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March 1875

1 March 1875 • Monday

Mon. March 1. Went out calling nearly all day; in the evening Miss Mac Clean was here no girl tired out.

2 March 1875 • Tuesday

Tues. March 2. Busy all day long Sister Grant called to see me about the party. Rulie was here in the evening, Annie & Louie went to Br. [Charles J.] Thomas’ house to an organization of a young ladies’ Retrenchment Society1 were much pleased with it. engaged a new girl.

3 March 1875 • Wednesday

Wednes. March 3. It has been storming again, disagreeable windy and muddy Mellie invited me to dinner could not go; went with sister Hyde to call upon Sister Laurence [p. 147] {p. 149} also sister [Sarah] Decker, Mrs. and Miss Mac Clean were here in the evening;

4 March 1875 • Thursday

Sat. Thurs. March 4

Sunday School Party in this ward, our meeting over which I have been called to preside met this afternoon2 we had a pleasant time, in the evening all the girls went to the party,

5 March 1875 • Friday

Friday March 5,

I was busy all day went up to the other house in the evening, Em. went to the Court House with Hebe [Heber M. Wells]; spent part of the evening with Elvira,

6 March 1875 • Saturday

Sat. <6>.

I had so much to attend to I could not get to the meeting in the 14th. Ward, [p. 148] {p. 150}

7 March 1875 • Sunday

Sun. March 6 <7> Stormy again was at home all day, Em. & myself; Annie went to meeting; in the evening we had, a lot of young folks here

8 March 1875 • Monday

Mon. March 7 <8>.

Stormy again Lou. went to the 14 10th. Ward to a party with David Hilstead Annie to the Association in the 14th. Ward afterwards to [Laron A. ] Cummings; we called on Mrs. Mitchell Lydia Ann & I

9 March 1875 • Tuesday

Tues. March 8 <9>. Septimus is thirty one to-day Belle made him a present of Dr. Hollands Poems,3 and Dot gave him a pearl-handled gold-pen, and Em a paper holder– black-walnut [p. 149] {p. 151}

10 March 1875 • Wednesday

<Monday was Sep’s birthday instead of Tues.> Wednes. March 10. Today we had our Relief Society party,4 had a pleasant time Pres. Young was there sat until 10 o’clock, Annie went with me; I danced some the Esq. did not dance at all.

11 March 1875 • Thursday

Thurs. March 11.

Another stormy day, Pres. Young was tried for not paying his fine; and Chief Justice MacKean condemned him to 24 hours imprisonment in the penetentiary and 25 dollars fine, he went accompanied by Mayor [Daniel H.] Wells; and a large company, staid his time5 [p. 150] {p. 152}

12 March 1875 • Friday

Friday March 12. Will. & Mell. Ned. [C. Edward Wallin] & Lile were here to dinner– the President & party returned about two o’clock; Em. has gone to the Court-House with Rulie we were alone all the evening.

13 March 1875 • Saturday

Sat. March. 13. Frankie [Frances L.] Wells is 23 today Swift is getting up a Surprise Party for her; Em. is invited; Mrs. Larsen came here today she has left Margaret Young, Br. Joseph [S.] Scofield was buried today his funeral was in the Assembly rooms; Br. George Q. Cannon arrived this evening from Washington; the Esq. Hanmer [Daniel H. Wells Jr.] & Junius went up as far as Ogden to meet him; yesterday there was a petition of about nine hundred ladies taken to Gov. [Samuel B.] Axtell to see what he could do towards [p. 151] {p. 153} releasing Prest. Young from his confinement in the penetentiary; the ladies who presented it were Mrs. I. M. Horn [Mary Isabella Hales Horne], and Mrs. [Elizabeth Drake] Davis; he received them courteously and promised to aid them to the extent of his ability and the laws and constitution of our country, tonight the Young Ladies’ Retrenchment Society in this ward was organized6 at the residence of its Prest. Mrs. Elisabeth [Lindsay] Thomas; Coun’s Mrs. Flora Shipp Miss M. A. Mac Clean Miss May Wells Miss Ruth Woolley Miss Lucy Stringham Miss Lillie Taylor Miss L. [Louisa A.] Ashby Sec. Miss Annie Park Assis, Sec. and organist. [p. 152] {p. 154}

14 March 1875 • Sunday

Sun. March 14. A most fearful storm of snow again, wind blowing direct from the north. Mellie came up and went up to Lile’s; Em. went to Belle’s I staid at home all day but at evening went as far as Horace [K. Whitney]’s found Helen alone although the children soon came in; spent the evening pleasantly with her and after Horace came in conversed with him upon portions of his mother’s life and so on;

15 March 1875 • Monday

Mon. March 15. The snow is quite deep, and the cold raw wind blows terribly I went to the Eleventh Ward to a Retrenchment [p. 153] {p. 155} meeting; Sister E. R. Snow and Zina D. Young were there also Bishop Mac Rea [Alexander McRae] and his Counselor’s’ it was a very good meeting I rose and tried to speak for a few minutes, the first time in my life that I ever spoke in public before men; I called on my sister after meeting came home called on Zina; and Elvira; Annie went to the fourteenth ward to the association;

16 March 1875 • Tuesday

Tues. March 16.

