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December 1902

1 December 1902 • Monday

Still working away at my writing to get ready to go [p. 367] {p. 216}

6 December 1902 • Saturday

Today everything seems most difficult went after tickets skirts and other things did all I could possibly and went home worn out & exhausted, tried to finish up things [p. 372] {p. 217}

7 December 1902 • Sunday

Fast day went early to the Temple and Jos. F. [Smith] was there and presided Br. Ure offered prayer, Br. Jos. gave an admirable address upon peace love and goodwill others spoke Rudger Clawson Owen Woodruff J. R. Winder Sophia [Taylor] Nuttall Br. Christenson Miss [Maud May] Babcock Sister Widtsoe Morris Young E. Langton Br. Ure Br. Hull Br. Olsen Br. Park Jos. F. closing remarks‒ then went over to Sister Williams then to Hebe’s to see the baby,1 then to Annie’s for her birthday, 43 years old had chickens etc. Margaret went home and stayed all night. Brent got hurt and Dr. Whitney was called & stayed all night [p. 373] {p. 218}

8 December 1902 • Monday

Started at 1/2 past 8. in carriage for train Margaret with me‒ Mrs. Victor Clement sent me a box of flowers roses & violets. John Q. came to the train to see me off & Pat Lannon [Patrick H. Lannan] was on going off to California‒ he left at Ogden introduced me to Mrs. Wood who was very polite took me in to lunch and when we got to Pocatello [Idaho] and found the train late he took a room for me and we had dinner together train seven hours behind Mr. Wood left train at Nampa [Idaho] [p. 374] {p. 219}

9 December 1902 • Tuesday

We came on to Huntington [Oregon] where we had breakfast and then had lunch on the train came on to Pendleton [Oregon] in pou[r]ing rain, sent telegram to Verona‒ concluded not to go until 8.15. Wednesday Morning. started for Spokane [Washington] much longer journey than I had expected traveled along Snake river and high mountains of rock [p. 375] {p. 220}

10 December 1902 • Wednesday

Left Pendleton 8.15 on day coach crowded with passengers some going here and some there & all eager to reach destination‒ felt very lonly and low spirited and the way seemed long & gloomy Arrived at last and was met at depot by Verona & Barry drove to hotel and had dinner first thing Mr. Donelly Barry’s old-time friend had dinner with us, found Barry Jr. sick‒ Miss Conlan here the same nurse they had in New York‒ [p. 376] {p. 221}

11 December 1902 • Thursday

This Verona’s birthday and Daisie came early and gave her “Mythology” she was pleased with it‒ I gave her a piece of silk lace home made in Salt Lake City‒ from cocoons raised there, and to Daisie & Verona the silver spoon I had brought from home for each of them, those I bought for each daughter & granddaughter on Emmie’s birthday‒ with E. W. engraved and Sep. 10. 1902. on back‒ We had lunch in the room and a fine dinner in dining room down stairs in hotel‒ wrote home and sent telegram to Annie for all the folks. [p. 377] {p. 222}

12 December 1902 • Friday

This morning we went out for a drive with the pony and cart. Verona is the best “whip” in town so the men all say at the Hotel‒ rode round Spokane & saw the Swiss Chalet where she first lived in Spokane and then Daisie’s house and other places Vronal [Verona] pointed out‒ the town from the “Heights” is very romantic the falls, the bridge, & mountains‒ snow covered make a charming variety of scenery. Daisie’s place is “The Review Building” seven stories and tower her rooms are on the sixth floor‒ much crowded, having had so much furniture in them Barry went to Murray [Idaho] fire last might burned Hotel Ridpath [p. 378] {p. 223}

13 December 1902 • Saturday

Today drove to Daisie’s and round town Daisie had two teeth drawn today and is suffering from taking chloroform [p. 379] {p. 224}

14 December 1902 • Sunday

Daisie came up in the evening, we were busy visiting all day long [p. 380] {p. 225}

15 December 1902 • Monday

Verona went out shopping bought new shoes and dresses for me‒ Daisie bought a bonnet and wrapper. Miss Hinkle will come tomorrow to sew on my things. [p. 381] {p. 226}

