February 1911

4 February 1911 • Saturday

C. [Charles] W. Penrose’s birthday– he seemed much elated and in the evening a party of his children assembled in his honor A most unpleasant dismal day, had to stay all night although I had not intended to, cold and wet, May Lloyd came and slept in the middle room, and in the morning she went home and I to the Temple of course– the day had been sort of dismal Cavendish helped me finish the last of the mailing and I sent off some business letters and I felt I had done just a little in the way of getting cleared up [p. 35] {p. 44}

5 February 1911 • Sunday

<Bishop Newel K. Whiney [Whitney] born 1795.> Sunday in the Temple Fast meeting Pres’t. Jos. F. Smith presiding John Henry Smith & John Smith patriarch & Heber J. Grant George Albert Smith and Charles W. Penrose present yesterday was Br. Penrose’s birthday 79 years old and he read his hymn School thy feelings O my brother & the choir sung it. They also rendered the piece Galilee O, Galilee by Ruth M. [May] Fox: after the meeting I went with Junius to Hannah [Free Wells]’s and had dinner– came home at dark 7.30 I am very anxious to do some special work but time seems unfitted. I pray the Lord to help me and in some way make my path clear that I may do what is in my heart. There are things I must do or I shall feel I have not been successful [p. 36] {p. 45}

6 February 1911 • Monday

<A number of important letters Delecta [Ballantyne] Burton Afton Wy [Wyoming].> Came up in good time had no sleep scarcely at all but reached here before ten A.M. Visitors galore men & women bothering me over bills etc. I wrote several important letters and received a number bought 2 books one for Bishop [Charles W.] Nibley Thoughts for you & one for C. W. Penrose similar, wrote in both Dr. Romania B. [Bunnell] Penrose came Dr. E. R. Shipp, Dr. Jane [Manning] Skolfield Lydia D. [Dunford] Alder and Bishop David A. Smith Julia F. [Farnsworth] Lund two people from Manti felt sort of annoyed with teasings and intercedings, Isabel has sickness at home C. W. Penrose was in to see me, Emmeline Cannon and myself had a fine time when all the others were gone Emily Richards Ellis R. Shipp Bishop C. W. Nibley [J.] Golden Kimball– this one and that one etc. Lee [Levi] Greene Richards & wife Mamie Eldredge [Richards] [p. 37] {p. 46}

7 February 1911 • Tuesday

Mrs. Susan E. [Stoddard] Woods Clearfield David A. Smith Emily S. Richards Hannah [Settle] Lapish John Q. Cannon James Tucker of Morgan Lettrs from Antoinette Mackenzie London also magazine, Mary A. Fletcher Magrath Canada Joseph S. Wells City and others Annie W. Cannon had been to 30th. Ward Meeting and came in for a few minutes. I have accomplished some letter writing but not that which I so much desired to do in the way of poetic writing. I seem rather dissatisfied and yet have tried to accomplish some few items Emme received word today about the situation, She has been filling but there will I am sure be something else– she is a sweet girl. Dot [S. Isabel Sears Buchholz] who has heart trouble is not so well today. [p. 38] {p. 47}

8 February 1911 • Wednesday

This is Emmeline’s birthday annversary, she is 18 today, Louise [Cannon Andrew] and Margaret [Cannon Clayton] are going to dinner with her. I gave her a girl’s satchel (silver) I could not go down nor could I afford to send flowers much as I would like to do so. Visitors many Mrs. Olney of Kansas acquaintance of Helen Hunt Jackson, intimate friend of Susan B. Anthony, Phebe Young Beatie Emily S. Richads Elizabeth [Sutton] Cohen Mary [Dixon] Luff Hannah Lapish Mamie [Jones] Clawson. Telephoned James T. Hammond about sego-lily bill before the Legislature,1 letters of [p. 39] {p. 48}

9 February 1911 • Thursday

The birthday of Hyrum Smith the Patriarch who was also a martyr with Joseph the prophet his brother the family met in the Bee Hive house and had some reminiscences and a dinner and in the evening Dr. [John A.] Widtsoe spoke in Barratt Hall on his life and character I had many visitors some not very agreeable, nunber of letters Emmeline was invited to go to the theatre with one of the Hilstead boys, she was also notified that Miss Pack was coming back to work, and she would have no chance there. Her mother seemed to feel badly at first and then was rather glad as she really needs her at home May Lloyd came and stayed with me in the Rooms [p. 40] {p. 49}

