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September 1877

10 September 1877 • Monday

Wrote a letter to H. [Henry] B. Blackwell in answer to one rec’d from him Aug. 13. Made Emma a present of a gold chain on her 24th birthday

12 September 1877 • Wednesday

Answered Mrs. V. [Virginia] Barnhurst letter and rec’d a postal card from her

Wasatch1 met at our house wrote a piece of poetry entitled Mizpah, from Gen. 39<1>, & 49 [p. 109] {p. 62}

13 September 1877 • Thursday

Went to Grantsville and attended Relief Society to meeting2

14 September 1877 • Friday

Attended to administering to a sick child and went to Retrenchment meeting.3 [p. 110] {p. 63}

16 September 1877 • Sunday

Maria P. Redde[r]quist now Anderson [p. 121] {p. 64}