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May 1846

1 May 1846 • Friday

Friday May. 1. Robert More one of Mr. Whitneys teamsters started to go back to Nauvoo nothing has happened since we arrived here worthy of notice it has rained most of the time retarding the progress of work of all kinds.

3 May 1846 • Sunday

Sunday May 3. Meeting was held in the forenoon a few remarks by Orson Spencer [p. 70] {p. 68} afterwards by Br. Brigham he said we should not go from this place until there was something accomplished he wanted houses built for those who remained so we might take all the tents along with us a fence made around the field

4–7 May 1846 • Monday–Thursday

Monday May 4. The To night when the horses and cattle were brought up one of the horses Old Bill we call him had been bitten by a rattlesnake in three or four places about his nose being the first one of Mr. Whitney creatures that had suffered by accident on the journey he applied to the Indian Zindel to try his skill in relieving him he exerted every means in his power and though the wound was very badly [p. 71] {p. 69} swollen yet on Wednesday he was partially recovered so as to eat some they gave him some corn at night he appeared to be very restless getting up and laying down alternately the next morning they let him go to feed and about noon they brought word that he was dead he fell dead upon the log as he was attempting to cross on it this was. Thurs. the 7th. of May we greatly regret his death for he has been of great use to us he was very large and strong and always true to his place Friday <Thurs.> night we had a tremendous shower attended with wind awful thunder and fearful lightning. [p. 72] {p. 70}

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