May 1877

2 May 1877 • Wednesday

Received package of Woman’s Words.1

3 May 1877 • Thursday

Mailed to C. F. Bennett Esq. one letter and one pamphlet on Mormonism

To Horatio [C.] King Christian Union2 a letter concerning articles of Gail Hamilton3 [p. 65] {p. 43}

7 May 1877 • Monday

Mrs. Frank Cole [Fannie McBride Cole]

Mrs. M. McAllister

Rec’d from a regular correspondent

8 May 1877 • Tuesday

High Council rendered decision of a case in which we are interested.4 [p. 67] {p. 44}

10 May 1877 • Thursday

Eli Perkins correspondent the New York Sun. M. D. Langdon visited Salt Lake City.5 [p. 68] {p. 45}

13 May 1877 • Sunday

talked of the doctrine of proxy6 [p. 69] {p. 46}

16 May 1877 • Wednesday

7and that the Father kept record and in this day Joseph had said write and that there should be more records than one.

18 May 1877 • Friday

Rec’d note from Mr. Layson [John H. Leyson] Mailed letter to Mrs. Juan Levis [Lewis] Editor Womans Words mailed to Editors Christian Union [p. 70] {p. 47}

19 May 1877 • Saturday

poetry June roses

20 May 1877 • Sunday

Joseph Smith version of the baptism of the dead spoke of the records which were kept and that the Lord had commanded his people to witness and that they should have witnesses [p. 71] {p. 48} baptism, the reason for not baptizing infants faith fruitful or unfruitful baptism for the dead Christ preaching to the spirits in prison The Work before the women of Utah Saving Grain Silk culture etc. [p. 72] {p. 49} redemption of <Jesus> of Adam and the[n] spoke of the sin Erastus [F.] Snow 2d in the afternoon

meeting opened ten Presidnt [Daniel H.] Wells spoke first John W. [Willard] Young President John Taylor.

Afternoon Orson Pratt spoke of the new organization [p. 73] {p. 50}

<paid 2,00 R. A.>

Brigham, go into the royal families and a few had preserved the royal blood some have preserved it see our lamanites8 unholy and unwholsome not send the [p. 75] {p. 51} Came &c. keep them out of the sight and [p. 77] {p. 52}

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