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June 1904

1 June 1904 • Wednesday

A very busy day have just given up going away, went over to the Temple for Sister Smith to sign some Circular letters to the Stakes of Zion to get officers names for record and then down to the Granite Stake House to the banquet and entertainment for the celebration of Brigham Young’s birthday. We were late we had to wait so long for the car– but we were in time to get seated at the right table. President Smith and some of his family were there and Prest. John R. Winder and wife1 and Prest. [Anthon H.] Lund and Apostle Rudger Clawson and wife2 Dr. Seymour B. Young and wife3 and of the wives of Pres. Young “Twiss[”] [Naamah Twiss Young] Lucy B. [Bigelow Young] Eliza B. [Burgess Young] and Amelia [Folsom Young]. I did not remain very long but came back to the office and went to work {p. 78}

2 June 1904 • Thursday

It rained and was most miserable weather today but I managed to get on a little with my work and dressed for the Reception at Mrs. Jennings. I wore the black lace dress Verona [Dunford Hillard] had given to me for the first time, and had my hair dressed by Miss Williamson. I enjoyed the party very much the decorations were yellow roses, the Bride4 her Aunt Mrs. [Priscilla Jennings] Riter and grandma5 stood to receive. It was a pretty affair table in the dining room beautifully arranged with flowers and ribbons Mrs. Le Roy Dinwoodey [Lucille Jennings Dinwoodey] the bride looked very charming and seemed very happy there were a number of guests notwithstanding the rain, finally the rain passed over and sky cleared up and the evening was more pleasant than the day had been auspicious. {p. 79}

3 June 1904 • Friday

This day I have greatly dreaded and it promises to bring more weariness even than I had anticipated. Before the meeting had to go and have an interview with Sister Smith and found everything most satisfactory, then we went to the meeting Belle, Sister Sophia [Taylor] Nuttall and myself Sister Smith Julina Jane S. [Snyder] Richards and Mattie [Martha Brown] Cannon. The room is most unpleasant and I had a headache and the folks were all disagreeable in a way. Things seemed at cross purposes. Finally Meda Snow [C. Armeda Snow Young] introduced her new idea for Blanks and was very tiresome. Most of the sisters left before the meeting closed and at last we all came out. Sister Smith came with me to sign some letters and when we came out afterwards there was a magnificent rain bow in the heavens {p. 80}

4 June 1904 • Saturday

Saturday and so much to do as always accumulates during the week– I tried to do a few little things and then dressed for Mrs. [Emma Kelley] McVickers garden party to honor her sister and niece Mrs. [Frances Kelley Morgan] and Miss [Mabelle L.] Morgan. There were many people and some that I knew and some of them lamented my not going to Berlin and made me feel almost more disappointed than I was already. It was a pretty affair– tea inside and punch served in the garden. Mrs. [Helen Langmaid] Moore paid me a very great compliment‒ perhaps the bist that I have ever receved. In the evening I went by invitation to Jacob [F. Gates] and Susa Gates and had a fine company {p. 81}

9 June 1904 • Thursday

This morning the first Conference of the Relief Society of Pioneer Stake convened with our dear Annie presiding.6 It was a very fine day. Belle went over to the morning session it was held in the Seventh Ward hall and there was a good attendance. At noon the carriage came that John Q. had ordered for Sister Smith and myself and I drove to the Temple for her and then to the Bee Hive for Julina, finally succeeded in getting her after considerable waiting and we went down. Sister Smith Julina and myself all spoke and when Conference adjourned we took Belle and Annie in and we went to Hannah C. Wells birthday party 75 years old, it was held at Junius home.7 Julina stopped at the Bee Hive and came up later with Prest. J. F. Smith The affair was very pleasant and I read the poem I had written for Hannah and several spoke Prest. Smith and Winder & Lund– {p. 86}

11 June 1904 • Saturday

E. [Elijah] K. Fuller’s birthday. I think born in 1811. ninety three today if he were living. He died at Harrisburg near St. George. Ellen [Woodward Fuller] was in Arizona– {p. 88}

14 June 1904 • Tuesday

Today I was to have spoken in the Woman’s International Congress in Berlin– in Philharmonic Hall on Elementary Education and Co-education. I sent a cable-gram to Marie Stritt who was Chairman of the Local Committee, it seemed to me to be the best thing to do then every one would know and receive the Congratulations. No one knows how disappointed I have felt over this affair. It makes me feel so bad that I am not good company for those around me. Junius says as long as I made the exertion on my part I ought to feel it was all right but somehow I cannot think so. I am still unreconciled to such conditions. The women who have caused the opposition do not value the Council as I do nor do they know how to estimate and appreciate its benefits– so cannot know how I feel {p. 91}

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