10 February 1911 • Friday

Many letters yesterday and today Emme was over here and Brother Nebeker came up to ask me to go to his mother’s2 funeral in the 22nd Ward– I promised and I tried very hard to get some work done did succeed in writing my Circular letter for the 17th. of March. Isabel came in for a minute Susa [Young Gates] and several others, the Genealogical meeting up stairs Emneline and myself had supper together at Franklin’s and I gave her a box of candy afterwards.

We had a nice evening and slept here, she stayed and fixed my breakfast and then did some errands for me and went home came3 [p. 41] {p. 50}

11 February 1911 • Saturday

Meeting of the Daughters of the Revolution on busness connected with the Junior party,4 meantime I was getting out my circular letter and also getting ready to go to the funeral of Sister Elizabeth [Dilworth] Nebeker, one of the Delworth’s [Dilworths] who were a very fine family. I sat on the stand with several brethren, Joseph E. Taylor Amos K. [H.] Neff– and Seymour B. Young M.D. & was one of the speakers H. J. Grant was also one Every Counselor to the President of the Stake Amos K. Neff Heber J. Grant came home weary and chilly Emme came and Jack Clawson and I sent for Dr. Ellis R. Shipp who came home with me to the house [p. 42] {p. 51}

12 February 1911 • Sunday

Stayed in bed late to rest after a weary week and a sick spell of pain last evening, commenced to write to Rudger Clawson and wife,5 then Louise & husband6 and baby Elizabeth [Andrew] came and we had a pleasant visit of two hours perhaps. the babe is strikingly beautiful and refined in feature Afterwards finished my letters and read until late, there are many things to consider in a home and in an office and among people Letters innumerable to write and to answer and much to look after that needs attention, it has been a fine day sunshine and warmth the Aviators held their meet today out towards Saltair, Annie & John Q. & the family saw it from <the upper> [p. 43] {p. 52}

13 February 1911 • Monday

Came up and found the house empty only one man in the Bishop’s office, the day has been terrible with wind and snow blinding [p. 44] {p. 53}

14 February 1911 • Tuesday

Valentine day took one to Edna Smith went in the President’s carriage, only Isabel and myself visitors had a nice dinner [p. 45] {p. 54}

16 February 1911 • Thursday

The party of the D.R.7 in honor of the Juniors and to raise money for them as the treasury is empty Kate [Catherine] Wells has been here all day working with a committee to get the hall decorated. I have been pretty well upset not feeling well and so much going on to hinder me. [p. 47] {p. 55}

17 February 1911 • Friday

Today is my party for a compliment from Sister Mary Stewart Houtz she has invited the First Presidency and seven members of the Utah Woman’s Press Club to meet me– at 5. p.m. there will be music excellent and banquet really a dinner to be served hot– Annie came, to accompany me and we found Ella [Wilcox] Hyde and one or two on the way. The Avalon is the name of the place. Enchanting music piano and violin & some vocal also,– and the President & John Henry Smith, Julina and Sarah [Farr Smith], the affair was gorgeous I was presented with a ring of native stone, green, President Smith made the speech in the sweetest most tender way and words and I replied as best I could [p. 48] {p. 56} for I was so embarrassed [p. 49] {p. 57}

23 February 1911 • Thursday

The Party given in my honor by the U.W.P.C.8 and Reaper’s in the Bishop’s Building9 was very elaborate and again I was so embarrassed to have such honors thrust upon me– however I bore it with humility I think & looking backward feel how great the contrast, surely the Lord has greatly blest me in the honors shown and showered upon me, there was fine music and speeches and songs and honors and sort of triumphs, so much so that one trembles at the thought of it all A purse of money was given me and of course was most acceptable Mrs. Margaret Blaine Salisbury was present and everything that could be done was made pleasant and enjoyable for me and the friends [p. 54] {p. 58}

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