16 December 1902 • Tuesday

Tuesday came to D.D.2 towards evening in a carriage and had dinner. Daisie sung for me the old, old songs‒ [p. 382] {p. 227}

17 December 1902 • Wednesday

Wednesday had lunch with Verona she gave me elegant Liberty roses red went back to Daisie’s for the afternoon in carriage‒ Miss Hinkle is helping to make my dresses and coat that Verona has bought me‒ she is very good but slow & Verona is quick [p. 383] {p. 228}

18 December 1902 • Thursday

This morning did not dress had lunch in my wrapper and Daisie had callers Mrs. Mc Donald & Mrs. Smith‒ women of money and leisure‒ wrote to Amelia Wardrop for canker medicine‒ [p. 384] {p. 229}

19 December 1902 • Friday

Went with Daisie & Harry to look at the home they sold recently, and found it very lovely answering the description given in a letter written by Daisie to me while living there‒ today school exercises Daisie went to hear the children. Jews are living in this beautiful house3 [p. 385] {p. 230}

20 December 1902 • Saturday

Had a lovely day with D.D. and talked and looked over things & books‒ Daisie the children & <myself> went to the Hotel in the evening to store Sunday slept with Verona‒ Barry brought me chrysanthemums [p. 386] {p. 231}

21 December 1902 • Sunday

Early Sunday morning set off in carriage with Verona‒ and had a comfortable journey to Wallace [Idaho] was met at the depot and driven to the house in a sleigh with span of horses. A fine dinner and conversation, a lovely evening together had Mell’s room with stove & bath. [p. 387] {p. 232}

25 December 1902 • Thursday

A pleasant morning with Mell & Will then dinner at 1/2 past 2. presents were plentiful I had a pretty paper knife from Dr. Read and from Mell 25 dollar chick [check] from Will a handsome cut glass bottle of violet perfumery‒ roast turkey Mell did not partake of and plum pudding which she lit up with blue flame‒ sung for me the old songs in the evening‒ [p. 391] {p. 233}

26 December 1902 • Friday

Today is my last <day> in Wallace I had an invitation to a tea at Mrs. Frank Johnsons but could not stay over. Mell will go if I start off. She frets my going very much indeed I think. I am sorry to leave her but feel much better than formerly though she has many queer ideas yet I see she has very greatly improved She came to the depot with me also Will and Dr. Read afterwards. Miss Kemp teacher sat by me and I met Mrs. Markwell and husband & boy. Milton. waited for the train 2 hours and ten minutes [p. 392] {p. 234}

27 December 1902 • Saturday

<wrote to Mell & Mary W. Fletcher> The first thing came out of car Adalia at Hepnor [Heppner, Oregon] Junction about 1.15 in the morning and cold as Iceland it seemed‒ got aboard a Pullman called Fremont, very satisfactory after I went aboard went to bed but could not sleep for hours was so cold, but woke up in good time and had breakfast at La Grande [Oregon] then lunch at Huntington La Grande is very pretty, Huntington not so beautifully situated. Met a former R.R. man Union Pacific freight agent named Peter Paul Shelby[,] Snow Jennings Sharp Hooper and other Mormons [p. 393] {p. 235}

28 December 1902 • Sunday

<Peter Paul Shelby member of the Nat’l Geographical Society of the U.S.> he was very talkative talked of Venezuela and other provinces in South America I was not very well gloomy on account of leaving the folks and the road was tiresome, tried to write but could not do much [p. 394] {p. 236}

29 December 1902 • Monday

Reached home today found all well and as usual not much change in any way Sister [Sarah Granger] Kimball’s anniversary and Dot’s wedding day married six years, I was in time to see them [p. 395] {p. 237}

30 December 1902 • Tuesday

Hard work to do in the office everything behind many letters to answer and matters to adjust [p. 396] {p. 238}

31 December 1902 • Wednesday

The last day of the year and it brings many reflections of the past and hopes for the future [p. 397] {p. 239}

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