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October 1901

19 October 1901 • Saturday

This is Dot’s birthday, and she came over to Belle’s with all the children, I gave her a vase for roses, just a remembrance, but I do like to think of them all with some little memento‒ {p. 285}

20 October 1901 • Sunday

Today I have been resting and trying to write a little and felt very uncomfortable thinking of Annie although it has been a fine day. in the afternoon Belle sent over to say, she had a telephone message from John Q. that Annie had a fine boy born about four p.m. I soon dressed and went over there, found all comfortable a sweet young nurse, and I stayed until nine o’clock car came home and tried to feel grateful that all was so well & the anxiety over: this makes three born in my family this year two boys and one girl. It is the anniversary of darling Percival [William Percival Woods]’s sad death‒ fourteen years ago‒ {p. 286}

25 October 1901 • Friday

Went off early to the Temple earlier than any one of the family‒ at last others came Lydia Ann Hannah <Katie> & Susan others went thro’ for us, Sisters Francis & Kelly[,] Reynolds[,] McMurrain [McMurrin] Aggie Campbell and one or two more, I had the name of Ruth Hall Susan had Harriet Hall & Kate had Juliet Hall Lydia Ann had Betsy Leech‒ after coming away I went down to Annie’s and came away about seven‒ went over to Belle’s then home‒ altogether a very agreeable day of the boys only Junius & Melvin [Dickinson Wells] were there‒ Junius took me thro’ the vail. {p. 291}

28 October 1901 • Monday

I have not been well today and have felt wretched could scarcely keep up‒ felt faint all afternoon but managed the meeting of the Reaper’s Club and then went to Annie’s to see how she was getting along. and the baby was to be named and blest‒ John Q. blessed him and gave him his own name‒ John Quayle Cannon there were in the room Louise Margaret Emmeline Cavendish and myself and the nurse besides the mother and the father‒ {p. 294}

29 October 1901 • Tuesday

This has been a wearisome day in many ways and yet I succeeded in getting to the 14th. Ward meeting of the Relief Society‒ A Social affair and very enjoyable.1 Mrs. Maria W. Wilcox one of the Richards family noted in the early days of the Church and through her brother Franklin D. Richards in later times Apostle & Church Historian, who is a woman of rather remarkable presence and presides well‒ There were some artistic decorations, and excellent music– Bishop Geo. H. Taylor of the Ward was present and spoke also B. W. Smith, E. B. Wells, J. C. Howe, E. T. Webb M. A. Lambert and myself after a while Prest. Angus M. Cannon came and spoke a short time ice cream & refreshments were served and a social hour was enjoyed by all– {p. 295}

30 October 1901 • Wednesday

This is Lucile’s birthday she is two years old‒ I gave her a linen picture book and went over to Belle’s to see her. Last night I went to the wedding of Claire Clawson and Chauncey [M.] Benedict in the home so long occupied by Clara D. [Decker] Young her grandmother, it was a very pretty reception, the ceremony was performed at 7 p.m. by Bishop O. F. Whitney and only the relatives were present and a few friends.2 I gave her a handsome morocco covered book the “Courtship of Miles Standish” the presents were magnificent {p. 296}

31 October 1901 • Thursday

This is a rather memorable day, many pleasant meetings of the Press Club have occurred on this day and I have hurried to go to Annie’s and get there in time took some fine grapes and stayed for dinner‒ she had a number of callers while I was there. Too many probably‒ Louise is going to a party at Br. Silver’s and Margaret to the Lion House‒ Latter day Saints College party both Halloween affairs, I came up in time for the meeting of U.W.P.C.3 to elect officers‒ and we succeeded in nominating, some of them. Miss Pratt from the Herald came & also Mr. [Kenneth C.] Kerr of the Tribune & Spectator‒ R.S. Conferences today in Kaysville & Morgan,

Today in the Council of the Apostles Sister B. W. Smith was chosen and unanimously elected President of the R.S. {p. 297}

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