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January 1916


18 January

With the approval of Presiding Bishop Charles W. Nibley, EBW arranged to stay in a room at the Hotel Utah, next to the Bishop’s Building, instead of commuting back and forth to her home in south Salt Lake City.

25 February

EBW and others visited Governor William Spry in the new Utah State Capitol. The building was nearly finished and would be dedicated that October.

29 February

EBW’s diary for this date, her birthday, mentions she was “exhausted” after a party. She was referencing a luncheon at the Hotel Utah, followed by a public reception on the mezzanine floor of the hotel. She also received a congratulatory telegram from the Countess of Aberdeen in Scotland.

17 March

On the anniversary of the founding of the Relief Society, EBW spoke for an hour in the Ensign Ward on her Nauvoo experiences and attended an original cantata in the Granite Stake.

19 and 20 April

A two-day convention was held to train Relief Society general board members to teach lessons and address questions at conferences around the church.

17 September

In September, EBW and granddaughter Katharine Cannon spent time in Idaho visiting EBW’s daughter Melvina Whitney Woods and granddaughter Daisie Dunford Allen and their families.

11 January 1916 • Saturday

I begin the N[e]w Year in the home of my daughte[r] Amnie [Elizabeth Ann Wells Cannon] I spnt th[e] new day with Annie and famiily she has the hig[h]est number of of any of mine or any of her fathers children, we h[a]d a very pleasant day togethr and evning also and al[l] were well & some caller {p. 36}

2 January 1916 • Sunday

This mo[r]ning came up to the Temple Cavendish [Cannon] with me and attnded the Temple meeting in the room devoted to such meetings Jos F. Smth [Joseph F. Smith] pres[i]ded and also spoke were there until one. I went to 18th Wa[r]d & also even[i]ng meeting saw Aunt Susan [Alley Wells] {p. 37}

3 January 1916 • Monday

Mo[n]day not very well but fulfilled all my duties and came back to Hul [Hotel] Utah and stayed all night Tday has been very bu[s]y many callers and quite interesting my own heard [heart] is not satsfied because of circunstances that hnder me from duties inportant {p. 38}

4 January 1916 • Tuesday

George Q. Cannon was 34 today and his fathr2 and mothr3 din[e]d with his f[a]mily We are not the makers of our own destny not withstanding all wise men may say we are controlled by circumstancees {p. 39}

5 January 1916 • Wednesday

Yestrday was Geo Q’s birttday I did not see him nor give him any prsent however as he lives free of rent in my home I feel it is all I can afford many draw from me in various ways and I do all I can to keep myself ◊◊◊nt {p. 40}

6 January 1916 • Thursday

T[o]day was our regular meeting Julina [Lambson Smith] was not able to atend nor Romania Penorse [Bunnell Penrose], atend were Clarissa [Smith] Williams Sarah J. [Jenne] Cannon Priscilla Jnnings [Paul Jennings] Emily S. [Snyder] Richards Rebecca Mobley [Neibaur Nibley] Emma [Adams] Empey Amy [Brown] Lyman Alice [Merrill] Horne we trnsacded [transacted] some business and had a few things printed up President [Joseph F.] Smith is not verry well {p. 41}

8 January 1916 • Saturday

I have been very blue today went over first to see Clarissa Williams before her departure for Washington,4 gave here [her] a blessing Came back and went over my books to find Lucile and write in it for Alicce Wells and Ellis [Elias] Smith Don [Daniel Cannon] and Winifred [A. Winifred Smith Cannon] came to see me I attended Red Cross meeting in the Deseret hall [bank?] we are to have a public banquet in the theatrre {p. 42}

9 January 1916 • Sunday

Have had a dreadful night with siatic [sciatica] am still in great pain men at the Hotel Utah {p. 43}

10 January 1916 • Monday

Came up from m [home] this morning there has been a terrific wind this aftrnon, but it subsided some and this evening is comperatively calm. I am in the Hotel Utah and my facilitiees for writing are not the best but all is wel {p. 44}

11 January 1916 • Tuesday

Today is the annversary of Gorge [George] Q. Cannons birthday and it is being observed by his family I went down to the parrty at evening with Linus & wife5 It was very pleasant but not so much as is usua◊l there having been two deaths6 {p. 45}

12 January 1916 • Wednesday

Tod[a]y is a rather tame as thngs go in this office, we do not do much on Wednesday and yet I think it is my favorite day as it has alway been a rather precious day for me however all d[a]ys now are rare {p. 46}

13 January 1916 • Thursday

Today I am not well and I dread the meeting so many things come up for action of which I do not approve7 and it is not very pleasent to be always making the pretence duty is firrst with me {p. 47}

16 January 1916 • Sunday

Today I rested in the mo[r]ning and then went to meeting in the aftenon [afternoon] Rulon S. Wells and Presidemt Smith preached, then went to the Bee Hive housee and visited with sister Julina Smith and from theree to 18th Ward & home with Joseeph [Joseph S.] Wells & spent the evening {p. 48}

