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January 1877


1 January

St. George Temple was partially dedicated.

30 July

Copies of Women of Mormondom arrived in Salt Lake City.

29 August

President Brigham Young died.

12 September

Wrote a poem titled “Mizpah.”

13 September

Visited Relief Society in Grantsville, Utah Territory.

9 November

At this point in her diary, made notes of talks given by women leaders at the Weber Stake Relief Society Conference in October.

11 January 1877 • Monday

I had all my children and grand-children home to dinner, we did not receive calls yet of our friends there were 37 called, no refreshments. St. George Temple dedicated in part.

2 January 1877 • Tuesday

Mary Ann [Hallock] Foote2


3 January 1877 • Wednesday

Geo. E. Snyder


Dickinson Co

Kansas [p. 25] {p. 28}

4 January 1877 • Thursday

W. [William] C. Hendrie

331. Montgomery St

Room 16.

San Francisco, Cal.

5 January 1877 • Friday

Mrs. Elizabeth [Baum] Bean


Sevier Co. 6. month

begin Aug. 15

[p. 26] {p. 29}

13 January 1877 • Saturday

Jane [Allen] Hughes, Nephi

father’s name William [W.] Allen, expects to be confined soon and wants help [p. 29] {p. 30}


  1. [1]text: The first twenty-four pages of the diary contain preprinted historical, geographical, and other data. EBW began writing on the page hand-numbered 25.

  2. [2]Mary Ann Hallock Foote (1847–1938) was an author of western stories and an illustrator; she was married to Arthur D. Foote, a mining engineer. As they moved to work projects in California, Colorado, Mexico, and Idaho, she wrote letters; sent illustrated articles to Scribner’s, Harper’s Weekly, and the Century; and eventually published fiction. (Thurman Wilkins, “Foote, Mary Anna Hallock,” in James et al., Notable American Women, 2:643–645; Encyclopedia Britannica Online, s.v. “Mary Anna Hallock Foote,” accessed 3 Mar. 2020,