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November 1892

3 November 1892 • Thursday

Today was the Salt Lake County World’s Fair meeting in the Theatre & I presided, We had first a speech by Mrs. M. L. [Maria Louisa Dilworth] Nebeker after the prayer by Aunt Zina & Hail Columbia by the Juvenile Drum Corps. Mrs. Nebeker’s speech was Early Days in the Valley Mr. C. M. [Mrs. Corinne M. Tuckerman] Allen What the World’s Fair will do for Women. Emily S. Richards paper “My Recent Visit To Chicago, Dr. M. [Martha] Hughes Cannon paid a glowing tribute to the Young Ladies of Utah. Mrs. J. B. [Anna Graves] Thrall paper What Women will do for the World’s Fair.” Dr. R. B. Pratt paper “The Business Women of Utah Mrs. [Emily S.] Richards explained the Dormitories at the World’s Fair and Mrs. E. B. Wells (myself) made the closing remarks. We had good music by Agnes Olson Thomas, Jennie Howley [Hawley] & Grant Hampton. It was quite a success.1 [p. 308] {p. 302}

10 November 1892 • Thursday

Regular meeting of the Salt Lake County Ladies Board at the Templeton Hotel in the Union Club Rooms. I am always so busy– with so many committees to be looked after, Margaret Caine is very helpful, and does all she is capable of. I have very poor help in the house and then I am working with strangers mostly. [p. 315] {p. 303}

13 November 1892 • Sunday

This morning went down to Belle’s and took Daniel, then came home and went to Tabernacle to the Memorial Services of David Hoagland Cannon and all the Elders who had died on missions.2 [p. 318] {p. 304}

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