17 January 1916 • Monday

I had a very unhapy day was not well and other worries and each day b[r]ings its b[u]rdens and cares and so little help that is efficient & I suffer so because of my eyees and also women who are envoius [envious] and traitors & it is wrong8 {p. 49}

18 January 1916 • Tuesday

I was late coming over f[r]om the Hotel but did try to do a few important things and spoke to Bishop [Charles W.] Nibley about a room at the Hotel and I have been to see Mr. Rolfe [George O. Relf] and hope I may be fortunate in securing a comfortable room to sleep in until the Sp[r]ing comes and warmer weather Nay [May] the Lord help me {p. 50}

19 January 1916 • Wednesday

This has been a very pleasant day, sunsh[i]ne and clear sky and I came up fron [from] the Martneau [Martineau] home9 almost two P.M. in time for the regular Board meeting, and even tho’ I was not very well I managed to get thro the meeting ver[y] well no letters rec’d but sent mine to the Countess of Aberdeen [Ishbel Marjoribanks Hamilton-Gordon], very glad {p. 51}

20 January 1916 • Thursday

Came up from Emn [Emmeline Cannon] Martinau and had a good meeting of the Seventy– all went well– had thngs done of importance but am not ve[r]y well myself– am sorry that th[e]re is no ome [one] here {p. 52}

21 January 1916 • Friday

This is a gray day the sun does not shine out. It is the anniversary of the of [one] of Z[i]ons greatest woman10 and I have invited some of our sisterrs to come to our offiice and help commemorate her with and speak of her as a queen among women {p. 53}

22 January 1916 • Saturday

I am in as usual and there was no mail and scarceely a smile or a welcome from the office force but I soon received a letter from Mrs. [Margaret Walker] Salisbury with a check for 50, dollars & that gave me great joy

I gave Miss Cannon Lucile a very pretty scarf {p. 54}

23 January 1916 • Sunday

Had been very ill all night but went over to the Conv[e]nti[o]n in the University Building and thn to meting in the Assmbly hall, the Confernce of Pioneer Stake Br [Charles] Hart of the Seven Presidents of Sevnety and Pres. [Charles W.] Penrose of the First Presdency I wnt up to see Sister Jennings and read to and visited with her and thn to evning meting in the 18th. Wrd slept at the Hotel {p. 55}

24 January 1916 • Monday

Have had a busy day people calling and went to Lyon’s family store and ordered two dserrt [dessert] Spoons for Emmie a present, walked ther[e] and back again have had caller to day letter from Nw [New] York by Clarissa had Susans ticket for Liberty theatrre snt to me free, it [2 illegible words] very well long to be able to see again {p. 56}

25 January 1916 • Tuesday

had a very unhappy day Although Dot [S. Isabel Sears Buchholz] and Will [C. William Buchholz] came to see me and Isabel [Whitney Sears] but Lucile [Sears] is very ill and Iabel [Isabel] could not stay Emm called up and asked me to come down and I was very glad to go because I was lonely yet Cavendish had been in and playd on the piano which I felt was pleasant, he went to the car with mee & Emm met the car {p. 57}

26 January 1916 • Wednesday

Mr Martneau [Lyman R. Martineau] came home after we were in bed and I felt it was a relief this moning– I went up and found no one had come in to help me Lucile was siick and Belle was in the Temple but came late Amy and Miss [Elizabeth] Bradford were herre and I went out to lunch and had a ride with Mrs. Jennigs [Jennings]. {p. 58}

27 January 1916 • Thursday

[W]e had our regular weekly meeting of the Relief Society after which I went to the Receptin at the Hotel Uta◊h and thn down to Emm. Martineau to stay all night the wind blew furiously and Emm was slow and Emm came out to me and {p. 59} I stayed all night

28 January 1916 • Friday

The day is very stormy and it is difficult to get out at all, however we were all right in the Building and at night although it it was so very cold I went down to stay all night with Emm and both Emn. & her husband met mee at the car & we were {p. 60} all right,

29 January 1916 • Saturday11

This morning we were late. up but I went to the Assembly hall and enjoyd the services afterwards went up to see Susan Wells & Kate [Wells] who was as generous as possible and we had dinner and she went with me to the evening meeting. {p. 61}

30 January 1916 • Sunday12

I slept at Emms and came up about noon, it was snowing very fast & the icee was slipperry I had some maiil but not any from my own people one letter from Washington, called u◊p Clarissia & talked {p. 62} with herr

31 January 1916 • Monday

Slept at the Hotel last night hd a dreadful day yesterday so many calls we could not answer

2 remarkable women were born on Jan. 31. Zina D. H. [Diantha Huntington] Young & Jane S. [Snyder] Richards– and the month ◊◊◊◊ed with remembrances of them {p. 63}

Jane S. [Snyder] Richards– and the month ◊◊◊◊ed with remembrances of them {p. 63}

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