June 1898

3 June 1898 • Friday

Went to depot in pouring rain Annie with me and Sister [Ephramina Jensen] Snow came as per appointment and we were soon on our way– Sister Snow was very car sick and it made me uncomfortable. The day grew finer as we journeyed on and the scenery became more & more agreeable. A gentleman on the cars gave me some valuable information about South American Republics. His name was Johnson– he knew Mrs. J. Ellen [Horton] Foster and was very familiar with her movements both in Temperance and in Republicanism. Apostle John W. Taylor and Willie [William C.] Clive came on the train at Grand Junction <9 o’clock> and we had quite a visit– we had to get off at Grand Junction just about midnight and go to a hotel until 1/2 past 3. in the morning– [p. 186] {p. 148}

4 June 1898 • Saturday

Left the hotel by street lights took the train for La Jara– arrived about eleven A.M. went from the station with Sister Bertleson1 of Sanford had breakfast at one of the sisters there, Sister [Cornelia Lee Decker] Mortenson came to meet us also her daughter Sister [Helena Mortensen] Peterson– we had a dusty drive to Sanford and dined at Sister Crowther’s–2 several sisters came to meet with us– and were very pleasant. Had a comfortable room and nice bed– a number of sisters came to spend the evening. I was asked by Br. [Lars P.] Mortenson to offer prayer– Sister Snow is a very agreeable companion refined and intellctual. We had a good rest– it was really refreshing after the tedious journey down there– getting up in the night– Sister Mortenson is President of the R.S.3 of San Luis Stake and is John D. Lee’s daughter by Nancy Bean [p. 187] {p. 149}

5 June 1898 • Sunday

This is Daiisies birthday a fine morning– drove to Manassa– gnats were very thick bit me terribly just as poisonous as musquitos. Went to Prest. [Albert R.] Smith’s residence had lunch then to the meeting house quite a large one– Relief Society conference began immediately after the sacrament had been administered– a number of our Elders from Utah were present had very good singing– After meeting had an officer’s meeting [p. 188] {p. 150}

6 June 1898 • Monday

Conference continued in the forenoon– [p. 189] {p. 151}

16 June 1898 • Thursday

Today has been hot very and I have been busy indeed getting my work in shape, came up early and have been doing errands and so forth. Went to Union Pacific office for transportation and succeeded shall go and return to Denver by way of that line. Mr. H. M. Clay was very gracious and courteous. At the Red Cross meeting held in the Supreme Court Room in the City and County Building much business was transacted and the nucleus of an organization effected. I have sent off letters today one to Mrs. Irene H. [Haskell] Smith of Manassa & others also and two books one to Mrs. [Harriet Hales] Ellis of Wood’s Cross and one to St. Joseph Ward Franklin P.O. Idaho [p. 199] {p. 152}

24 June 1898 • Friday

My brother Hiram’s son Farley Granger Clark enlisted to day in the Company A. Battalion of engineers in New York City under Col. Willard Young– and went on to San Francisco [p. 207] {p. 153}

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