and took the stock up on to the bench.

7 May 1883 • Monday

worked on east water ditch part of the fornoon and the remaining part on the partition fence. worked in the afternoon dragging the potato ground with the back of the harrow and hauling 5 lds. manure on to the corn ground. Took the cattle on the bench and burned the locust trimmings.

8 May 1883 • Tuesday

worked on the lower meadow ditch 1/2 day, went down to Oviatts, hauled Nerva 1000 lbs coal from the depot. Took cattle on the benches.

9 May 1883 • Wednesday

Took cattle on mountain and worked on the meadow dragging.

10 May 1883 • Thursday

worked all day on lower meadow dragging in fornoon and working water ditch in afternoon.

11 May 1883 • Friday

Went down on the bottoms and got the stock and put them in the correll. worked one half day on B. F. K’s. lower meadow making ditch.

12 May 1883 • Saturday

Took cattle off on to the rudd mountain and brought B. F. K’s. Reddie cow and calf down; Worked part of the day on the partition fence.

13 May 1883 • Sunday

Attended Teachers Quorum and went to East Bountiful to preach. B. F. K. came home.

14 May 1883 • Monday

Took breakfast at Nerva’s, Worked half day on board fence, went to Town with B F. K and stayed all night on the Bank of the Jordan River herding horses. [p. 27]

15 May 1883 • Tuesday

Herded horses from 2 a.m. till 4 a.m., left Jordan at 5 a.m. drove the team up town and got provisions & grain for B. F. K. drove up emigration canyon and over-took the band. Bought of B. F. K. one span of bay mares; rode Bessie down to the Coop, and worked her home with D. Chaffins horse. Drew $200.00 for B. F. K. from the Z.C.M.I. and paide J. Freeze of the 13th Ward Coop $100.00 and Nerva the other hundred.

16 May 1883 • Wednesday

Made two trips on the Rudd mountain with stock, washed my harness for greasing, went to the pasture and doctered my colt’s leg twice and went down to the dam and turned the water out off.

17 May 1883 • Thursday

greased my harniss, plowed one half day on the corn ground and took Alice down to Mariah’s and back at night. Rained in evening.

18 May 1883 • Friday

Took Josephene Workman home, brought Nerva up Town, worked all day plowing and took Nerva home in evening.

19 May 1883 • Saturday

worked on meadow dam and ditch 1/2 day and 1/2 day plowing.

20 May 1883 • Sunday

went over to Nerva’s and took dinner and took Alice riding in the afternoon.

21 May 1883 • Monday

plowed & harrowed for corn all day.

22 May 1883 • Tuesday

plowed, harrowed and marked [p. 28] of[f] for corn. Took Mother over to Nerva’s and brought her back in the evening;

23 May 1883 • Wednesday

finished marking for corn, brushed over the potato ground and planted about 1½ acres corn.

24 May 1883 • Thursday

planted corn all day. Went teaching in the evening alone.

25 May 1883 • Friday

went to the lower meadow to see to the water, howed in the garden, and attended Stake priesthood meeting. Rec’d of Susan $3.50 on fence and paid for 26 lbs. nails $1.75.

26 May 1883 • Saturday

changed lumber at Whipple’s, went into the field to see the water master, and re-roofed the cellar. Ric’d of Susan on fence act $3.50. and borrowed of Mother $10.00 paid to Whipple $10.00, paid store for 26 lbs nails $1.75. paid whipple other 75¢ for two sices 2 x 4-18 for cellar

27 May 1883 • Sunday

went to South Bountiful to preach and went over to B. F. K. to see my wild mares.

28 May 1883 • Monday

Watered the lot, made furrows for watering and haltered and tied my mares. Also partly covered the cellar with dirt.

29 May 1883 • Tuesday

hauled 3 loads of dirt onto the cellar, went over to B. F. K’s twice, Sawed out 84 boards for fence. [p. 29]

30 May 1883 • Wednesday

Took stock up canyon in for-noon and hitched and drove my Madam mare down to the lower meadow.

31 May 1883 • Thursday

Worked on the partition fence 3/4 day and hitched the Madam mare in towards evening.

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