Went in the morning to the Exponent Office was there all day correcting and helping the Editor; [p. 154] {p. 156} in the evening was busy writing; a telegram reached us today stating Judge Mc. Kean’s removal from office; and the appointment of [Isaac C.] Parker from Missouri;

17 March 1875 • Wednesday

Wednes. March 17. There is more snow falling at intervals through the day, the Wasatch Club or Literary Association met here this evening there was an excellent attendance the weather is moderating;

18 March 1875 • Thursday

Thurs. March 18.

Went to the Relief Society meeting, the principal subject was the manufacturing and weaving of straw hats, as a branch of self-sustaining home-industry,7 in the evening there was a party for the benefit of the St. George Temple, [p. 155] {p. 157} which Louie attended with Grande [M. LeGrand] Young, I called on Mell.

19 March 1875 • Friday

Friday March 19, Went around to the Exponent Office afterwards to Lile’s and took dinner, then up to Mr. [John] Sears in the Eleventh Ward, called at [Claude and Mary Ann Pullin] Clive’s on my way home, was everywhere welcomed cordially and treated Lillie walked home with me today they put up the ornaments on our front-porch–8 in the evening after German Em. went to the Debate and Annie spent the evening with Alice Crismon.

20 March 1875 • Saturday

Sat. March 20. Em. went up with Belle this morning in the buggy to spend the day and pract◊e [practice] a little on the piano; I went to the meeting in the Fourteenth Ward the subject was home-industries, and the one branch [p. 156] {p. 158} 9before the meeting and made a speciality was straw hats and bonnets; in the evening Annie & Louie went to the Retrenchment meeting in our own ward. Br. [Stillman] Pond from Cache Valley came and staid all night, we knew each other in the states.

21 March 1875 • Sunday

Sun. March 21. Went to meeting with Em. to hear Orson Pratt he spoke upon the Priesthood. an excellent discourse, and I sorely regretted that there was not a reporter there. in the evening Annie went to meeting, several boys and girls were here. [p. 157] {p. 159}

22 March 1875 • Monday

Mon. A dull drizzly sort of day heavy atmosphere; went to the Exponent Office to work all day copying and correcting reports,

Em. went to the theatre to see the Lingarde’s, Annie & Louie to the Fourteenth Ward Association.

23 March 1875 • Tuesday

Tues. 22<23.> Anna [E.] Sears10 birthday, 6<7> years old today Belle came down, and brought both her children intending to stay a day or two it seems nice to have her home, she is a woman rather superior for her age and the time in which we are living Sep. came down to see her, Annie went to the theatre;

24 March 1875 • Wednesday

Wednes. <March> 24. Went to the Office again Belle went [p. 158] {p. 160} down to Mell’s and had dinner, I did not return early, called on Sister Eliza and spent the earlier part of the evening, met Miss Cook and Miss Cornelia Cook Belle and Em. were indignant with me for working in the Office, as if I had to earn my living; it seems out-of-place to them, but I am anxious to acquire a thorough knowledge of an Editor’s duties;

25 March 1875 • Thursday

Thurs. <March 25.> Belle went home in the morning, the teachers11 called and afterwards two of the sisters, and I was very late going to the office, Louie and Mary [C.] Larsen went to the theatre [p. 159] {p. 161}

26 March 1875 • Friday

Friday March 26.

Onie got her face burnt with chocolate, but not bad many hindrances they commenced yesterday to put up the back-porch, are wo[r]king today– after reading some proof, the first I ever did we called on Aunt Rhoda Richards, and afterwards on Lile, Mell & Bell have both been down to Mary Jane’s today, Annie & Louie went to a party in the Court House Annie with Johnnie Spencer Louie with David Hilstead Em. went to the theatre I was alone all the evening went to Elvira’s a few minutes; Sister Kimball Adeline were here [p. 160] {p. 162}

27 March 1875 • Saturday

Sat March 27.

Was busy all morning went to the Office and read proof about two hours, came home about three, Mrs. Robison and Mrs. Childs12 called and staid sometime Harry Emery Jim, [James X.] Ferguson and Rulie called Harry staid all the afternoon and evening until after the theatre– Lou. went up to Belle’s about noon Annie went to the Retrenchment meeting, Sister Brooks was here, I went to the theatre to see Lingard, enjoyed it very much indeed; saw my husband but not to speak to him

28 March 1875 • Sunday

Sun. March 28. Staid at home all day writing and reading Katie is twenty-two today; [p. 161] {p. 163}

13Sun. March 28. Katie Wells is twenty-two today, I have been at home all day, looking over old papers etc. and filled with gloomy reflections, lookings at dear treasures, letters, scraps of poetry, the perfumed essence of the days gone by, This was Easter Sunday Mell went with Lile to Church.14

29 March 1875 • Monday

Mon. March 29. Stormy and windy, to wet and disagreeable to go out, went to the Post Office got my feet wet, felt very sick when I came home.

30 March 1875 • Tuesday

Tues. March 30. Went up to the other house, had lunch in at Lydia Ann’s; afterwards came down and was reading all the evening; [p. 162] {p. 164}

31 March 1875 • Wednesday

Wednes. March 31. A very cold raw air, was writing all the morning went out to call, in the afternoon, called on Mrs. Z. D. Young Mrs. Park Mrs. MacLean Mrs. Musser’s Mrs. Barney, Mrs. Herrick,

engaged a girl from Manti San Pete: took a lock-box in the Post Office 555,

it is said to be the twenty seventh anniversary of Modern Spiritualism.15 to day, Em. went to the association Annie & Louie to the theatre

was alone nearly all the evening reading and thinking.

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