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April 1883

1 April 1883 • Sunday

Attended Young Peoples Conference in Farmington, And spoke in the afternoon by request of those in the stand. Spent the evening at home.

2 April 1883 • Monday

Assisted Steve in prepairing to Start home & went over to B. F. K’s twice. Spent the evening at home. Steve, Nerva & Frank were here for a while in the evening.

3 April 1883 • Tuesday

Helped Steve to get off for home & went and drove a herd of cattle out of the field, Cleaned out the stables and scraped the correll. filled the loft with hay and piled up [p. 21] rubbish in the stackyard. Spent the evening at home.

4 April 1883 • Wednesday

Made a bridge across the creek, made a water bar for the East creek & raked off a part of the lucern. Spent the evening at home

5 April 1883 • Thursday

Chop[p]ed wood, cleaned up about the stack yard and went over to B. F. K’s. Spent part of the evening at the store waiting for the paper.

6 April 1883 • Friday

Throwed manure from hay yard into cow-yard raked part of the lucern over & visited with Nerva in the day time and Nerva visited with us in the evening.

7 April 1883 • Saturday

Spaded in the garden, raked in the garden &c Spent the evening at home.

8 April 1883 • Sunday

got fate [fare?] for conferance train, staid at home part, and took Alice out riding part of the day. Spent the evening at home.

9 April 1883 • Monday

Went over to Franks, rec’d 74 ft of Lum. from Walter Grover in return for the same am’t loaned him 3 or 4 years previous. Rained nearly all day, spent the evening at home reading conference minutes,

10 April 1883 • Tuesday

Worked all day setting posts on the north line of the lot spent the evening at home reading. [p. 22]

11 April 1883 • Wednesday

Worked on the partition fence setting posts, went over to B. F. K’s & took breakfast there & then went with him to the depot to send for my harness which was in ogden coming from Mendon

12 April 1883 • Thursday

Went to the depot and got my harness, to Stayners ang [and?] got doubletrees & to Whipples and got two cdar posts. Took cow & ca[l]ves over to B. F. K’s. and branded them.

13 April 1883 • Friday

Went over to B. F. K’s. and got blocks & tackle; went to the pasture & repaired the fence, went to depot & got Fred and got a load of hay from B. F. K’s.

14 April 1883 • Saturday

Went over to B. F. K’s. and then to Town on cars spent the evening at home.

15 April 1883 • Sunday

Attended teachers Quorum, Elder’s Quorum & Ward meeting. Presided in Eld. Quo. and spoke in Ward meeting as a home missionary and upon the subj. of parents teaching their children &c. Went to see Jno Priest about$150 he owed Mrs. Williams Went to depot in evening and took Alice with me for a ride.

16 April 1883 • Monday

Took the cattle in the canyon in the fornoon and harrowed on B. F. K’s lower meadow for lucern in the afternoon. Spent the evening at home.

17 April 1883 • Tuesday

Harrowed in the old field on meadow 1/2 day and on B F K’s meadow 1/2 day. Spent evening at home reading. [p. 23]

18 April 1883 • Wednesday

Took stock up in canyon and worked the remaining portion of the day sowing and harrowing lucern in B. F. K’s. lower meadow.

19 April 1883 • Thursday

Worked on the lower meadow putting in lucern, worked Mame & Bell.

20 April 1883 • Friday

Worked all day on lower meadow harrowing in lucern, dragging the meadow & repairing dams. Evening at home.

21 April 1883 • Saturday

Took the Grover cow & calf, the Grover red calf, the heifer’s calf and Freds 2 yr old heifer up the canyon worked the rem. of day putting in oats. Went to depot at 6.30 and got aseneth & may. Nerva spent the evening with us & I took her home.

22 April 1883 • Sunday

Snowed, spent the fornoon at home Nerva & Aseneth being there. Rec’d a call from Bro. O. L. R. Alices father who took dinner with us and remained with us till 2 o’clock P.M. when he & I went to ward meeting. Took Alice buggy riding down to post office and over to take Nerva home returned soon after dark. Hitched the mare at 10 o’clock and brought Aunt Annie Wilcox & Grandma Sten. Sat up all night with Alice.

23 April 1883 • Monday

Baby born at 4.45 o’clock A.M. Took folks home at 7 o’clock A.M. Chored about all day. Sick folk got in o.k. East wind began at dark.

24 April 1883 • Tuesday

East wind had blown all night and all day today uprooting trees, unroofings houses & barns and blowing over fences out houses &c. Secured loose things on the place and at B. F. Ks. in the fornoon and trimmed our west shade trees in [p. 24] the afternoon while the wind blew and combined with rain. Sick getting on o.k. Rec’d a double barreled shot gun of David Termon in exchange for a watch.

25 April 1883 • Wednesday

Spent most of the day looking for a girl to help us with the work, chored about for the women folks &c.

26 April 1883 • Thursday

Went up to Michael Clark’s for his daughter Sophia to help us, Took grist to mill repaired B. F. K’s. well curb and put the shade trees that were blown over, to their places. My calf cow had a calf Born between 6 & 10 o’clock in the morning.

27 April 1883 • Friday

Cut the larger branches out of the trimmings of the locust shade trees, put our privy to gether again and set it up. Attended Stake Priesthood meeting and went over to nerva’s in the evening.

28 April 1883 • Saturday

Took ours & Frank’s cattle up the canyan, repaired the pasture fence and took Aseneth to all the stores and over to Nervas.

29 April 1883 • Sunday

Went to Centerville in fornoon and preached in Ward meeting, wrot for the Elder’s Quorum in the afternoon and evening.

30 April 1883 • Monday

Brt. Nerva over here and took the horse back, went down to the pasture and got Lincy and took her and the Grover cow up the canyon. Put the two colts in the pasture and repaired the fence. Sowed 2¼ acres oates and harrowed them once & one half times over. [p. 25]

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